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Blood Pacts and Wolfpacks (Closed ; Severin & Cora)

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Blood Pacts and Wolfpacks (Closed ; Severin & Cora)

Post by Nerdeity on 13/4/2018, 19:38

Among the many twists and turns that comprise the Underground, amidst the dilapidated ruins and ramshackle houses, behind the filth-ridden outskirts that one stops at to ponder what lies further beneath the ground, lies a fairly large marketplace. Abundant with contraband and wargear and exotic spices, the roundabout that comprises this veritable economic heartbeat winds around the centerpiece of both it and the surrounding communities - a towering cathedral resplendent with stained glass windows and incense and a reverberating choir overshadowed by the angelic resonance of a pipe organ. A cathedral dedicated to the Sanguine Church - the cult of the Red Titan. The stairs to the cathedral are short but gradual, sloping up to large oak doors that are wide open for anyone to enter. At the threshold of the building stand two men clothed in red robes and golden accessories, making idle chitchat with the market goers and ushering them past the doorway. Inside the cathedral mills around an ever-flowing sea of pilgrims and congregation regulars alike, all clamoring to find a seat and gaze at the wonderfully crafted architecture. A sermon begins in roughly half an hour, to be led by an established priest of the Church; his name is Lamenus Orvillus, and he is a vivid preacher, one who sets fire to people’s spirits and puts brimstone in their bones. The stone comprising the cathedral is a dark gray, with red granite elements and high, soaring planes of stained glass artworks. The interior smells of various incenses burned for ceremonies, and several flights of stairs trail off to various levels. It was to this marketplace, this cathedral, that Cora now found herself summoned to. An agent of the Holy Colossus himself had slipped the mercenary leader a crimson envelope before disappearing into an all-consuming crowd of passers-by...

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Re: Blood Pacts and Wolfpacks (Closed ; Severin & Cora)

Post by cornix on 14/4/2018, 13:15

Cora did not really like the underground much. The last time she was here things had ended...rather peculiar. The people were sick, poor and lost all their will to live. Something Cora could not understand a single bit. Atleast your survivability...atleast hold onto that.
She had gotten a message from a rather infamous personality and was summoned to the huge underground cathedral.
It had to be said, the building itself looked...great. Not that Cora understood much of architecture, but she certainly would like to live in something like that.

The good thing about being self-employed was her ability to make contracts with anyone and anything. Yes, she was under contract with the military. But she had made sure that she could still take them from anyone she wanted. Including the state's enemy. She was quite determined to play on both sides, it just had more opportunities, but in the end. The only one she would stay true to was herself. What was best for her would be what she would choose.

Even though she was allowed to do that, and even though there was noone or barely anyone knowing her down here she was still in disguise. She wore a brown long leather coat. It would perfectly fit a scrawny man and her whole appereance looked male. Her long hair was hidden behind a hood, and her face behind a bandana. She really liked the way masks looked, but those were just way too fancy for a place like this.

Cora stepped inside the cathedral, the envelope in her hands. She stayed in the shadows, not making much of a sound and staying uninteresting for all the people already waiting for the sermon.
She took a seat somewhere close to a side exit in the third row. Next to her was a family. They were chatting eagerly before she took her seat.
"Don't be bothered by me.", Nec said in his usual male voice.

Now we wait.

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