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Saga Njordsdottir

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Saga Njordsdottir Empty Saga Njordsdottir

Post by Acubens on 15/6/2018, 17:22

Name: Saga Njordsdottir ( In the walls, she goes by Faulk "Rudy" Rudiger, having picked that alias without knowing it was a traditionally male name at the time )

Age: 19

Group: Civilian

Rank: A foreigner from the village of Vatnhjarta that lies outside of the walls and in the north. Snuck over the walls in order to seek out either a cure or someone who can make one to save her village from disease. Within the walls she works odd jobs as she moves around in her search. Her main skills are sewing leathers and furs, hunting, fishing, and music. Most jobs she takes revolves around those, though she has taken up physical labor in the past due to her training.

Appearance: Saga is a short girl and stands at 5'4 in height. Though small, her frame is well built with muscle gained from hard training and work. Her skin is extremely fair due to a lack of sun where she's from and her face is dotted with freckles across her cheeks and nose. She keeps her hair cut to her shoulder blades in a simple cut and her bangs to her chin. Since style isn't really important to her people, her haircut lacks much flair and is mainly left to its own devices. Though there's an odd quality to it. It seems as though her hair is always windswept and slightly stiff, like she's just come in from walking through a cold gale, and it seems to be like that even on the warmest days. Its color is a strange blonde that's faded with a tint of grey. It is best described as a shade of blonde only constant cold could create.

To add to the strangeness, her facial features are strong and sharp. A clear defined heart-shaped jaw with sloped nose and brows, dark eyes that hold a certain alertness, and cold-chapped lips make her seem out of place. There's an air around her that just seems to set her apart from everyone else. It screams foreigner.

Saga Njordsdottir 779ea9dda70bc87a4b5f1cdfcf896188

Identity: Like an arrow fired from a bow, Saga flies along a straight path. She's focused and determined, eyes always focused on the goal in front of her rather than the obstacles that block it. The girl's a natural born hard worker and is one of those people that seem to just be able to dig motivation out of themselves like a mine. Unfortunately, this also means she's stubborn as a mule and not easily swayed once she's made up her mind. Trying to talk her out of a decision is like trying to solve Sudoku. Possible, but honestly not worth the trouble. Like most people from her village, Saga's a simple girl. Easy going, calm as a still pond, and taking pleasures in the small moments of life. She's not one to cause a hassle and seems to accept life's rises and pitfalls with an old ease. Though, this isn't to say that she's complacent. As a matter of fact if she sees something needs changing she's the first to jump on it, it's just that she doesn't go looking for things to change.

Saga's also got the heart of a lion. Once you've earned her friendship you'll be hard pressed to try and lose it. She's loyal to a fault and deeply cares for those who have a place in her heart. She'd do anything for her closest of friends. At her core she is a protector, cherishing everything she holds dear with every beat of her heart and willing to go to great lengths to protect it all. Though her trust does not come easy. While her trust in someone is difficult to top, it's even more difficult to obtain. She's wise enough to know that she must pick her friends with care and not be naive enough to let her guard down. She knows she must tread carefully, especially now.

There's also a great sense of honor and expectation that lies in her heart. She expects great things of herself and as a result does so of others, too. Sadly this means that her expectations can sometimes get to be too high and she becomes greatly disappointed if someone she believed in fails to meet them. Same goes for herself. Mixed in with this honor is pride for her people. She is a fierce believer in their ways and holds their story within her heart. She knows who she is through them, and knows who she must become in order to serve them.



  • -The cold: She'd rather be too cold than too warm anytime. The cold reminds her of home and despite it's chill it serves as a great comfort to her.
  • Wild berries: She loves berries of all kinds, but loves them best when she picks them herself.
  • Storytelling: Sharing the stories of her people through song was one of her favorite past times and, while she can't share those same stories, she finds others that she can tell.
  • Coats: You will never find Saga without a coat. Never. She will always have one on, even if it's hotter than hell outside.
  • The Sea: The gentle hush of the waves, roaring of the churning tides on the horizon, those are the sounds that warm her heart and the scent of salt on the breeze brings a smile to her face. She can still remember the feeling of the breeze carrying ocean spray to kiss her face.


  • Cities: Coming from a small village, cities are just too much. They're too loud and too fast. The city gives her a headache and she can't stand it without taking at least one break. Just...no. Saga still can't comprehend how people can live in cities.
  • Dresses: Being from a place that's always freezing and constantly windy, dresses are not part of the standard wardrobe. Even for special occasions. She doesn't see much point to dresses and is embarrassed by the sense of nakedness that always comes with wearing one. Same goes for skirts, too!
  • Boiled Tomatoes: Just...no. Why would you even.


  • Failing her mission: If she doesn't find a cure or someone who can make one in time....everything will be lost. Her family. Her people. Their stories, language, culture, everything. All gone to dust. To Saga, that is a fate worse than death.
  • Being Found: While she knows that she must help her people, Saga does not want to bring attention to them. She does not want the ruckus within the walls to follow her home and soil the life there. She does not want to ruin the peace her people have lived in for as long as they'd been there.
  • Expectations: In her future, there is a responsibility she will bear. The title of Njord is not an easy title to carry. He is a symbol of her people, and she fears that when it is her time to bear his name, she will not be worthy.

