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Canella Amsel

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Canella Amsel  Empty Canella Amsel

Post by Smirksu on 14/8/2018, 06:28

Name: Canella Amsel

Age: 21

Group: Survey Corps

Rank: Soldier

Appearance: Canella is a 165cm tall girl of 72kg with long orange hair that reaches down behind her back with messy bangs. Although appearing decently unkempt, it's just due to her lack of care for wanting to actually style her hair. Her eyes are a round blue that seem to shimmer with excitement. She's decently toned, due to her line of work, with a nice figure. She's not overly buff, preferring finesse and acrobatics over raw power and muscles. She has a decently pale complexion, with a tad bit of color. Her eyebrows seemed to be at the perfect angle to scream that she's not interesting in anything. They give her resting face a look of nonchalance.

Identity: Canella is a thrillseeker. Her decisions seem to be made without a second thought or any moments of consideration, throwing herself into anything she can. She takes risks, but she also gets things done. She likes to have her fun but the most fun she can have is doing her duty and flying through the air, killing Titans. But, when she's not chasing the moment or on an adrenaline high, she seems to be very carefree. This can either appear to be incredibly annoying and tactless or endearing. She will happily throw away her life as long as she's having fun. Many would call her foolish, and she is, but it's the height of bravery. Only under very specific circumstances would she really crack and possibly consider self-preservation.

Her attention span started normal but seemed to get worse with age. Her parents never got it checked, but it must be some sort of mental problem. She could focus on things that actually deserved her focus but anything she deemed 'boring' became impossible to concentrate on as she grew into a young adult.

Amsel is a hunter at heart, she practiced hunting animals a lot as a child and used to do acrobatics. Her child self found thrills through sprinting through forests and swinging between trees. She's always been decently athletic. Some may see as her simple and even stupid, but the way she appears outwards is not all that's to the orange-haired lady. She doesn't fear death. She respects it. She kills for the thrill, so she respects that eventually she and others will die, making her quite understanding of Titans. However, when pushed to her absolute limits, self preservation kicks in and her simple and easygoing facade breaks to someone who needs to survive. Almost like a completely different person. It occasionally looks like she lacks empathy as she doesn't care about death or tragedy but despite this, she can seem quite overprotective of everyone but herself. She may not get too sad over death, but she won't stand idly by and let people die.


-Likes: Killing. Mostly stems from taking down Titans and hunting. She also enjoys singing, having a good laugh and especially loves terrible puns. She likes being the light of a group. Of course, she also enjoys being in motion. Running, swimming, climbing. Anything. People who look down on her and are condescending. She likes to be challenged. She doesn't mind losing, as it actually entertains and puts her to the test. Situations that put Amsel to the test are her favorite. Nail-biters, close calls, etc. A true adrenaline junkie.
-Dislikes: Doing nothing. She CANNOT handle boredom. She's always being reckless and whatnot because she's at her worst and most despairing when she's bored, she becomes incredibly lethargic, unable to do anything. She's quite the picky eater. Not sure why, but she has trouble eating things with certain textures and smells as they can put her off. People who give up easily can annoy her.
-Fears: Unsurprisingly, what she fears most is a boring life. She feels confined and stripped of a reason to keep going if she has nothing to distract and keep her entertained. A normal line of work would drive her mad.

But, beyond that, she's afraid of herself. She has existential moments of crisis wondering why she acts as she does. Why she feels the way she does. Feeling like a monster or a freak sometimes, she hopes nobody can break through and see how she feels. She carries guilt and shame and doesn't want to burden others with it.

On top of that, she's afraid of others suffering for the way she is. Deep down, she seeks validation from others and even if it's not given to her via compliments or respect... she can live happy knowing she atleast assisted others. Standing by helplessly or being the cause of someone's suffering is her next biggest fear. She never feels truly sad over a death, but the emptiness and the feeling that she couldn't do anything overwhelms her and puts her into a state of hopelessness and removes her motivation to keep moving forward.

