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Renn König

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Renn König

Post by Mitsuo Shimura on 16/4/2018, 23:17

Name: Renn König (Called King or Alpha by the Yarckel Pack, doesn’t care if he’s called Renn, König or Snake).

Age: 21

Group: Rogue

Rank: Mercenary – Pack Leader of the Yarckel Division

Appearance: The first three things that people will notice about Renn is his twisted smile, scar on his left eye and a scar around his neck. The scar is precise and has a strange style for a wound, almost as if it were intentional, which it was.
Renn stands at 190cm (6’2”) tall and weighs 75kg (165lbs) with a slender frame which he sometimes likes to hide in his big fur coat.
He is an albino, giving him snow white hair, pale skin and pink/red eyes which is probably another thing people notice about him after the scars and his smile, as well as a feature that makes him easy to spot in a crowd of people.
Renn likes to keep his hair short and shaggy with his fringe covering almost the entirety of the right side of his face, stopping just above his mouth.
He likes to wear mostly black clothing with the occasional purple in between. When out of “business” he wears his fur coat resting on his shoulders otherwise he’ll wear it fully to completely hide his figure with the hood up to hide his hair.

Face Claim: Add from Elsword:

Identity: Renn is a psychopath.
He sees everyone else as a tool or a pawn and will use them as so to complete his own goals. Once Renn is done using a person he will either enroll them into his mercenary group via blackmail or he will have them assassinated.
Renn lacks remorse and guilt. Combine this with his calm and calculated mind makes him a threat to most, if not all. He will not hesitate to betray or expose any ally he may have and so one should always stay on guard if he is around.
Renn has a silver tongue and can easily trick and manipulate people into doing his filthy deeds if he so desires. If he considers a person too risky to manipulate with words, then he’ll use his cunning to try and find their weakness and expose it to anonymously blackmail them.
Although Renn is the Pack leader of the Yarckel Division, he likes to do most of the mercenary jobs; especially if they are difficult or important ones. He does this to ‘not leave a trace’ and make sure that no one could easily manage to track it back to him or his gang.
When speaking to anyone generally in public (unless it is his grunts), Renn will keep up his twisted smile as much as he can and will talk with the slightest venom in his voice, which people will pick up on if they focus on listening to him. This makes him a tricky character and hard to read, leading people to believe he’s unpredictable.
Renn also will try everything he can to know everything there is to know about anyone. He will use every ounce of knowledge he can attain on a person to know what makes them tick, what drives them and what scares them. He will use this so he can flush out every use he has of them until they expire, or they are of use no more.
Renn likes to keep secretive. His past life, his goals or even what his current thoughts are, he will like to keep private. He won’t tell anyone unless they really gain his trust or he’s soon to dispose of them.
He is also a masochist, laughing at the sensation of pain and playing it off as feeling ticklish. His body still reacts to pain like anyone else and he still feels it but it’s because of his broken mind and life experience that he has become accustomed to it and revels in it.
Renn also has a soft side for the only family member he cared about, his sister. He is quite possessive of her and will do anything to keep her safe at all costs. Like most other things, Renn keeps the existence of his sister secret, mainly so she can’t be targeted by any enemies he may have.


