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Auth vi Rauco (sometimes vi Roval) (KIA)

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Auth vi Rauco (sometimes vi Roval) (KIA) Empty Auth vi Rauco (sometimes vi Roval) (KIA)

Post by Herdir on 3/4/2017, 16:14

Name: Auth vi Rauco (sometimes he presents himself as vi Roval; it is not intentional and he has no idea why it happens)

Age: 21, born on the 13th of March 829


Group: Civilian (Ex-Survey Corps)

Rank: Noble/Politician

Appearance: Auth stands at 179 cm tall and weighing 74 kg. Due to the manner of training he follows, his muscle mass is built lean, and while he does not have any bit of visible fat on his body, nor could any muscles be seen if he’s clothed. Due to this, people might have a tendency to underestimate his physical capability.
His facial traits are sharp, and look even further elongated by his shoulder-length, jet black hair. His skin tone is rather fair. All of these elements, alongside his long-trained mannerisms and general patterns of behaviour, will give him the sort of presence nobility has (although usually not very pronounced if he’s not in a formal situation). At the same time, the way his facial muscles move is almost perfectly under his control, enabling him to use it as a mask, deceiving onlookers at will.
In non-formal, off-duty situations his usual attire consists of a dark blue shirt (or dark shades of other colours), black pants, heavy, black leather boots and a large trench coat, once again black leather. Also, he will always have a small loaded gun on him, “just in case”.

Identity: Auth, as someone trained to not tell the truth since his earliest memories, is a person made up of multiple fake and true layers of personality.  

Outmost, he will appear very self-centric, and considering himself superior to absolutely anyone else. This will mostly be expressed in under-the-hand methods, such as sly and sarcastic remarks, snide comments, and so on. This is how he presents himself to complete strangers.
Upon getting to know him better, while he won’t drop his outer mask, he will actually start to listen and consider someone else’s opinion too. At the same time, he will also share traits that are not all so great about him. Primarily, this is where he acknowledges the fact he exaggerates his qualities wilfully in front of strangers, and that he isn’t actually considering himself perfect.
To friends, he will also start considering their feelings, avoiding topic that might attract anger or fear, and will so much more stop focusing on himself, veering the discussion towards the other person. Of course, he will still quite often slightly annoy his friends, but only with not-so-serious topics, and in an obvious joking tone.
His innermost self is a natural philosopher, one that usually keeps his thoughts to himself. On various occasions, he might share what he thinks with others, but it is not a common event. He also does care about others much more than he lets on, even to his close friends (usually, for their own good, in case anything bad happens). He is also a romantic in thought. A cynical one, that is quite sure his ‘soulmate’ was one of those millions who died due to titans, but a romantic nonetheless.

It should also be noted that once something serious happens, he will completely block his emotions and cease anything ‘impractical’, instead having a very cold outlook on how things develop, and what is the best course of action. At the same time, he is able to assume any role (albeit, as a jack-of-all-trades, he is a master-of-none) that might be needed, from groundwork to command.


Major: Humanity. Mankind is, in his opinion, the species having the ultimate weapon in their arsenal: the mind. It is his belief that mankind can overcome absolutely any obstacle that might cross its path, given enough time and effort to devise a countermeasure. As such, the Titan Crisis (as he calls it) is a mere ‘temporary setback in history’.
Self-control: As mind is man’s strongest weapon, blind emotion is its greatest limitation. Not emotion in and of itself, mind, but blind emotion: that moment when you first heed emotion and only after the fact think rationally. Thus, he respects anyone able to control himself in dire situations, but in not-so-dire ones alike: he will respect both the man not giving in to fear and the one who keeps his cool while in mad love. He sees good manners as a lesser, everyday form of such self-control, and thus also prizes them.
Versatility: Anything that can be used for multiple purposes while not losing its ability to do the original one is worth a closer look and its creator a good handshake. Adapting to any given situation is also the most important trait anything, human or otherwise, can have. This is the main reason he respects the 3DMG (as it fulfils each and every role in combat) and the people who came up with the idea.

