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Alan Katlewande (KIA)

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Alan Katlewande (KIA) Empty Alan Katlewande (KIA)

Post by Alan Katlewande on 2/4/2017, 12:55

Name: Alan Jeremy Katlewande

Age: 18


Group:Military Police

Rank: Captain

Appearance: Alan is a rather average-looking fellow with shiny black hair and small, round glasses. His hair is medium on the front, but tied up in a small ponytail on the back (Usually obscured by his scarf - therefore, some may be oblivious to it). Alan's eye color is light-grey, like pale clouds. His face, in particurlar, has soft features.
Relatively speaking, his build is leaning towards the smaller size with a height of 174[cm] and a weight of 65[kg], at least for his age. Due to some training, he has put on quite a bit of muscle, but nothing special.
The first thing people are likely to notice about Alan's day-to-day appearance is his special coat. Designed like a regular Military jacket, it stretches down far longer and the tail of it reaches his calves. It is also adorned with his rank of Captain. The heavy coat is both a proud display of power, and a reminder of his responsibility torwards humanity.
Alan usually wears simple but charming clothes under his military uniform. He adorns a black scarf at all times, seemingly oblivious to the seasons. When off-duty, Alan usually wears a white button-shirt and plain pants, along with his scarf. He always seems tidy, or at least clean.
His face is clean shaven, and his hair is just short enough as to not get into his eyes during missions. His eyebrows seem to give him a rather always-surprised expression.

Identity: On the outside, Alan seems like a rather quiet and thoughtful person. His smaller size and unimposing demeanor make him rather easy to trust. However, in his head thoughts are constantly racing, calculations are made and possibilities are analyzed. In truth, Alan is an analytical and tactical genius, despite the fact that he's unaware of it. Despite seeming unremarkable, those who know Alan characterize him by his serious, calculated persona and his undying dedication towards his goals.
Alan has two main things he pursues, which are often entangled - helping those around him in any way possible, and bringing the world to justice, to make it a better place. That being said, Alan is not without flaws and will usually not help those he deems unworthy, even if he needs to.
Alan was raised from a young age to help, which makes him very selfless. In truth Alan is just a kind-hearted young man that wants nothing more than to help those around him as much as he can. Not many people see that, but those who do know they can rely on him. His rather selfless nature will often put Alan at risk for the sake of others during confrontations.
Regarding justice - Alan sees true justice as an important ideal and has gone so far as to dedicate a large part of his existence to enforcing justice into the world in any way he can. Whether it is his personal life, or the way he behaves on the job, he simply cannot put aside the topics of right, wrong and corruption.
A good example of this is the mental note he keeps on all those he encounters of all the bad and unjust things they have done.
However, above all, Alan's identity is ruled by his inner conflict of ideals and values versus reality and execution. He wants to help those around him, but he sometime lacks in the physical prowess to do so, and usually does not have the self-confidence to believe he can truly help. He wants to enforce justice, but his lower position in a hierarchical system puts him in a situation where his commanders and fellow soldiers are crooked and corrupt. He wants to be selfless and do things for others, but his family and society enforces him to be selfish and self-preserving.
In particular, Alan suffers from slight emotional and mental trauma from his childhood experiences regarding his mother, whom was abusive. After a long time of dealing with his issues, he has managed to outgrow most of them, and become a much more satisfied and complete person in the process.


As stated before, Alan holds onto his black scarf at all times. A strange thing, for it looks rather ragged and poorly crafted. He uses it as a reminder for his past, and because of that shows great affection to it. Even though his childhood wasn't particularly happy, he feels pride knowing he rose above despite all the odds being against him. Furthermore, the scarf enforces the sense of duty towards justice he feels, so no one will suffer injustice as he has.
Alan also very much enjoys rich meals and breaks, for such luxuries were not of the sort he could grow up with. He tries to make the best of them, knowing how fortunate he is to have them.
Alan very much believes in justice, and is very fond of being in a force that's supposed to enforce it.
Alan has a strange affection to tea and cookies. Despite only discovering them recently, Alan would go to strange lengths to acquire these delicacies. Alan often starts every morning with a sip of herbal tea, which he seems to believe ease his mind and sharpen his wits and health.
Alan has a secret kind-of-obvious crush on a musician named Marian Adler. Also discovering recently upon moving into the inner city, Alan goes to every one of her performances when he can and loves the sound of her soothing voice. He has never so much as talked to her in person. At least, not to his knowledge.
Alan dislikes alcohol, because it clouds the mind. It is also often a substance abused by the corrupt, and also by the poor that due to addiction makes them poorer. Alan truly believes that a world without consumed alcohol would be a better place.
He also dislikes the corruption that fills the Military Police. He keeps mental notes on all the misdeeds of his co-workers, hoping one day to bring them all to justice.
His greatest dislike, however, are fish. For some strange reason, he very much hates their taste, and even their smell and look.
Except for the obvious fear of his own death and invasion of titans, he also fears that his family will be in trouble without him knowing. He spent so much of his life supporting his family, that now that he's away, he can't help but worry about their safety.
He is also very afraid of titans. He has only encountered a few during his years of service, but they were easily the scariest thing he has ever seen. To him, they are nightmarish creatures, something so fierce and great that he is not sure how he will be able to ever deal with one, even after all his training.
He is also very much afraid of his mother, subconsciously. Her abuse has left mental scars on him that leave him in constant fear of what she thinks and does.
Her death has released him from this fear, but even to this day her memory haunts him.
As sad as it was, Alan's biggest goal was to do as his mother wants. This was because Alan's greatest motivation was his mother. She has (brutally) forced him to join the Military Police in order to give him a better life. Because of his obedient nature, Alan had often done what he considered his mother's will.
However, now that his mother passed away and he reunited with his family, Alan finally has the courage to face his other goals.
As stated previously, it is his other central goal to do all that he can to stop the corruption in the Military Police, due to his great sense of justice. This often contrasted what his mother would want him to do, but no longer.
Alan also wishes to help the Survey Corps, who suffer from major losses and low funding. Despite being looked down on by most soldiers of the Survey Corps, he will usually go out of his way to help them out in any way he could.

