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Jordan Czarniak

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Jordan Czarniak Empty Jordan Czarniak

Post by JordanCzarniak on 26/3/2018, 05:28

Name: Jordan Czarniak (Pronounced Zar-NEE-ak)

Age: 19 (2nd March 831)

Group: Survey Corps

Rank: Soldier

Appearance: At 177cm and weighing in at around 69kg, Jordan is by no means small for his age, but nor is he particularly larger than he should be either. A strict dietary and exercise regimen keeps him in peak physical condition, leading to a build not too dissimilar to that of a runner, notably structured and sculpted, but not overly weighed down with bulk and unnecessary muscle mass. Sharp features and soft eyes give a youthful exuberance to an already young man that can lead to people underestimating his age at times. His eyes almost appear a light shade of pink, an unusual physical trait which makes Jordan easily identifiable in a crowd, something not helped by the fact that he dyes his naturally light brown hair a similar shade, save for the sides and back which are shaved shorter, whenever he gets the opportunity to do so, although particularly long expeditions leave a tendency to allow his natural hair colour to grow out which lends a slightly more dishevelled look. A difficult to read expression is normally the shout of the day, blank eyes and a natural pout can make young Mr. Czarniak difficult to approach at first, but when he does smile, it is often broad and warm, much like the aesthetic of his appearance. Whilst on duty, the most notable exception to his appearance in comparison to the majority of his comrades are a pair of fingerless leather gloves and a black bandanna which he ties around his forehead in order to keep his hair from drifting into his vision and potentially distracting him. Whilst not on duty, Jordan's appearance is somewhat more casual, a black hooded jacket over a deep burgundy buttoned shirt with plain black pants and black boots to match.

Identity: Outwardly, Jordan comes across as rather laconic, everything looks like it is going to be a major drag to achieve and he goes about his duties laboriously, although this is more of a physical front than anything, any tasks or duties that he's given will be done surprisingly fast despite his attitude and usually to the utmost of his ability. Thanks to this mercurial nature, Jordan can be difficult to approach at the best of times, usually coming across as disinterested and distant, but this couldn't be further from the truth. He works as hard as he possibly can in order to do his best in the defence of his comrades and all innocence, he has just become oh so used to the presence of negativity, and more recently in the Survey Corps, death, he merely accepts it now when it comes along.
Notorious for making a rod for his own back, Jordan despises the limelight, and is more than happy to allow others to take the credit in operations, despite his rather outgoing appearance. Furthermore, he holds a surprisingly sharp mind, often being capable of stepping in to a tacticians role when he needs to, but his preference is to be on the front lines, following the command of others. Those in charge generally find him to be an efficient, solid worker if unspectacular. He controls a good grasp of all aspects of combat, but is widely regarded to have a high potential threshold if he could only assert himself a little bit more to his work.

As earlier mentioned, getting closer to Jordan can be a hassle thanks to his laconic nature, but doing so can certainly be rewarding. Nothing is more important to Czarniak than the protection of innocents and those who show a passion for life, and thanks to his solid work rate he can prove to be a most fortuitous companion, willing to go to the ends of the earth and back for those who he cares for, albeit maybe not as fast as he could do.
Whilst he doesn't make them all too often himself, Jordan enjoys a good joke and will even muck in with a little bit of squad based banter whenever he's not in the middle of something important, although he deems it easier to try not to offend people as that way, less work is required to keep everyone happy and onside.
A good listener with a keen ear for detail, he can offer a strong supportive shoulder for those struggling, and will do everything he can to try and improve small quality of life issues for those who he is closest to, although he can sometimes struggle with helping people understand him, so he doesn't always make the best trainer or tutor for someone who maybe needs support in learning how to more effectively use their 3DMG, for example.

Not one to speak his mind, Jordan tries to avoid confrontation with others, and can quickly fade into obscurity in the event of an argument or some kind of disagreement between colleagues, one of the many factors that his superiors would love to train out of him in order to drag the best out of his personality on the field of battle.
This lack of decisive edge can sometimes make him look weak or timid, something which he doesn't necessarily deny, but he knows isn't true. He wouldn't call himself brave either, mind, he just knows what life is capable of, and he has accepted his place within it. He considers himself the supporting pillar of any squad, both physically and mentally, and will try his hardest to prevent others from coming round to his somewhat bleak trains of thought.


- Likes:
In People: Jordan highly appreciates anyone with a positive outlook on life, and works at his hardest trying to support those people. Likewise, those with outgoing personalities who are willing to take charge and offer command will find themselves subject to Jordan's admiration as they allow his only supportive personality to come to the fore.
People with firm specialisations are also close to Jordan's respect, those who have the drive to find one thing that they are good at, and hunt down perfection within that field give him an image to aspire to, he sees them as beacons of hope that others can follow and improve towards.

In General: He is fond of animals, in particular dogs and horses. He enjoys quick meals and refreshing drinks. Being out in the open air is something that he enjoys greatly. Dyeing his hair is an odd thing to be passionate about, but it is one of the few distractions that Jordan allows himself to have.
- Dislikes:
In People: Those who are outwardly aggressive will immediately find themselves in Jordan's scorn. Such people can really bring down the morale in the squad, and Jordan may confront them himself in as calm a manner as possible, but will back down in the event of a somewhat more blazing argument.
Those who have either given up, or see the world as doomed and failed maybe don't so much anger or irritate Jordan, but they do draw out his pity and his supportive personality with which he will always try to offer an alternative, a different way of thinking.

