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The Storm (Mono-RP, closed to all)

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The Storm (Mono-RP, closed to all) Empty The Storm (Mono-RP, closed to all)

Post by Alan Katlewande on 19/4/2018, 11:38

Heavy rain was pouring down on the Military Police headquarters, where Alan was frantically writing in his office.  Behind him, the giant window let the moonlight in. It would’ve been a wonderful night to sit back by the fireplace, the taste of a warm drink on your lips and a good book in hand.

But this was not such a night for Alan Katlewande, the Military Police captain, the pursuer of justice. For days now, he had been nothing short of paranoid, seeing shadows behind every corner, hidden messages on the tongues of every passerby. Something was amiss, yes, amiss. Something was wrong. Or at least, it had been wrong. Who was this person, Mikael, the man who all those years ago, escaped the Underground and was never seen again? The man whose decisions ruined (and ended) the lives of dozens of the Underground, who was essentially responsible for the turmoil between Alan and his friends? That was the question which haunted Alan like an undying ghost, like an unyielding spirit. Not because it was so important for him to know, but because it felt important, like it was a key to so much more.

And no wonder it felt like that, because Alan finally came to his conclusion. The suspicion occurred to him on his way back to the office, and after finally reaching the office this stormy night were he able to check the records, and confirm his suspicions. He tried to hide is as best he could, yes he did, but Alan knew, Alan knew! And this was why now, with trembling hands, Alan was writing this letter to Commander Dok, to bring into light multiple cases all connected by one person. He only hoped he would be able to do it in time…

The door creaked open. A face peeked through, illuminated by the fire in the fireplace and the lantern by Alan’s desk. The man behind the door opened it, walked in slowly, and closed the door behind him, not daring to avert his eyes from the captain seated at the desk, who only now looked up.
When Alan did look up, he sat back in his chair, the soft cackling of the flames reflected in the glasses mounted on his nose. He allowed himself to smile, forcing himself to perform.
“Ottomer. What brings you here tonight? It’s rather late.” the captain asked, licking his lips.
Ottomer Dvarge stared back, completely serious. It seemed he was not in the mood to play formalities, unlike Alan. “You know why I’m here.” He responded quietly, the décor of the gun in his hands shining and gleaming in the firelight.

Alan sighed. It was that sigh that threw Ottomer off. It wasn’t a frustrated sigh. It was a sigh of relief. How could that righteous fool be so calm right now? Doesn’t he understand what is about to happen?
Alan smiled at Ottomer again, but this time the smile was genuine. “You have no idea how long this whole thing’s been bothering me. I was almost sure myself, but your actions speak louder than any evidence I might have conjured. Thank you for relieving me of my doubts, Otto.”
Ottomer lowered his gun, and stepped closer, a stern expression still on his face.
“Don’t call me that. I need you to say it. I need to be certain you know.”
Alan stared back, the smile from his face disappeared. He knew that by saying the wrong name now he could save himself of what was to come, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, maybe he was insane, but he felt that sticking to his gut and doing what felt right would be the correct course of action.
Alan’s eyes shone the way a researcher’s might after making a ground-breaking discovery. “Mikael”, he whispered to the escapee before him.

Ottomer sighed, and stepped closer. His was certainly a sigh of discomfort. “Well,” he said, looking disgruntledly at Alan “Let’s get this over with. I don’t suppose there’s a chance I’ll be able to convince you not to tell anybody, right?”
Alan laughed merrily in response. “You know me too well to ask a question like that, Otto.”
Ottomer looked at him impatiently. “I have a gun.” He said, annoyed.
“If you use it on me, officers will converge on your location before you manage to escape. You’ll just end up killing me and getting caught anyway.”
Ottomer smiled a sad smile and holstered his gun. “Such a bright fool” he muttered “You’re so determined to die, so willing to give your life just because you think you’re just. I respect that, but it’s such a waste! You could continue living an honest, happy man, as long as you don’t do this!”
Alan glanced at Ottomer, a strange look in his eyes. “So can you, after you face your crimes.” he spoke softly.

Ottomer drew a blade from his pocket. “So be it” he muttered. He was sad he couldn’t convince Alan to deter, but he was ready to do what must be done, as he always had. That’s why he was still alive in the first place.
Not wanting to be outdone, Alan quickly drew his hidden blade from his boot and lept over his table, taking a swing Ottomer. After a few swipes, Alan came to accept what he already knew. Ottomer was simply faster, stronger, more well-trained than Alan could ever hope to be. He dodged all of Alan’s attacks effortlessly, almost lazily, adding cuts to Alan’s face and arms on the way, between each strike.
“Enough.” he called out, and with a quick stroke disarmed Alan. His prized possession, the hidden dagger given to him by Auth vi Rauco, flung across the room and landed in the roaring fires of the fireplace. Alan watched it as it flew, coming to realize more and more just how much trouble he was in.
From there, it was a twisted game of cat and mouse. Alan darted around the room, throwing books, papers, anything that came in hand at his would-be-assassin, all while trying to make it to the door. Ottomer chased him on, trying to land a good stab on his body, but not really struggling to keep up.

