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Hilt and Blade, Smith and Warrior (Closed: Herdir, Mia, Adalard)

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Hilt and Blade, Smith and Warrior (Closed: Herdir, Mia, Adalard) Empty Hilt and Blade, Smith and Warrior (Closed: Herdir, Mia, Adalard)

Post by Herdir on 26/4/2018, 12:46

Auth was in his aunt's restaurant, the Dance. He had been coming here more and more often recently, starting to truly appreciate the safety it offered against the favourite means of permanently eliminating competition among noblemen. He was sitting at his usual table, off to into a relative corner of the place and very close to a large window that offered a view towards the inner garden, basked in an orange glow of evening.

Said garden was obviously not where Al-Sanya grew her fun stuff (except the green plum trees, according to her, but Auth could not figure for the life of himself how are plums poisonous), so people were usually allowed to hang around there. There were no outside tables, though, and today the night was rather quiet, the place not too full, so Auth was silently sipping his wine in silence. A moment of respite was good every now and then, especially with what was to soon come.

Auth was here waiting for the duo making up the (arguably) new special operations squad ran by the Garrison. Mia Sauer and Adalard Engel currently held an individual killcount that could dwarf most members of the Survey Corps, and when taken together they had the hands-down greatest squad killcount of any military or non-military branch (including old Hydrargyrum's human killcount, which was quite the feat), despite being only two people. Two really extraordinary people, it seemed.

He had invited them to dine with him not too long ago, and had received a confirmation. Now, he didn't know if one or both would show up, but he hoped for the latter. These two people were bound to great deeds in the future, so he had to establish contact as soon as possible. In the best case, it would be needed to have some favour or the other to call in, and in the worst case, to minimize his chances of being trampled underfoot. He recounted his gathered information, from various sources of variable trustworthiness.

Mia Sauer. The de facto kill machine in the squad, she had monumental ability with 3DMG usage. According to her trainee files, she wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but her skill with an actual sharp knife more than made up for it. Also, unskilled at social interaction, and with some clear form of unidentifiable trauma. Her behaviour wasn't as erratic and unpredictable as Cora Wolf had been when kicked out of the military, but the potential was there. Auth wondered if she wasn't the real reason why only two people were in the squad: one, because she'd count in the fight as much as multiple people anyway, and two, because other people may or may not be endangered when she gets into the battle fervor described in most of the mission debriefing files.

Adalard Engel. The de facto leader of the squad, a tactical and possibly strategic genius in and out of the field. His physical performance was dead average, but his ability to think made him much more efficient than most of his peers. At the same time, his calm and resistance to stressful situations was uncanny, having been observed to not be phased by any sort of act done by titans, no mater how gruesome, nor appear to feel any form of fear. It was currently unknown whether he was extremely good at adapting a plan on the fly, or extremely good at predicting future situations, as he had made no statement of the sort and the mission data was inconclusive. Auth had his own suspicions regarding his source of calm and mental prowess, based on his impassible outlook to life in general, but had kept those to himself.

The two made a scary unit when together, thanks to their close relation prior even to joining the military. Auth wanted to see where this rabbit hole went, and to see what were their intentions for the future. What were their goals, and what were their ideals. As well as their limits, and how eager they were to push them.

And, most of all, how could he lull them into helping humanity's offense, once that gets set in motion.

//OOC: Al-Sanya will personally guide the pair to which is Auth's table, as they do not know him.

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