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Before the storm (Nerdeity, open to others but PM first)

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Before the storm (Nerdeity, open to others but PM first)

Post by Alan Katlewande on 14/4/2018, 16:26

The sky above the destroyed scout castle was dark and beautiful. Countless starts dotted the sky, their beauty untouched and unsoiled by titan and human alike. Constellations loomed above, interpreted and reinterpreted by the watchers over many millennia. A few clouds traveled lazily above, drifting far away from the grassy hills and trees. They didn't care whether the titans or the humans would win in this timeless struggle. They just kept drifting along with the wind. How lucky for them.
And the moon. The moon! How brightly it shone, in its glorious round beauty. It was a full moon, looming far overhead. So pale, so mysterious, so close and yet so out of reach.
The sky was beautiful.
However, slowly, a dark disturbance spread across it. Smoke. A small pillar of smoke rose upwards through the sky, littering the otherwise peaceful night air.
And where was this smoke coming from?
Far below, right beside the ruins, a campfire was merrily cackling. Its warmth embraced Alan Katlewande as he huddled near it, coat tight around his body and a biscuit in hand. He slowly watched as the teakettle he placed over the fire started letting out steam. The young Military Police captain smiled. It had been a weary journey, but he was rather comfortable now.
However, he also knew he shouldn't be feeling comfortable. He should be feeling tense. Very tense. And he was, but he was just trying to subside it.

Alan was out here in order to meet with Severin Wildner, the titan shifter turned garrison soldier turned rogue terrorist. The Red Titan. The most dangerous man in recent history of humanity... and Alan's primary target for the last year.
Or so he had been. From the beginning, Alan had doubts about Severin. Every time he thought he understood him, his actions surprised him again and made him rethink who this enigmatic individual was.
Alan had enough. Enough of doubt. Enough of murder. Enough of secrets. The groomed man gave Alan an offer, and he accepted.
The instructions were very specific - leave a red rose in a specific jar in a specific restaurant in Karanes, then hide a note with his Severin's initials and his own in a different tavern altogether. Alan wondered if this level of secrecy was always the way Severin had worked, and not just with him. It explained how he continued to allude the Military Police for so long.
From there, he had to wait 3 days before heading to the ruins of the old scout base, the fort which Severin himself destroyed only a few years back, enraged in his titan form. Weeds and vines were already starting to cover the ruins, as if they have been there all along, as if they were supposed to be laying in disarray on the ground.
Alan looked above, at the moon soaring above, motionless. He was aware that he could die tonight, that Severin could kill him without a single person ever knowing. Of course he'd told no one of his intentions - if anybody knew he had information about Severin he hid from the Military, he'd probably be executed on grounds of working with the enemy.

And that was the thing, really. Alan wasn't so certain that Severin was the enemy. Even if he could transform into a giant, red titan. Even if he has killed dozens before him. Alan had been spared enough times by the bane of humanity to know that something was up, that there was more to the story than he had known. And he had to know.
And so, he waited. Waited to know if he was going to live or die, waited to know if he had been right or wrong in his pursuit.
The fire crackled.

Alan Katlewande

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