Backstory: As a boy, Alan grew up in the narrow and crowded outer wall cities. From a young age he helped his family out by doing odd-jobs because of financial troubles. Doing this has exposed him to many different types of people, each with their own aspirations and dreams and hopes. However, it also exposed him to the harsh, cruel world and the way some of the nicest people get treated the worst by society.
His mother wished for him to have a better life, and so forced him (through beatings) to join the Military, so he may have a chance to live a better life, as one of the Military Policemen. The truth is, his mother truly cared for him, but even so had many bad habits (Such as a gambling addiction). She was a truly unhappy woman that hated herself as much as she abused those around her. These beatings gave Alan an extreme, perhaps delusional understanding of life that he's only as good as he can be helpful to those around him. To this day, Alan is motivated by this feeling and does all he can to help the people around him.
When he was of age, Alan finally joined the military. During his training years, Alan was looked down upon by his fellow trainees that intended to go to the Survey Corps. Little did they know that he wanted nothing more than to join them. He considered those of the Survey Corps as brave, selfless individuals who give the everyday people like him something that's hard to come by - hope. Due to his very closed nature, however, he never told them about his longing to be among their ranks.
His training was extremely hard due to him being rather unfit and unused to strange mechanisms such as the 3D  maneuver gear, but due to the sheer pressure exerted on him by his mother, and the dedication he had to being a great soldier, he somehow managed to get into the top 10 of his group. A great factor for his success in training was his intellect, something he was not actually aware of. Finally joining the military police, Alan had a better life and was living comfortably, but found it disgraceful how crooked everyone in the inner walls were. His sense of justice was slowly eating away at him, all the while he kept doing everything he was ordered by his corrupt commanders. That being said, whenever he has the chance to, Alan would let petty criminals go unpunished, if he finds it just. For example, he found a little girl that stole some food from a merchant, but instead of reporting her, he helped her escape to the outer city, for she looked unhealthily slim and tired. His constant drive to protect the just criminals makes him seem like a slob to his superiors, for all they see is a patrolsman that isn't good at his job.
Despite this hindrance, Alan's sheer professionalism and diligence has caught the eye of some of the higher-ups in the militant hierarchy. His voluntary nature has given him many different jobs in the Military Police, from trivial tasks like patrol and errand-running to complex ones like helping the conduction of experiments, royalty guarding and investigation.
Alan has continously proven that he is overqualified for the tasks given to him as a regular Military Police soldier, and in the end was promoted to the rank of captain by commander Nile Dok. He currently leads an investigation team of hand-picked soldiers, and answers directly to Nile. While he mislikes the commander, he can't help but respect him.
For years, Alan spent a huge portion of his free time studying, and reading whatever he could. He even managed to get his hands on some books that were 'forbidden', books containing fictional descriptions of endless water and natural, wet crystals. He has already managed to more than make up for his lack of education as a child, now sporting more knowledge than most educated nobility.
Due to his unique nature as a Military Policeman, Alan has made friends with people of strange places. In particular, he has interacted with the vi Rauco family on multiple occasions. Auth vi Rauco serves as a mysterious but trustworthy friend to him, while the late Adar vi Rauco served as an inspiration to Alan. After the senior vi Rauco passed, he has been training under the watchful gaze of the Hydrargyrum.


Strength: 5
Agility: 6
Intellect: 15

Alan secretly dons the persona of "The Greyblade" - a silent, masked soldier who appears out of nowhere during outside expeditions where titans show up and assists the Survey Corps on their way. His identity is not known to most in the expeditions, but his presence is often welcomed.
He has spent a while working towards realizing this identity, going through training in an assortment of categories. From physical combat and maneuvering, to stealth and deception, to even acting, woodcarving and changing the sound of his voice.
For now, only his close friends know about his intentions, and are helping him out with his training.

Captain Rank: achieved through roleplay http://aotrp.forumotion.com/t40-rotting-away-closed-to-nerdeity#297

Death Thread: http://aotrp.forumotion.com/t129-the-storm-mono-rp-closed-to-all#897

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Alan Katlewande (KIA) Empty Re: Alan Katlewande (KIA)

Post by Herdir on 2/4/2017, 13:51


Note: you'll most likely want to request more stat points as he gets more trained for the 'Greyblade' persona. 4 Str and 3 Agi won't be enough for proper titan killing.

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