Eventually, Alan was trapped between the window behind him and Ottomer. He looked back, and saw just how unforgivingly high the window was compared to the ground. There was no way he could make the jump. He was trapped. He stared at Ottomer, breathing heavily, like an animal.
“Alan, please.” Ottomer said, stepping closer, only a little out of breath “You have no chance. At all. Let’s end this quickly.”
However, Alan was far from done. A wild idea sprang up in his head. With his last ounce of strength, he suddenly charged at Ottomer and tackled him to the ground. Ottomer’s dagger went flying, and landed a few feet away.
Alan tried his best to reach around Ottomer and fire the gun which he has holstered. If he would manage to let off a gunshot, people would hear, and come to save him. All he had to do was just reach.
Ottomer quickly recovered and understood what Alan was scheming. “No!” he screamed, fighting Alan’s hand with his own and beating Alan’s head repeatedly with is other “Get off!”. Through the pain, through every hit, Alan did not deter. He kept struggling, the struggle of his life. All he had to do was press the trigger. So simple, so tantalizingly close.
They kept at it for a few more seconds. Ottomer understood he won’t be able to keep up forever. He had to end this. Now. With all his strength, he rose up, Alan clinging to him. He bashed Alan against his great wooden desk, which made the young captain lose his grip in a daze. While he was off guard, Ottomer summoned every last ounce of fight left in him and flung him as hard as he could at the great window by the desk. Alan flew through the air, and smashed heavily right through the glass window, falling to the courtyard below.

They always said that your life flashes before your eyes when you die, but that was not the case for Alan Katlewande. Perhaps because he was so not ready to die. He had yet to mend his relationships with his friends, or renounce his hunt of the Red Titan. He had yet to say goodbye to his sister and father, waiting at home far away in Krolva. He had yet to confess his love to Marian, who unknown to him was a man in disguise. So many unopened doors lay in Alan’s path, forever staying closed, because he could no longer journey on.
In his head, he hadn’t thought of any of that. He still barely realized he was falling, and instinctively was trying to catch hold of something, the same way you would were you to trip. But there was nothing to grab. Nothing to save him.  He hadn’t realized these were his final moments, he didn’t have time to think. He just fell…
And fell…
And fell…
And hit the ground below. His body didn’t bounce.

Ottomer looked down at the fallen captain, who lay on the cobble road below surrounded by a halo of glass pieces and blood splatter. It almost looked like Alan was resting down there, but the fugitive knew his former friend was gone. Ottomer stood silent above him for a brief moment, grieving and giving respect to the man he had just killed. He didn’t want to hurt Alan, but he gave him no choice. He was a good soldier, but a foolish man.
Ottomer then opened his eyes and made his way out of the office, throwing the letter Alan had been writing into the firepit. It would not be long until Alan is found. He will have to leave, and quickly.
He will never be able to return, but that’s fine. He was used to it.

A few hours later, Alan’s body was found by a patrolsman. Commander Nile Dok was personally woken to see the crime scene. By the time he got there, the rain had washed away all the blood, but there were still pieces of glass remaining. Alan was completely drenched, his long hair stuck to the back of his neck, his glasses broken and shattered a few feet away. His eyes were open, but they weren’t seeing anything.
The commander knelt by his fallen subordinate, and checked for a pulse. He then rose, and looked up at the window where Alan must’ve fallen from. He ordered Alan’s body to be examined by medics, and to hide his current status. According to anyone who knew, Alan was ‘Away on a mission’. He couldn’t let the public know that an enemy lies in the heart of the Military Police, an enemy that isn’t afraid to kill captains if the need arises. The public mustn’t know.
But word travels fast, and soon all the Military Policemen knew of the murder of Alan Katlewande by his former soldier (Who was never seen again). Few people grieved the loss of the honest, determined captain. More people than that were happy he was gone, because of the trouble he was always brewing up for the MPs. However, most people simply didn’t really care.
Alan’s squad disbanded immediately after the premature departure of Alan and Ottomer. They were all assigned different teams throughout the organization, almost as if to split them apart on purpose.

However, those three, Peter, Hyda, and Vindhelm, the ones hurt the most by these events, they still had unanswered questions. Why would Ottomer leave like that, without telling them? Why would he kill the captain? Hyda wasn’t even sure he killed Alan in the first place, but Peter wasn’t so lenient. Secretly, the three started working together to uncover the events of that night, and to find their lost friend Ottomer.
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