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Fredrick Marc VonEmrick

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Fredrick Marc VonEmrick Empty Fredrick Marc VonEmrick

Post by Fred on 13/6/2018, 18:24

Name: Fredrick Marc VonEmrick

Age: 49 years old (December 15th 801)

Group: Rogue

Rank: Crooked Doctor (posses as a regular doctor)

A 5’8 lanky man Fredrick shows his age quite clearly with a light wrinkling around his eyes and along his forehead, his skin a pale color from lack of sunlight. He always wears a large pair of round dark lensed glasses that hide a set of hazel eyes with a normally crazy looking glare. His hair is a dark brown slicked back with gray streaks along the side normally concealed under a top hat. While as a regular doctor he wears a white collared shirt and brown vest with long slacks he switched over to a darker apparel when doing his dirty work dawning a long black trench coat grey shirt and black slacks with a bloodied surgeons mask over his mouth along the inside of his coat are pockets baring his surgeon’s tools and a needle filled with a tranquilizer serum.
When a person meets Fredrick on the street they would say he’s the good doctor; a kind man who wants to help his patients and save lives. Oh, what a great façade he put on. The good doctor fooled everyone into thinking he was still the same man after his family’s death. Now a sadistic, hateful man who will do or say anything to get his revenge on the people who’ve wronged him he isn’t unwilling to get his hands dirty. During the day he carries on as the charming kind soul who has impeccable bedside manor towards his patients. But when the sun sets he becomes an entirely different person. The good doctor sleeps and the wicked doctor walks the streets to find his next victim. All for the greater good of punishing those who have wronged and done wrong. The secrets and lies spill from his lips like air making is words meaningless to all who believe his stories. Never dose he feel regret to those who he’s brought to their knees, he never thinks about the consequences of what he does, all he thinks about is how he can get what he needs to satisfy his thirst for revenge. The bitter reminders of his past drive him insane leading him to remove everything that could possibly remind him of the past wither its tearing photos down or breaking old items he refuses to look back on the life that was taken from him. The only person he is ever truly honest with is his lackey since for the most part the man is as dumb as a sack of rocks and obeys the doctor like poodle. The man is smart as a whip considering every outcome to his actions then executing the most successful one then ensuring his plan isn’t hindered by an outside source. Even if it doesn’t make sense everything he does is for a specific reason.


His work: nothing gives him greater pleasure than figuring out the inner working of the body and what makes them tick
Night time: Fredrick prefers working under the cover of darkness, it provides him with a motivating atmosphere and the means to not get caught so easily
Science: he finds the wonders of the unexplainable to be explained by an unheard-of theory then to be proven just by testing that theory with experiments
Reminders: the cruel thought of the past he wants to forget haunts him in a never-ending agony for the mistakes he’s made so he much rather forgets those bitter moments
Military: they refused to help him in his time of need after all he had done for them, he has little sympathy for them
Criminals: even though he’s a criminal himself he only goes after those who are in fact criminals since it was one who took his wife and child away from him

-Fears: Failure to complete his goals, reminders of his family, loosing research
-Goal(s): to make everyone who wronged him pay, to avenge the death of his wife and daughter

Fredrick born to a doctor and a military field nurse within the Stohess district spent his childhood as a privileged young lad beloved by his parents and praised by teachers. From a young age he showed signs of accelerated learning capability from basic speech to advance biology it didn’t take him long to have a grasp on those concepts. An only child he received all affection from his parents when they were home and was constantly cared for by a nursemaid when they weren’t. unfortunately for him other children weren’t too keen on him, they teased and tormented him daily for his brainy strange nature leading him to frequently return home with black eyes and tattered clothes. After a while he secluded himself inside the house, so he wouldn’t have to deal with his bitter peers. To entertain himself in seclusion he would read medical books and work notes belonging to his parents leading him to gain an interest in the human body and medicine. Having a goal in mind for his future his ambition showed in his studies and at school and after skipping a few grades he entered in a medical institution at the age of 19. Throughout his time in the institution he found his peers were not like the ones in his childhood allowing him to gain more relationships with people including a woman named Odette McKolten, she was studying to become a doctor and was in the same class as Fredrick.
Fredrick began courting the young woman through their time in school and once they both graduated he purposed to her. They got married and moved in a house near his birth home. They both entered their field treating military in war hospitals and for the longest time things remained normal and regular. Then a few years later the couple was blessed with their first child, a daughter they named Amber Rose VonEmrick. With a new born daughter at home Odette put herself in the position as house wife to take care of their new bundle of joy. Though disappointed that his wife was no longer on the field he believed she made the best decision for their daughter. He continued his work as a doctor treading soldiers and civilians alike and his record for ensuring the survival of the severely injured was impressive to his fellow medical staff. When people asked how he dose it he simply states that he imagines the patient is family making him more pressing on the act of keeping them alive. An accomplished doctor and a beloved family man at the age of 29, things were looking up for they young man until the sudden news of his aging father’s death. He returned to his childhood home to comfort his mother and look upon the idea of taking ownership of the house to ensure it remained standing. He moved his wife and daughter into the house and despite begging the mother to stay she decided to move out with the nurse made to care for her due to the fact the house reminded her to much of her husband.
6 Years passed, and the doctor enjoyed the many joys of life including seeing the rehabilitation of the injured and his young daughter growing up to the age of 10. Life was wonderful for him… until the day everything fell apart. After a long day of saving lives Fredrick returned home to an unnervingly quiet house and the reason was revealed when he walked upstairs to the master bedroom. The pungent smell of blood hung in the air around the slightly cracked door and upon opening it the ghastly sight burned itself into his brain: his wife and daughter were both dead, murdered more like it, it was a robbery that ended in bloodshed and the blood was that of the people he treasured most. He went to the garrison and officers to begin searching for the low life filth that dared to kill his family, but they said that it wasn’t the top of their priority. That set him over the edge finding that after all his work to ensure that military personnel survived that they so easily turned their back on him. If he wanted justice, then he was going to ensure that he got it from the murderer and the military. After a few months he found a black-market bidding and one of the vendors was selling items that were stolen from his house. Now finding the man who murdered his wife and child he set up a meeting to “buy” the stolen goods. When the man arrived, he was met with a tranquilizer to the back of the neck and met the business end of a scalpel. Now with the one responsible for their death gone Fredrick was now going after the ones who ignored his wife and child’s death. But it was a perplexing issue… he couldn’t simply go after them its one thing for a black-market criminal, but the military is another. He decided the best approach was the one that had him pretending to be the same doctor he was before that way he could get his revenge from the inside. Fredrick continued his work as normal but his record for patients that survived slightly changed to a few casualties here and there.
In the time that he started his crooked work he would find black-market criminals turning them into unwilling test subject. It was the perfect crime go for those who would not be missed, and it would train him to work under the radar where no one would suspect him. But he found it was becoming difficult to carry the criminals back to the lab, so he needed help: he needed help from someone who would be obedient and not question his actions... so he went to the asylum. Searching through the insane and the crazy he found a large burly man named Henry Maltroff: an inmate there for an accidental manslaughter. He was strong and about as smart as a sack of rocks… so he was perfect to be his assistant. Taking the man under his charge he continued his dirty work with help from his hired muscle driven by a desire for revenge.


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A lackey he acquired from an insane asylum (http://aotrp.forumotion.com/t156-henry-maltroff#1144)

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Fredrick Marc VonEmrick Empty Re: Fredrick Marc VonEmrick

Post by Herdir on 13/6/2018, 20:36

Well, wow.

Been a while since we had this interesting a character. Seriously, I cannot find anything bad to add or say. This is amazing stuff.


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