Minor: Good drinks and good food, good meaning high-quality, and for drinks especially so. This is also why he’s quite skilled at wine-tasting.
Pretty girls. For quite the same reason as he likes good drinks: they’re very good at making you forget the small troubles. An annoying personality will on the other hand make him thoroughly uninterested.
Rain. He can focus on his thoughts this way, or have an easier time waving them away. He’s known to describe the ideal day as: “standing just outside while it rains heavily, while still underneath a roof or cover, drinking a high-quality red wine while casually chatting to a pretty, smart young girl.”

Major: Humanity. Mankind is, in his opinion, the only species capable of killing just for the sake of it and the only species capable to change its mind lightning-fast. This is why he despises people to overburden themselves with moral standards, only to then break them. People should take onto themselves what they can carry, not more.
Lack of self-respect. Sure, he can understand going long ways in humiliation for the sake of survival, but that’s about it. A man foregoing his pride is not worthy of praise. After all, he does not need it anyway, un-prideful and fully humble as he is, right?
Lack of adaptability. Someone incapable of adapting to survive and/or increase his quality of life does not deserve it. If mankind’s greatest strength is the power to adapt by devising countermeasures to anything, someone lacking this capability is sub-human at best in his eyes, and will usually be seen as ‘deserving his death’ once it inevitably happens.

Minor: Braggarts and know-is-alls, but only as long as they’re tactless. Yelling how you’re the best is unacceptable, but making a sly, passing remark of how you “just so happens to be more skilled” is all right. Just be prepared to be answered in kind for such remarks, as Auth himself is a master of them.

Humanity: the only thing able of truly eradicating mankind. He certainly agrees that if there’s one thing scarier than titans, that’s mankind. And if there exists such a thing scarier than mankind, it has to be a bigger lot of mankind. After all, if they can adapt to anything, does that not mean they can destroy anything? As such, shouldn’t anyone be afraid of that?
Death. Not his own, but the general concept of Death, as an entity or phenomenon that does not differentiate: human, non-human, strong, weak, smart, dumb... It simply scares him to think for too long about it, and about what follows, and more than anything: what exactly causes death? Sure, it’s an outside force that leads to death, such as having you neck cut, but what exactly of this causes you to stop living and not just grow it back, like a titan? And even then, why do titans die when their napes are cut and cannot regenerate them? Then again, what is life, and living? And so on. Keeping too much time thinking like this leads to his next great fear.
Going mad. He’s one of very few humans left, a foe surpassing logic is beating at the gates, quite literally too, while still not understating the raw ways of life and the reasons they’re like they are. While he does think this is a fear common in all natural philosophers and that it’s the risk to knowledge, he cannot help it but have to often make pauses in thinking to clear his mind (often including rain, good alcohol and pretty girls).

Minor: Fools. While he does not despise them, he’s afraid of what a fool can do if left to his own devices. After all, the worst type of fool is a motivated fool.
Being found out: Yes, he’s very fake on the outside. In truth, he’s quite fake on the inside just as well. He does not fear the consequences of the fact he was found out, but the consequences of what might happen when people find out his true thoughts on the inside. It’s also worthy to note he fears for them, not himself.

(You guessed it) Humanity. More so, domination of humanity over anything. If man once ruled land and sea, territories more vast than the eyes can see, what are some oversized fake humans to stop the real deal from regaining its glory? Man is the ultimate hunter, and he will hunt any prey. Man is the ultimate dominator, and will control every patch of dirt, sand, stone or water in the world. And he, Auth vi Rauco, will be there to see it happen.
Knowledge. To control, you must first know. And what you must first know is yourself. After that, you must know your own kin. Thus, science itself does not interest Auth as much as does the human mind, both his own and that of fellow humans. He will go great lengths to reach conclusions about how somebody thinks, even if that somebody is himself.
Fear. Fear is the proof you’re pushing a line, so reaching a state in which you dreadfully fear something, then overcome said fear, you just pushed you own boundaries further. This is why he will search for fear, but not so much as being irrational about it. After all, fear is a warning system, so you should not try to make it scream as much as it can. Just a little...


To explain who Auth is, one should first go more back in time, down the bloodline and into what is now mere family legends. The vi Raucos used to be high-ranking nobles, owning estates and castles, having thousands of servants and soldiers of their own, and many more. The Titan Catastrophe took it all from them, forcing them along the other humans into the safety of the Walls.

