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Garrison - Mia Sauer

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Garrison - Mia Sauer Empty Garrison - Mia Sauer

Post by Mia Sauer on 10/4/2018, 02:07

Name: Mia Sauer

Age: 17

Group: Garrison

Rank: Special Operations - Units who are sent into a group of titans that vastly outnumber them, and are expected to come out alive. Always in the hottest conflict - the important stuff. She sees more action than most scouts ever will.

Appearance: Garrison - Mia Sauer Tateya10

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 120 lbs

Identity: Mia is what you'd call a "nutcase". By absolutely no means is she a psychopath - concealment of her emotions is a rare thing, especially the more... Murder-y ones.

It's very, very obvious that Mia suffers from some form of mood disorder, taking into account her obsession with murder at it's core. She's almost always been like this - insane, that is.
Her decision making is hindered by her desires, and she is a minimal team player, enough to get by. Her shining peak, and the sole reason that she was ever even considered to be a soldier, is her sheer, raw, efficiency. Mia is literally obsessed with slaughter, she revels in the feeling of blood tickling her skin; it gets her immensely worked up. The more she kills, the better she gets. I'm fairly sure she would have been questionable in some psych evaluations, but her saving grace is her fascination with killing. That, along with undeniable, breathtaking elegance. It's like she was born to be a soldier, but never born to be human.

Her lack of morals means she isn't extremely concerned with the death of her peers, and in fact she probably fuckin' gets off to that too let's be real here. Although she is very aware what she needs to do, and, emotionally powered or not, she will protect those around her.

Mia is what we call a blunt instrument. You don't help people with a blunt instrument, you beat the shit out of them with it.


-Likes:   Murder. Again, Mia is somewhat obsessed... An obscene amount... With killing. It's the only real reason she's accepted as a soldier. Efficiency. Brutal, inhumane efficiency.

Adrenaline. Oh, how it gets her body going to fight. She feels like she might burst with ecstacy as she flies through the air, painting the town red. It's probably really unhealthy how she thinks but like, who cares.

Pain. Mia is a sadomasochist. Simple enough.

Adalar. Above all else, above anything, even slaughter, Mia is madly obsessed with her sole friend. Adalar is a boy she met as a child, just as crazy as she, and even if she doesn't realize it, she cherishes him with her heart, not a blade or a dismembered corpse.

-Dislikes: Basically everybody else. Let's get it over with quick. Mia is anti-social. Deep down she wonders what people think of her delusional state. She wonders if they accept her. She wonders if she'll fit in.
On the outside though, she doesn't like people.

Harm to Adalar. Obviously, she doesn't enjoy having her only friend hurt. This usually ends with severe abuse to whatever hurt him.

-Fears: Losing Adalar. Again, he's literally the only friend she has. If she loses him, she'll feel lost, abandoned, and scared. Or she'll feel other things like rage. Part of her fear is that she doesn't know which.

-Goal(s): Mia has no purpose. It's better that she doesn't realize it.

Backstory: If you couldn't guess by now, Mia was the odd one out.

Her parents were obsolete, her family entirely is obsolete, most of the people she's ever met, obsolete. This realm of physical dimensions, of reality, of fabric and flesh.

Mia's story takes place in her head.

A small child named Mia Sauer lived in a mountainous town. There was some forest, with animals in it. Mia liked to go into the forest and play with the animals. The only problem was that her play was foul play, as it involved knives. There were voices in this girl's head, ones she couldn't make go away. She'd slam her head into walls, scratch at it, smother herself with a pillow, sing really loud, all to drown them out. She never did. They always returned, screaming at her, ripping away at her brain with their claws, their teeth, never stopping, never yielding, always more, more, more! It drove her insane, the voices! it made her absolutely mad!

So she did what they wanted.

Mia picked up a habit of finding things like squirrels and hitting them with rocks so they were unconscious. Sometimes she'd have to chase them down after, though. Running was a specialty of hers, because she'd run after her prey every day, every night. It was like she was just one of the animals in the forest, hunting and killing, hunting and killing, but what happens when the fox kills for sport? Why, all the prey will die, and the balance will tip, tip, tip, and the balance will collapse.

Mia's mental state was the balance.

One day, one fateful day, Mia ran into a child in the woods, and they both fell. Had he been chasing squirrels too? She wondered many a thought before realizing the boy had stood up. She followed.
Neither seemed very social, but they became friends anyway. They became friends before Mia decided to show her friend her favourite past time. To her surprise, the boy enjoyed watching, and he even dismembered a squirrel for her. It was the sweetest thing anybody had ever done for her, it made her feel all special and warm. Some call it love, others call it delusion. To Mia and Adalar (the boy's name), it was an unbreakable bond. They were too young to think about love, and maybe he still thought girls had cooties, but he didn't seem to care about that with Mia.

Mia and Ada grew up together, they practically lived together. They were simply inseparable. Wherever one went, the other was surely not far behind.
One day however, morals came into question, and lost to the times, one suggested becoming soldiers. They could kill things together, and be doing it for a good reason... Not to mention how cool ODM gear looked.

So that was it. They grew up and went through training, and eventually the voices in her head would subside, but not because she had escaped them.

No, no, it was because she had become them.


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Mia Sauer
Mia Sauer

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Garrison - Mia Sauer Empty Re: Garrison - Mia Sauer

Post by cornix on 10/4/2018, 15:04


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