-Blood and Pain: Renn admires the sight of blood, be it his or another’s. He considers it a natural beauty or a piece of art. If he has blood on a weapon he is holding, then he has the tendency to lick it off. Blood is not normally without pain,
-Darkness and Shadows: Renn will usually try and complete any “job” he has at night as he can use the cover of darkness it gives to “vanish”. He will stick to the shadows of alleyways if he is being chased in daylight to escape and disappear.
-Knowledge: Knowledge is power as they always say. Renn will try to know all there is about a place, a person or an object. This is so he can use every trick to gain all the advantages as well as knowing how to avoid every disadvantage.
-Sister: Renn is a caring older brother and makes sure no harm comes to his younger sister. He has done many things to keep her safe, the most important of which are criminal.
-Higher Ups: Renn does not like being told what to do. If he cannot gain command, then he’ll make sure there isn’t one. Any order giving to him he’ll reject and disobey, no matter if he kills or doesn’t kill the person who gave it to him.
-His Hair: His hair makes him stand out in crowds and therefore he must keep it covered to avoid being noticed or easily chased. This is a nuisance to Renn as it is a useless thing to focus on but one he must focus on nonetheless.
-Mysteries and Secrets: Renn doesn’t like not knowing. For him, a plan with lack of knowledge on the target is just suicide. Although Renn hates others keeping secrets and will try to find them out, he has no problem keeping secrets.
-Getting Caught: If the pack finds out he’s a traitor, he’ll be stopped. If the MPs find out he’s a murderer, he’ll be stopped. Renn is paranoid that eventually someone will find out or raise suspicion that he’s plotting something and so he will take every precaution he can to avoid this.
-Unpredictability: If someone is unpredictable, he’ll either leave them alone or anonymously try and take them out. This is another precaution Renn will take as he fears that the person who is unpredictable is as smart, if not smarter than he is and can probably find him out.
-Traitors: Anyone within the Pack could be a traitor, even Renn. This keeps Renn always on his guard around other Pack divisions and at headquarters because even the slightest mistake can cost him his life and that would put an end to his plans.
-Pain or Death of Sister: Renn is possessive and overly protective of his sister and fears for her safety all the time, even when she reassures him she’s fine. He does not like to think of what a world without her may be like and thus tries to avoid that scenario at all costs.
-Treason and the Crown: Renn doesn’t like not being in charge or being told what to do. Knowing that there is someone above him irks him and therefore he hates the person who’s got the highest role of all, the King. Renn’s biggest plan is that of eventually killing the King with his own hands and taking the Crown for himself.
-Unstoppable: Renn does not want to be caught and have his story cut short. He will take out anyone who poses a threat to him be it personally or through anonymous means. If there is anyone who can stop him, Renn will feel uncomfortable and paranoid and will plan on taking them down first and foremost.

Backstory: Renn gave himself the scar on his left eye at the age of 10. He did it because every time he looked in the mirror all he could see were his two parents. He did not want anything to do with his parents, he hated them and so he scarred his face to spite them.
Not only was he forced to take care of his sister all by himself, Renn’s parents regularly gave him demands, making him stressed, working him to the bone and abused him. The pain fed Renn’s anger towards his parents eventually to the point where he snapped. This was the time he gave himself the scar. At the same age, he also killed his parents as the anger was too much for him to control. There was another reason why he killed his parents, although he’d never admit it. This reason is simply that Renn feared that his parents would abuse his sister like had abused him.
Once he had done the deed, he stood in their blood with the murder weapon in hand which was a knife and all he felt was… relief. He got a kick out of the feeling, it made him laugh.
He hid the bodies in the basement of his house and cleaned up the blood. Luckily for him, his parents made him do all the chores and so they did not go out much which means no one was suspicious that they were missing. Renn’s parents were a bitter couple to everyone and did not have many friends, if not any. This made it easier for Renn to hide why his parents were not around much anymore.
Realising that he had no money income, however, Renn needed to find any job that would take a 10-year-old boy. This lead him to his discovery of the mercenary group, the Pack, which he volunteered to join.

The Pack, from what Renn could tell, were surprised that they had someone volunteer to join them, even more so that they were found, let alone by a 10-year-old boy.
As for the unusual occurrence, they tested the child to see what he was capable of, what potential he had and, more importantly, find out his intentions were.
The tests were unusual and grueling; having to fight against a trained grunt, answering hypothetical situations such as “how would you steal from food stalls and escape without being seen” and proving that he could kill without hesitation or second-guessing.
Renn managed to pass every test given to him at the expense of having his mentality broke even more. During such tests he learned to be unaffected by pain and even learned to enjoy it, smiling and laughing every time more pain was afflicted to him. Eventually, the Pack initiated him into the training division because of his skills and quick success rate and so Renn went through more grueling exercises and excruciating torment.