There were grateful they were alive – how could have they not been? – but their losses were immense. Even now, still among the wealthiest inside the walls, they couldn’t ire anyone else here. Everyone was victim equally, but it is always equality when the wealthy look at it. When the poor do, they see unfairness. In the chaos that were the walls, the Raucos realized they had to keep the order. Even from then, they started working as what is now known as the Military Police, with every single generation yielding captains and commanders.

Or, at least, so the story goes. No one does still truly know what those beginning times were like, but everyone does know that the Raucos were indeed in the Military Police since its birth. Born for excel, raised to excel, trained to excel, living to excel. For years they have assured order within the Walls, with the help of others equally skilled, and having made a name for themselves as those who won’t run away from anything anymore. The main estate is now placed in a defying position, right outside the other gate of Wall Sina, and with the inscription written clearly on the door: “We need walls for wind and rain. The enemy we will gladly fight ourselves”.

And here, enter Auth vi Rauco, descendant of the 12th generation of vi Raucos, and the first in his bloodline to not join the MP. He was born to (Ex) Captain Adar vi Rauco of the Military Police, notorious for his skill in leading and inspiring men, and Sangwa vi Rauco (formerly Venin, a family where poison was the family trade, now living in Mitras, having started all the way back from Krolva, their little liquids having done all the work). His relationship with his family is an uncertain topic, as while there may be more respect than familial love between them, none of them seem to mind, or even notice that. To them, this is the natural way for a family to be, and they are happy with it as it is.

Auth was raised as all before him, taught to excel since an early age. Upon turning fourteen, he joined the training regiments, already prepared for what was to come, and graduated at 17, raking first. It was now when he made the decision to abandon family tradition, as the Colossal Titan had shown up just a year before, and it would not have been fitting for a vi Rauco to cower behind walls now, but to strive forward and to fight. As such, his joining of the Survey Corps was unanimously accepted in the family, even occasionally praised by his father.

Auth’s outside-the-walls excursions have been six by now, and he had gotten a decent kill count (currently at 7 kills, 8 assists), but also the wounds to make up for it: arm broken twice, leg broken once, and a near-death experience after a nearly-lethal fall from a 15 metre titan’s nape. All of this time though he hasn’t let the vi Rauco contacts go to waste, and has been building relationships in high places, from MP leadership officers to finance workers, to law, to merchants, to pretty much anyone that’s worth knowing.

His acquired skillset is broad, albeit admittedly not specialized, making him quite competent at most things you’d expect out of a soldier, but, while above-average, pretty much anything he can do can also be done better by someone who’s focused on mastering that one discipline. As the saying goes, Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. But as the saying also continues, often times better than a master of one.

As time passed, Auth encountered a person by the name of Severin Wildner, garrison, but also rogue titan shifter. His identity unknown by most, kept secret be the few responsible for his turning titan (Adar vi Rauco amongst them), Severin’s ire eventually boiled into a killing rampage. It interrupted a banquet by the Rauco family, killing tens of guests and devastating the elite MP squad Hydrargyrum, but most importantly Adar vi Rauco himself.

As such, Auth, now fatherless, is free of his safety bracing. Nobody there to stop him, but also nobody there to save him. He prepared for it a lifetime, but now that the prospect turned into a reality, Auth does not know how he will fare. Or if.
Only time will tell.


Strength: 6
Agility: 7
Intellect: 10


Auth's left the military and is now a civilian noble, active in politics: http://aotrp.forumotion.com/t126-ends-begginings-closed-herdir-and-sprw201#904

Stat Changes: http://aotrp.forumotion.com/t141-stat-changes-for-auth

Auth’s heritage as a vi Rauco allows him access to a number of mementos kept by his family alongside time, most notable of which extremely old and forbidden books from before the wall’s existence. It also does include other oddities, such as weird weaponry, old paintings and sculptures, and the like. (Note: apps will be made individually for each book/object as they are ‘found’ in the old underground storage house).