-Goal(s): To save her people and serve them with her life.

Backstory: Born to the village of Vatnhjarta, Saga lived a life of peace and freedom that those within the walls have never known. She knows a life not limited by towering walls of brick and mortar and has gazed at an endless ocean horizon since she was a child. She never had to worry about secrets being kept, as in such a small community there was no need to keep any, and has never known the fear that came with the constant threat of titans. Saga has never had to lie in bed at night and worry about the walls staying up, fearing the day that they are torn down and the illusion of peace crumbling with them.

Instead what she has known is the story of Njord, the creation bestowed upon them by the God of the sea. A titan with the mind of a man made to protect her people. A symbol of the most selfless compassion and love, sacrificing the self in order to protect the whole. She has known his story since she was a child, and along with that had known that one day his story would continue with her. She accepted this fate and embraced the training that came with it. Memorizing all the stories and songs of her ancestors, learning to listen and provide for her people, wielding weapons in their name to defend her home, and occasionally babysitting whenever the adults had a bit too much to drink during festivals. This life she was blessed with was accepted without complaint and every moment treasured as if it were the last.

Sadly, it turned out it may very well be.

Disaster struck just after the celebration of her nineteenth year. A man had come down with a fever after being bitten on a hunting trip. At first everything seemed fine and they gave him the usual mix of herbs to remedy his illness, but he soon worsened. Hives appeared on his skin and yellow mucus began to drain from his nose. He would fade in and out of consciousness and couldn't remember names nor where he was. Within a week he went from healthy to the brink of death, unable to keep neither food nor liquid down and suffering from hallucinations as he mumbled to himself and tossed in his bed. The village healer tried all the medicines they had and even tried to concoct new ones, but nothing worked. Then one day the man's mumbling stopped. He fell into a deep sleep and stayed in it until he died of starvation. The village gathered at his burial and bid him a proper goodbye. It seemed like it was over.

Then his wife fell ill with fever. Then their daughter and her sons. Then two of their friends.

Those who had fallen sick were confined to their homes and an emergency meeting took place in the lunch hall. Maybe they should end the suffering before they lost their minds, maybe they could try for another cure, maybe it was time to pray to the gods above. Every option tossed seemed to end with the same result; disaster. Until one idea was pitched. Maybe it was time to go to the walls. Surely the ones who could build such towering things would know something about the disease. The idea was not something that any sane man would have suggested. The walls meant trouble. What few titans came their way they could handle, but the walls promised an even bigger enemy. The suggestion would have been shut down immediately if it hadn't been for who had suggested it.

Sitting straight in his chair with face dark with grim stoicism was Njord. Or at least the man who had inherited the titan's power years ago.

He hadn't liked the idea himself, but he saw that they had no other option. It was either this or face a slow, quiet death. He offered to go himself. He was the only one capable of crossing such a distance in as short a time as possible. All seemed ready to agree until another voice cut in. This time, it was Saga. Njord would be needed here. With so many sick already and more to follow, the village would need all the protection it could get. She would take her father's place. It would be her responsibility to save them.

With no time to waste they worked out a plan and had Saga packing that very night. The next three days were spent travelling on her father's shoulder as he ran for the wall, waiting for nightfall once they reached it before tossing Saga onto its top and giving her a final goodbye.

Now, Saga is inside the walls. Learning all she can so that she can find a miracle to save those she loves.


Strength: 11
Agility: 12
Intellect: 6

Extra: My reasons for using extra points is due to the fact that Saga has been trained to fight. Since traps aren't very reliable for where they live, the people of Vatnhjarta rely on weaponry to defend against smaller titans. Things like bow and arrows and spears that can be thrown or shot at titans without risk of getting too close are mainly what is used. Because of this, strength is required in order to throw for farther distances, not just horizontally but vertically given the height differences. The armor the people have crafted out of the teeth shards of Njord can also become cumbersome and hard to move in given how the shards can't be shaped for ease of movement, so strength is required in order to wear it effectively. Agility is also rather important considering the land is open and leaves you vulnerable to charge attacks, stomps, swats, lunges, and the like since there is little cover.

The boost in intellect is mainly due to Saga learning how to fight titans given the disadvantages of the terrain and technology. Fighting even small titans requires both careful planning and quick thinking, as titans can go from predictable to unpredictable in a snap. Hunting as well has helped to sharpen her awareness of her surroundings and made her observant. Though, in honesty, Saga tends to follow her instinct more often than not still. That's just the way of her people.

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Saga Njordsdottir Empty Re: Saga Njordsdottir

Post by Herdir on 15/6/2018, 20:40

I have only words of praise for this app. It's unique, it's great, it's awesome. Approved, approved and approved.


PS.: I'll change her to civilian, because that's what she is within the walls. The stats will be left unaffected.

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