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To Be At Peace (Closed: Solo RP)

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To Be At Peace (Closed: Solo RP)

Post by Mitsuo Shimura on 14/6/2018, 19:56

It was a pitiful sight. A small collection of graves. Four to be exact. Placed here in Orvud, the hometown of the first one to go. The others were buried here to be buried as a squad.

Mitsuo smiled sadly and laid down the small collection of flowers he had brought.

He knew each person buried. They were the first squad he was assigned to. The mechanic checked the gravestones, all names had been weathered away but he remembered them.

Reagan Schmidt.
Sebastian Hackett.
Meredith Kreuzer.
And their Captain, Ameena Fey.

He could also remember their faces. Some vivid memories or sharing meals, laughing at jokes and other good times. The most clearest he could picture them though, was the expressions of fear as they died, crying for help and screaming for mercy.

A sigh.

"Hey, guys."

The croaky voice of the young Shimura spoke to the silence. At the moment, it seemed the breeze had settled and everything in the vicinity stopped to listen to every word the lonesome man was about to say.

"Sorry I haven't come by in a while."

A single tear hit the ground, just before his feet.

"I've been busy. Scouting hasn't got any easier, y'know. Plus, I've been working under the hard pressure under my dad to 'live up to the Shimura legacy'.

An inside joke that only the squad would know. They mocked Mitsuo for his family heritage, in a good manner, making fun of how he didn't... shouldn't... be in the scouts. Suicide, they said. A chuckle, distant and old, escaped Mitsuo.

But good men go to war.

"You'll be happy to know I haven't been in any squads that could compare to you guys. Skill or wackiness."

Another dying chuckle.

"But I have made many new, good friends. I feel - I feel they have helped me grow and understand, just like you guys once did. I've been unknowingly taught by them life lessons that I now heed. I am very appreciative for them, as I am for you guys too."

He couldn't help but try to swallow the lump that was forming in his throat, but he didn't have any success.

"I have... had... a friend who requested my assistance in the Underground. It exists, to my dismay and I have seen things down there that - that I never wanted to see. Things I knew... but never wanted to admit."

A quick gust of wind that moved fallen leaves towards the Scout, as if an attempted gesture of comfort by nature itself.

"The friend that took me to that place, the place that helped me realise the things I need to face, has recently passed. His name was Alan, Alan Katlewande. A very nice guy, uncorrupted MP and a man that I admired. I... I didn't get to know him very well, it seems we were always busy and never really had time to talk. However, I still got to know his kind manners, polite smile and his unmatched sense of justice. He was a man full of potential and promises, taken away too soon."

An eerie, awkward silence.


There were a few more marks of wet drops in front of the young Shimura's feet from were he had been silently crying. He used his hands to wipe his eyes and took a breath.

"Anyway, I figured you guys would probably like him too so maybe you could keep him company for me? I'd be thankful if you did. And don't worry, I'll join you when my time comes."

He shuffled in his spot, before leaning down and adjusting the position of the flowers.

"Um... I'll be going now. I should probably pay Alan a visit and tell him about you guys. Just to make sure he can prepare for when you introduce yourselves."

Slowly and painfully, Mitsuo nodded with a smile before turning and walking away from his comrades.
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