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Lena Yavuz

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Lena Yavuz Empty Lena Yavuz

Post by LenaYavuz on 31/3/2018, 06:56

Name: Lena Yavuz

Age: 16 (Birthday: February 26, 834)

Group: Survey Corps.

Rank: Soldier - Field Medic

-Height:157 cm (5'2 ft)
-Weight: ~45 kg (100 lbs)
-Chest size: 32 A
-Hair: Blonde hair that is usually always up. During combat or formal settings it's in a bun, off duty it's in a high ponytail
-Eyes: Green
-Skin: Light/pale
-Body: Slim and fit
-Clothing: She wears a light gray button-up shirt and a necklace with her uniform. The necklace is made of copper and has the Wings of Freedom insignia on it, and is usually tucked underneath her shirt. (looks like this:)

Lena is an amazing actress. During a mission, she's collected and level-headed. She has been known to keep her cool on the battlefield, often displaying confidence or even cheer in even the toughest of situations. However, despite her bright appearance she's constantly paranoid of the worst to come. Yavuz refuses to let another soldier see her cry or panic. When a dying soldier is in her care, she will never let her sadness show. Instead, she will give them a warm smile, telling them that everything will be alright as she tries to soothe them in their last moments. Lena remains strong to boost morale of her comrades, and to help clear their mind of all the trouble that has to come.

Bottling up her emotions has a toll on her, as she's not as strong as she pretends to be. She has a tendency to burst into tears when she's in privacy. If she hasn't cried in a while, she may often burst into fits of anger or even receive a panic attack. She constantly puts the blame on herself for fallen soldiers, asking herself "What ifs?"

Though she may appear brave to other soldiers, she's a coward. She avoids all confrontation with a titan unless one of her comrades is in danger. Lena prefers watching the fight in the back lines and swooping in to the rescue only if necessary. She has no titan kills, only a few assists. Yavus doubts her own physical capabilities to actually kill a titan. Because of her panicky nature, she'll also often use more gas than necessary.

Outside of battle, she is ambiverted. Yavuz loves socializing with her comrades but also desires alone time to deal with her emotions. In general, she enjoys people and spending time with people and learning about a person's story. Lena can be talkative or quite, but either way she's a good listener. As a soldier, she's loyal; she'll always follow her orders and wouldn't dare question a superior.

-Likes: Seeing the wounded or ill heal - since she is a medic after all, seeing those who heal and overcome their illnesses can only be described as a similar feeling to a mother watching her child grow up. Especially if they're her patients.
Her necklace - since it was created by her grandmother and passed down onto her father and onto her, it's a family heirloom she adores and wishes to pass onto her own children one day. She'll go into a full panic if it's lost, breaking her fa├žade.
Nature - Because she lived in Stohess, she rarely ever got to see the woods until she was old enough to join the trainee corps. When she first joined, she absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous scenery mother nature had to offer.
-Dislikes: Watching people suffer - There's nothing that hurts her more than watching other people suffer, which is one of the main reasons she decided to become a field medic, so she could help as many people as possible recover.
Those who hate the military - Nothing makes her more angry than the phrase "Waste of tax dollars", especially since her father was a soldier and was paralyzed because of his work. She sees these people as narrow-minded and ignorant, although she understands why some people feel this way, she still wishes they could show a little more compassion.
The underground district - Lena fears and despises the underground city and its people. Since she lived in Stohess, she often had fears as a child about criminals escaping to her district and causing mayhem. She doesn't really know much about the underground besides that it's a breeding ground for criminal activity, which developed her distaste for its citizens.
Failing to save lives - She puts a lot of stress on herself to save as many soldiers as possible. Yavuz will pin the blame on herself if one of her patients dies under her care. She doesn't want to let anyone down.
Abnormal titans - While Lena is already afraid of regular titans, she fears abnormals immensely, and will do everything in her power to avoid them at all costs.
-Goal(s): Lena has two main goals in life, one: Help humanity defeat the war against titans. Her father and grandfather both had enlisted into the military, so she wanted to make their wishes come true and help end the fear that brewed for 100 years. Two: to help as many lives as possible. She isn't doing it to be promoted or receive a raise, Yavuz does it because she doesn't want other people to share the same fate as her father and his fallen comrades.

Backstory: Lena Yavuz was born and raised in the Stohess district. Her father, John Yavuz, was a soldier in the Survey Corps. Her mother, Marie Yavuz, was a doctor. Because her parents had careers that they did not want to give up, Lena could never stay at home and be watched. Instead, she would come with her mother to the clinic she owned. Since she spent most of her time helping and doing work around the clinic, she developed a love for medicine at an early age. Yavuz made a few best friends with the kids who came to the clinic, one who moved away and the others not enlisting with her, staying in Stohess.

Lena's family members, especially her paternal family, have never really been liked by the civilians of the Stohess district. Her grandfather, who was also a soldier, was known throughout the district as a "ludicrous jingo". He loved the Survey Corps. more than he loved himself and would always break into fights with civilians if they bad-mouthed the branch. Despite this, he managed to find a girl who ended up falling in love with him. Lena's grandmother, a jewelry maker, crafted her husband the Wings of Freedom necklace that Lena wears today. It was passed on from her grandfather, her father, and onto her. She hopes one day she'll be able to pass it onto her own kids. It's a superstition in her family that wearers of the necklace will be protected from death and will make it home every mission regardless of the odds. This belief was strengthened when her father returned home from the fall of Shiganshina, wearing the necklace, though many doctors assumed he wouldn't make it. Lena received this necklace from him the day before shipping off to training.

She was only 11 when the Colossal Titan attacked Shiganshina. Her father was stationed there. Since he was close to the wall, the flying debris that came from the damage the titan had made had landed on top of him, breaking his spine and leaving him paralyzed when he was finally found and rescued. He was medically discharged from the military and returned home to Stohess. His legs were useless and he could barely move his arms. Luckily though, he could still talk. Lena would often have long conversations with her father, often about his time in the military. Though Lena was rather unsure if she should join due to her puny size, because of these discussions she finally decided to enter the Trainee Corps. and enlist into the Survey Corps. as a field medic.

When she first joined into the Trainee Corps., her body was incredibly weak. Although training helped strengthen her up a bit, she was unable to get into the top 10 of her class because of this. Despite lacking body strength, she was able to easily adjust to 3DMG training. Because she was training to be a field medic rather than a regular soldier, her skills emphasized more on 3DMG usage and medical knowledge than physical power.


Strength: 4
Agility: 11
Intellect: 7

Extra: None

Sorry if this is bad I have a pretty bad headache right now (=v=')(\


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Lena Yavuz Empty Re: Lena Yavuz

Post by Herdir on 31/3/2018, 12:37


Don't feel sorry for anything, the app is perfect! Welcome to the forum!


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