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NPCs (Explanations and Template)

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NPCs (Explanations and Template)

Post by Admin on 2/4/2018, 14:18

What are NPCs?

NPCs are off characters that only play a minor role. They could be a vendor in a market, a relative or possibly an old character of yours.

We distinguish between two types of NPCs:
a. Free NPCs: they play too little of a role to even make an application; very undeveloped; may be played by anyone
b. Limited NPCs: the creator, the admins and other people with permission are allowed to play this NPC; application needed

How do you retire a character to an NPC?

The most important aspect of retiring a character to an NPC is that only ONE out of FOUR PCs is allowed to continue their life as an NPC, the other three must die.
This is after all the attack on titan universe and it is far more likely for your characters to die than to continue living peacefully.

If you want to retire your character, you have to make an NPC application.

How many NPCs are you allowed to make?

Theoretically the amount of NPCs is infinite. The application process will get harder and harder though as we don't want to have too many either.

Additional rules regarding roleplaying:
1. No thread may be started with an NPC
2. An NPC may not join a thread in the absence of a PC, except under special circumstances. This means: you are not allowed to solely roleplay an NPC, they are after all side characters and should not be used as a secondary PC.
3. Roleplay an NPC according to his behaviour stated in the application


The rest is up to you, feel free to include stats and anything you see important.

Template Code:

Just copy and paste this, then fill it out.

[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Group: [/b]
[b]Rank/Profession: [/b]
Add additional information here

Please keep in mind that we will not approve just any NPC that you want, exceptions in this case are retirements from PC to NPC if the 1:4 rule is respected.
The more NPC applications you submit the harder approval will get.


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