During his training, the Pack found it suspicious and strange at how Renn managed to stay obedient through it all. That didn’t stop them from punishing him, however, as they still abused him for the slightest errors. They even abused him for being so obedient and gave him a tight, iron-cast collar which they locked around his neck.
The reason Renn was so obedient during his training was, of course, to protect his sister. Being obedient made him slightly more favorable by higher-ups which caused him to sometimes be overlooked for suspicious activity, like getting bandages for his sister.
Due to the collar being tight, it dug into Renn’s skin. At first, it was just uncomfortable but then the boy got used to it and it was just… there.
The collar was not removed until Renn grew up, however, and because of that, it started cutting him, which made him giggle from time to time due to his love of the pain.
When the collar was finally taken off, the damage had been done and Renn had a new scar around his neck.

The actual training that Renn went through, along with other trainees, took seven years. He went through brutal combat training, learning different martial arts and dirty fighting tricks. He also had to learn weapon styles; knives, swords, guns, etc.
Other training included how to take pain, which was taught by torturing, interrogation, anatomy, for the best ways to kill or torment, and stealth.
When König was being trained, or if he avoided it, he would spend his time surrounded by books. He always loved knowing things and did anything to get his hands on every piece of knowledge he can find.
Most of the books within the Pack were about fighting, weapons and other subjects that were legally frowned upon. One subject Renn did take an interesting in was poisons but he could never seem to find much about them.

After Renn had managed to survive through the hell that was mercenary training, the next thing to occur was the celebration of complete initiation, which every Pack member had to go through.
This involved being deeply cut from the right shoulder to the left hip. Apparently, this was done using a wolf claw, which Renn late learned was a lie.
The reason for this cut was also to test if the one being cut had the potential to become the leader, known as the ‘Alpha’, which was determined by how long they could stay conscious. This confused Renn, thinking about what would be done if too many passed but he didn’t care enough to ask.

When it came to be Renn’s turn to be cut, they kneeled him down and prepared the ‘Claw’. It was a slow process to try and drag out the pain within each person, König presumed, but it didn’t bother him. In fact, he quite enjoyed the feeling, much like every other time he got pain inflicted on him throughout his time in the Pack. He started to laugh, staring at the floor only to witness the pool of blood that would surround his position.
König managed to stay conscious through it all, disturbing most around him by his enjoyment of the process. Renn was then approached by the Alpha, to which Renn never bothered to learn the name of, and was appointed as his Beta, to be the Alpha’s right-hand man.

At the age of 19, Renn got sick of being second best and being told what to do by the man above him. One day, while the Alpha was addressing the Pack during a speech, König interrupted him with a question.
“Why are you still in charge?”
After the last word rolled off the Snakes tongue, he turned the leader around and stabbed him directly in the heart. Renn didn’t really know what the consequences were going to be, but it didn’t stop him, nor did it scare him.
He was actually surprised when he turned to face the rest of the mercenary group, only for them to shout.
“Long live the Alpha.”

Two years later, Renn still leads the Yarckel Pack. Any who tried to challenge him for his position or attempted to kill him ended up dead themselves.
He changes the area where he sleeps currently, avoiding assassination from any traitors or backstabbers.
König currently leads his division out of fear and example, killing any who dare question him without hesitation. He also doesn’t like to sit back and watch and will take important or seemingly difficult ‘jobs’ to do by himself.
He appointed his sister as a secret Beta, making her in a good position to keep safe as well as making it so that no one knows she is his sister, even if they met her nor would they know she is a Beta.
Renn also had other external family members like grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins anonymously assassinated so that he would have no ties to anyone but his secret sister. He also had them assassinated so they could never come to take his sister away from him in the future.
In present times, Renn has one big goal in mind: to claim the throne.
His throne.


Strength: 8
Agility: 8
Intellect: 8

Renn has a quirk where sometimes, like a snake, he would hiss. This sometimes happens when he is speaking, therefore he sometimes drags out any “s” in words that he says.

I would like to apply for 2 points in Intellect as throughout his time in the Pack he trained his body and mind.

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Re: Renn König

Post by cornix on 16/4/2018, 23:20


as he is very closely connected to Cora this NPC can be in any thread she is in as well.

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