Adar and the Hydrargyrum:

Ex-Captain Adar vi Rauco is a person of notoriety within the military on a whole, nicknamed “The Demon of the Military Police”. His most known traits are the native shrewdness of the Racuos, but to that is added his own, personal cold-bloodedness. There is no moment in time when Adar has been seen, by anyone, to not have himself in full, utter control. Not a moment of uncertainty, and not a moment of hesitation. Due to this, he was deemed unhuman. Under his command, and tutelage, a lot of military policemen became highly skilled, highly dedicated men serving law.

From these men, the most skilled have over time gathered into a little-known, but fearsome elite squad: Hydrargyrum. While the name won’t mean much for the general population, it will be somewhat known by all military branches, but among those, the leaders know the name best: the squad that has up to now taken multiple missions deemed impossible, and have returned victorious. Their identities are unknown, as are their whereabouts and tactics. One exception is their unusual preference to armour, which they wear even though it weighs them down while using 3DMG. (in practice, the armour affects their style of moving about, making it more linear due to a higher mass having a higher momentum, but also making it somewhat faster. In city blocks, this has proved a surprisingly great advantage)

A note about both Adar and the Hydrargyrum is their connection to tian-shifters. Namely, from as soon as shifters appeared, Hydrargyrum started drills to face against them, and has surprisingly been met with more success than even the Survey Corps when facing in-control shifters (the survey corps still are better against mindless shifters, due to more trained reflexes and techniques). The reason for this is Hydrargyrum’s way of using the enemy’s intellect against himself, focusing much more on a game of feints, than raw fighting skill.
Adar’s past with shifters gets even darker, though. He has personally contributed to plans of implementing the Titan Serum, of which he is also perfectly aware. Secret meetings, under-handed development, he was always there. Lips sealed, this is a secret he took to his grave. But that grave was also due to this secret: the Red Titan, Severin Wildner, was nothing else than one of his own projects with the Serum. An awfully failed one.

Sangwa and the Venin Family:

Auth’s mother, Sangwa vi Rauco, is an easy person to overlook. Reserved, although often commanding, she easily fits into Adar’s shade and passes completely unobserved. Much to the detriment of many of Adar’s enemies, as her skills with poison are only, and only overtaken by her skills with medicine.

Her bloodline, Venin, have always had this sort of affinity for poisons, and it is what brought them up from a poor family in the slums of Krolva into a high-class family in Mitras. Their relations to the vi Rauco family go back to the early days of the Walls, when the two have joined efforts, working on multiple fronts for both their own well-being, as for that of the Walls. The marriage between Adar and Sangwa is the first official tie between the two families.

Materially speaking, the Venin family now owns a huge building in Mitras, serving as a meeting place for many Wall officials, being nothing else than a high-class restaurant. Sangwa’s very sister, Al-Sanya Venin, runs the business. The restaurant is also a place where many dangerous games play out, poisoning each other being even a courtesy among guests at this point, let alone just a tradition. Nobody has ever died in it, though, thanks to the omnipresence of the Venin family, taking care of anyone ill immediately and efficiently.

Sangwa vi Rauco, just like the rest of her family, has been taught the way of poison since an early age, and has during her life (and due to her husband being military police) managed to extend it into an even more encompassing medical knowledge. While she won’t equal a surgeon or other such physical workers, as soon as it is about administering any sort of medicine for almost any sort of illness, she will more than simply shine.

NOTE: I am an admin, but that does not mean I shouldn’t have my app reviewed. So, please, do read it and comment on anything you deem worthy commenting on, regardless of your forum status.

NOTE II: The 'Vi Roval' thing is a mistake I do, because I have a character called 'Auth vi Roval'. The guy is completely unrelated, but I still confuse the names sometimes. And it sometimes leads to hilarious results.

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Auth vi Rauco (sometimes vi Roval) (KIA) Empty Re: Auth vi Rauco (sometimes vi Roval) (KIA)

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I don't see anything wrong this character page. It all fits together and is well detailed.
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Auth vi Rauco (sometimes vi Roval) (KIA) Empty Re: Auth vi Rauco (sometimes vi Roval) (KIA)

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Auth vi Rauco (sometimes vi Roval) (KIA) Empty Re: Auth vi Rauco (sometimes vi Roval) (KIA)

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