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Mika Allurd

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Mika Allurd Empty Mika Allurd

Post by Black_Arsonist on 1/5/2018, 03:53

Name: Mika Allurd

Age: 18

Group: Survey Corps

Appearance Picture:
Mika Allurd Hoshii.Miki.full.1383694

Rank/Profession: Private - Research Squad

Mika has long blond hair, that reaches down to her spine. On the very top of her hair, is a strand of hair that act as a bang that goes backwards instead of frontwards. Mika is generally five feet tall and weighs nearly a hundred pounds, as her body type is light and makes her less heavier when she uses her gear. Mika has green-emerald colored eyes and soft, more feminine features than she normally does. As for her wardrobe choices, she can be seen in a light white dress alongside with wearing small sandals.

During her time on-duty. She can be seen wearing the average Survey Corp uniform minus the green cloak. As she only wears it during expeditions or during research development. Mika sometimes wear her hair into a neatly sized ponytail, that can be heighten down to her neck. Her hair, isn't that long.

Mika, as just a normal civilian through the daily life in the inner walls. Is much more different as a soldier then you think. As a civilian, she acts and thinks accordingly like everyone else in the walls. Either paying bills through means of work or just helping her family out with whatever is needed. In retrospective, an average civilian. She is known to be a kind, caring young lady. But as a soldier, a whole knew side of her is exposed. She takes her job as a Survey Corp seriously, always attending to expeditions, always trying not to die. Granted, these experiences should scar her by any chance. But, as a trainee, Mika had went through the worst. Alongside fearing humans more than titans, as it is an absurd thought, Mika has her reasons. Mika, as a soldier is cooperative and keeps herself in check every-time she may be slacking on her duties or eventually just not keeping up with the scouts.

A hard-willed worker is a trait Mika has on both sides of her life. She values those who appreciates effort and doesn't mind doing a workload of it. In certain situations, she keeps a cool head. Attempting to stay calm in situations she has no control over or those that are above her is a natural aspect she grew up with. If she sees the opportunity for resolution that she can prompt with. She won't hesitate to make that call. Mika, truly is a symbol of black and white. One side being different from the other.


Mika, in short. Likes sweet things. She has a common taste for it ever since she was little. From affection, love and care, to simple treats like cakes and pastries. Exploration, is mainly one of her ultimate relishes she has thus far. The outside world peaks at her curiosity. Lying beyond the ferocious beasts of mankind, she ponders if there is someone, just like her from the other side of the world. Thinking, acting and living in the same way she does. Honestly the thought of that bewilders her just as much as exploring outside the walls is.

Mika's truthful disgusts, are that of greed and selfish desires. People that don't care for the lives of others and acts rather inhuman is scum that needs to be punished. Irregardless of human nature, Mika finds that morality twisted and immoral. Those who are unwilling for cooperation and individuals who are too lazy too do anything upsets and annoys her, as she doesn't like the satisfaction of idleness. She also feels the uncomfortable moments of long silence and dismal environments being painful to her. As if a bright day gone a waste and is filled with dread. It's like that in the world of a soldier, which is understandable. But sometimes she feels as if she cannot shrug that feeling off.

The only fear Mika truly has, is that of death. Knowing how short her life may be. Mika will try her hardest to stay alive without dying before the age of twenty years old. Her dying now would frighten her, though the chance of death as a Survey Corp is so high. It's likely that she will die eventually some day, but not while her goals aren't achieved just yet.

Mika's one true goal is to explore the ends of the outside world and to see what's at the end of the line. The thought of being imprisoned in these walls from the outside world bothered her. The curiosity of wanting to know more outside the walls is what made her join the Survey Corps in the first place.

Mika was raised in the inner districts of Wall Sina. As she wasn't in royalty, her parents did went through some circumstances that eventually led them to being in Wall Sina. From there, she lived among the residents of Wall Sina like any other. Playing, laughing, going to fancy made schools and parties that most of the time her parents were invited too. It's too say Mika had an average or perfect life if you can tell from the perspective of an individual. Mika, for the most part grew accustom to this lifestyle as she was raised in the Karanese District of Wall Sina. Her mother had given birth to her in the Trost District near Wall Rose. Eventually, she and her parents had never partaken in any of the events that correlated to Shinganshina's fall. But she was aware of that ordeal that took place and the lives that were lost in the epidemic of the breach.

Motivated, she then decided to join the military in the near future to help with those who had fallen to the grasp of the Titans. As she grew older, Mika at the time, was still young and didn't aged enough to join the corps. Although, despite the nicely-lived lifestyle that she lived in many times. Danger was never out of reach. One faithful day, her parents had took her to the market for any goods she wanted to purchase. Excited, the child went in search for whatever lied in store from the market. Attempting to get her hands on anything her parents can afford on. As this was going on, two unknown men with black cloaks on descended from the rooftops above. And as anyone could've reacted at the situation, one of the men parry and slit a cashier's throat, pivoting him to the ground with his foot.

Unfortunately for Mika. The young girl at the time was the first to see the man die such a horrid death while no one was paying attention. A loud scream erupts from Mika as everyone from in the market responded to the fleeing cries of the young child. They became aware of the assassins and began to flee, one of the civilians calling out for a Survey Corp member to deal with the ambushing murders, before he was caught in the haze of getting killed in the process. Mika's parents' had held onto her as they tried and ran for their lives as well, escaping the situation. As for Mika, it was something that was too cruel to witness for her innocent eyes. She was too young to even understand it all. Luckily instead of the Survey Corps, the Military Police Brigade apprehended them and took them to the prison.

It was a very short lived traumatic experience, though a trauma she cannot shrug off so easily. Time-skipping to the days that Mika assigned herself as a Trainee. Her experience there was as normal as any other cadet. The major difference, was her excellence in the Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Gear and having a somewhat decent Titan killing skills that instructors did recommend Mika to brush up a bit if she wanted to be a proper Survey Corp member. Onto graduation, Mika became apart of the Southern Top Ten Cadets and officially became a Survey Corp branch member, as she decided this branch because of the Fall of Shiganshina and her wishes to see what's outside the three walls.




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Mika Allurd Empty Re: Mika Allurd

Post by Herdir on 17/5/2018, 21:37


Sorry for taking a while to notice you've finished making your character, it's just that we don't get notifications for editing and it kind of slid under the radar!

So we finally get our first researcher! As a general rule, just in case, pass any 'findings' about titans you may want your character to make by me or cornix. We have to make sure stuff is good before it can be canon, I'm sure you understand.

Apart from that, great character overall! (also, survey corps with living parents. You'd be amazed how rare that is)
Can't wait to see how she is in roleplaying, switching between casual and serious business mode and all.


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