In General: Failure. Jordan likes to get things done, and being unable to do something or having the opportunity to do so snatched away from him via and order or some other such distraction leaves him frustrated. He doesn't like sitting still as that's wasted time, if he has time to stand around, he has time to go for a walk or a jog. Long expeditions don't so much irritate Jordan, but the way he looks afterwards certainly does.

The loss of all hope. What happens when everyone gives up? Jordan thrives on annihilating such emotions, so if everyone gives up... What would he be worth for..? In direct link to this, Jordan fears not being useful, he needs to be capable of something or else he starts to close himself off.
Somewhat unrelated, Jordan is also scared of cats, being poisoned and large arguments.

The one thing that Jordan searches for the most is to be in a position of usefulness, to be efficient and in the right place at the right time. It isn't a particularly long-term goal, but more of a shifting objective that changes in a flexible manner with his current location and the goals of those around him.
Although this may seem somewhat contradictory, in some manners, Jordan also seeks a world in where maybe he isn't needed. All of his life, he has looked at his own existence in somewhat of a bleak lens, it's what pushes him to improve others, and he hopes that one day the world will be at such peace that he doesn't need to support people anymore, they can look after themselves.


Born into a small village just beyond Wall Rose, Jordan's childhood was rushed and tragic. His mother died during childbirth, leaving him with a father whose entire life was devoted to a military career, leaving him with little time to look after a child, meaning Jordan was passed around numerous members of his extended family and family friends. He never really managed to settle properly, and his world truly fell apart when he learned that his father, a member of the Garrison Corps in Krolva, had been murdered, not by titans, but by common street thugs when he tried to break up what had appeared to be nothing more than a simple argument. Weapons had been drawn and Jordan's father didn't survive the encounter. It truly left a young Jordan, still nothing more than a toddler, in limbo. None of his family members could really afford another mouth to feed, and he soon found himself moved into a makeshift orphanage in a village further from his home than he would have liked.

Within the orphanage, Jordan struggled asserting himself among the other children. Many of them had come from rougher backgrounds than himself, and they tried to bully their way into a position of power, and Jordan, constantly reminding himself of the fact that his father had died trying to split an argument, simply faded into obscurity as the other children bullied one another. Obviously, sometimes the bullies would turn to him, and he would stand up for himself physically, but he would never have vicious retorts for their verbal barbs.
It would be the arrival of a young girl at the orphanage that would awaken something in Jordan. One day, after watching the bullies explain to the girl that they were in charge and if she didn't do anything they asked, they'd give her dead arms, friction burns, pull her hair and maybe even hit her if they had to. They left her there crying, and for the briefest moment, Jordan started to see the hope fade from her eyes, she had no family, she had been dumped in this horrible place, and no-one was going to help her. He approached and told her that not all was lost, she could still do good things, she could still be a happy person. Jordan explained that he wasn't great at communicating, and he certainly couldn't shout down the bullies, but he wouldn't let them hurt her, either. And, true to his word, whenever the bullies would show up and try to do some harm to the girl, Jordan would leap into action, usually ending up with more bruises and injuries than those he doled out.

At 14, Shiganshina District fell, and as the news approached Jordan, his first thought was all those people who had just lost their homes, the children who would end up in an orphanage similar to his own. It chewed him up inside, and together with Maria, the girl that he had befriended all those years ago, they signed up for the military. They spent the next three years training as part of the Cadet Corps, and numerous instructors took a liking to Jordan. He was committed, fierce in combat and capable of making swift tactical analysis, the only thing that he couldn't do effectively was step in when his squad started to fray at the seams. If team members started to argue, he much preferred to stand back and let them duke it out instead, then sweep in afterwards to try and cheer up those who had maybe ended sadder than at the start of the argument. The instructors appreciated his ability to raise morale later on, but his inability to prevent such battles struck him lower down the list on his capacity as a leader.
He finished within the top ten of his class, in position #2 with his fear of arguments being his only negative points, whilst Maria finished third. When it came to choosing a Corps to join, Maria went for the Military Police, there she could be safe, away from the danger which she had loathed so much in the orphanage. Her decision was sore for Jordan, who had decided instead to move towards the Survey Corps. He felt that on the front lines, out beyond the walls, he could offer himself up as a beacon of hope for those who were starting to lose faith in humanity's ability to survive. Maria respected his decision, and admitted that she was worried that he wouldn't survive long in the Survey Corps, but his response was resonant.

”Remember, Maria. There's always hope.”

That was the last time they saw each other. Jordan's time was spent within the districts behind Wall Rose, or out on excursions and scouting missions whilst Maria spent all of her time behind Wall Sina protecting the districts there. Jordan developed a good reputation amongst his superiors of his solid if not spectacular work rate and his ability to act as a supportive pillar amongst any squad that he was placed in. His record for kills, having only been on three excursions, is somewhat impressive at four kills, seven assists, highlighting his preference to offer himself up as help for others rather than standing out himself.
He isn't perfect, and he knows it, he has suffered a couple of broken bones, some bruises, knocks and cuts, but he always insists that others not worry about him in these situations, and instead focus on their task at hand. He encourages them that they can see through his injuries and use them to improve their own work rates.

Many see him as having a bright future within the Survey Corps, and Jordan only hopes that he can live up to those expectations, so as to stand as a brighter beacon to guide humanity. Perhaps, one day, he and his comrades can guide everyone to a world where he isn't needed...


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Jordan Czarniak Empty Re: Jordan Czarniak

Post by Herdir on 26/3/2018, 12:57

Wow. Amazing character overall, and I have not a single complaint to say about it. Well fleshed out, interesting, believable... great work man, great work!


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