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Nikolai Ivanov [WIP]

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Nikolai Ivanov [WIP] Empty Nikolai Ivanov [WIP]

Post by Nikolai Ivanov on 28/4/2018, 21:19

Character Theme

Name: Nikolai Robert Ivanov

Age: 30

Group: Military Police

Rank: Head Physician

Appearance: Miyoshi - Joker Game

Nikolai has an average built and is quite short for his age, standing at around 5'4''. If one ignores the cane at his side, his posture is excellent and most of the time people mistake it as an attempt of him to look taller. He maintains a well-kept appearance, always being as clean as he can be. His hair is a dark brown color, same as his eyes, and kept short on the back, with a fringe on the front, framing one side of his face. It's difficult to tell his age from a first glance, since his face is youthful in comparison to others, especially other military men.


Nikolai Ivanov [WIP] OSnDm7j
Nikolai Ivanov [WIP] Baj5Ji7

Identity: tuxedo mask


-Likes: neckties, ties in general, and shirts, he def likes shirts, clean-pressed shirts
-Dislikes: dirty clothes ew

Backstory: The Ivanov family had two dogs when Nikolai was born. By the time he was five, they narrowed down to one. The other one was too old to play with him, it only slowed him down. So he threw a rock at it when no one was looking; actually, several rocks, until the poor animal stopped moving. It was the first sign, but no one saw it. By the time they found the dead dog, it was too late to blame it on Nik. It didn't help that he broke down crying when confronted about it, saying the bullies hit his dog and he was too scared to tell anyone. He was the only child in the family, and a favorite at that. Cute little Nikolai would never hurt anything or anyone, of course he wouldn't.

He got away with it. He got away with other similar things too. It wasn't uncommon for him to hunt down birds and other little animals with his toy sling. Killing things was fascinating to him. The thrill of making something so loud and lively abruptly stop was unparalleled by everything else in his life. Thankfully for his eccentric tastes, he was smart enough to keep himself occupied with animals only. He knew killing people would get him into trouble, and he wasn't willing to risk it, despite his immense curiosity on the act.

Regardless of the occasional unexplained dead bird under his bed, Nikolai was the pride and joy of his household. He was smart, well-mannered, and obedient; a perfect child. Home-schooled by the best of tutors, he excelled in all subjects, especially ones related to science. The exploration of anatomy and the workings of living bodies was almost as interesting to him as killing was. It wasn't the sudden rush of adrenaline he so loved, but it was intriguing enough to keep him occupied for more than a few minutes.

So he started down that path, studying medicine, pushing for surgical work mostly. And he was good at it. By fifteen, he was already an apprentice to one of the most famed physicians in the inner district. He was supposedly a genius, and said compliment only made him dangerously more confident in himself.

His apprenticeship didn't allow him operation on living patients. His teacher, although constantly praising his steady hands and clever mind, didn't believe Nikolai was ready to take on such an important task. He let the boy diagnose and treat patients, but never on a surgical level. Nikolai, however, was of a different mindset.

And thus, at the age of fifteen, Nikolai killed his first patient. A middle-aged man with a broken rib. He came in late at night, when the only one around was the young apprentice, having stayed behind to read up on a certain patient's file. The man was god-sent. He'd been into a street fight of some sort, said he couldn't breath well, and had decided to see a doctor about it. He didn't want to risk his life, he said. Nikolai assured him that all was going to be well, as he checked the street outside.

He made sure no one else was around, before preparing the operating table, and giving the man a sedative shot. He worked all night on him. He fixed his broken rib, and broke it again, and broke a few other things too, all the while administering sedatives enough to keep the man quiet but not completely silence him. Once he was done exploring, he opened up the heart and watched as everything on his table lost control. It was way more satisfying than he'd anticipated, but he managed to stay collected.

He disposed of the body by cutting it up in pieces, half of which he fed to stray dogs around the area, and the other half he took with him to his apartment for further study. He burned leftovers -including the head- in his fireplace, and went on his merry way. A few days later, military police knocked on the doctor's door. They searched the clinic and the surrounding area, but found little to no evidence, and certainly not enough to accuse anyone of anything.


Strength: 5
Agility: 6
Intellect: 11

> kills dog
> pretends he tried to save it
> "ur amaZING!!11!!"
Nikolai Ivanov
Nikolai Ivanov

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