-Goal(s): A real curveball here, she lacks a larger goal or vision for her life other than adrenaline. However, she wants to protect everyone. She wants to form bonds that awaken the fear of death she's missing. She wants people to make her feel. Becoming a hero, becoming someone that can bring hope to humanity makes her get sentimental. She wants to protect those that do want to live, she wants to bring happiness to those who want it.

Backstory: Canella Amsel was born to a pair of nobodies. Her father a skilled shot who took her hunting and her mother, someone who taught her how to sing and more ladylike traits. She was decently normal, she was more energetic and excitable than most but that wasn't out of the ordinary. Amsel had loving parents and she loved them. Nothing out of the ordinary, a regular poor family. She tried to be as outgoing as possible, making multiple friends as a child and never really struggling with bullies or loneliness but always helping to combat those problems for others.

Age 9. When her parents died to some lowlifes, that's when it all changed. Coming home to their bodies but not feeling anything other than hollowness. She dragged herself through the next years of her life. Living by herself and occasionally on the street, everything is dull and mute when she tries to think back to then. She had no reason to keep going, her limbs heavy and her mind empty. But she dragged herself anyway. Becoming shut away from any friends she previously had, losing her outgoing personality for the most part, she had transformed into a husk. She kept up what she did as a child, tried to find use for her agility and aim and even tried to help cheer people up so they could avoid the darkness she had sunk into. The Titans terrified her and the fact that she couldn't even cry over her parents scared her more.

Around 17, it began to get better. She found motivation in her parents and decided to do what would entertain her as that's what her parents would want. They wouldn't want her to die. After hearing what happened with the Colossal Titan, it all picked up. Color refilled her life and the beginnings of a smile lit on her face. 18 years old, piloting the 3DMG reminded her that she could still find something in existence. Her past and skills in dexterity began to finally be useful. She began to build her simple-minded facade, her fears and worries melting. She was able to laugh and have fun again. The idea of being in Garrison or Military Police bored her to death. Her skills ended her in the Survey Corps. At first, having someone like her (seemingly carefree and a need for excitement) seemed detrimental, but she proved her use. Being out there, killing and flying around at high speeds brought her the specks of hope she had been lacking.

Her life dipped when she found the people who killed her parents at 19 years old. Her parents had been in some shady business that she hadn't known about, their deaths done due to being associated with the wrong people. But the two scumbags who did it disappearing meant nothing. Nobody inquired about them and it was done with no witnesses. She saw them, dead of night in an alley and her repressed fears and sadness pierced through her. She became nothing more than the monsters she had been fighting. Her facade seemed to remain though. She smiled and laughed as she drew her blades. The thrill of chasing two men fearing for their lives fueled her, when she felt herself slowing down, an unnatural burst of speed hit her and when she caught up to them, they crumpled with one slash for each of the people who had ruined her. The blood on her blade meant a lot to her. She avenged her parents but the feeling was so terrible. Was she any better than those scum? Any better than the Titans? Amsel went home and vomited for a good few minutes and washed her blades. Facade melted. That day, she swore that the only blood she would spill was her own and that of the Titans. The thrill from killing humans was so wrong and she pondered turning herself in for a long time. But, she let it all go. Nobody knew what happened but her and she would never let it happen again. She felt like a monster, but a part of her reassured she was human. Canella was human. And she would protect humanity. She had a duty to do and there was fun to be had!

Now, standing proud at 21, she lives. Her appearance to others betrays the things weighing on her heavily and she couldn't be happier with that. She lied to herself and to the world, Canella was all smiles and fun. Not a wreck who feared even herself. Nobody seemed to really want to dig past this facade. Too convincing and because of how she held onto it so tightly that it was who she was. But if someone crazy enough to somehow get her to spill... she had a long story and a lot to say. Maybe even tears, hopefully. Luckily, it was all starting to be put behind her. Though, there was always the possibility something dug up her past and these deep rooted feelings.

Strength: 6
Agility: 14 (Would like to request additional points in Agility due to her backstory. Hunting, the fact agility and dexterity is what she focuses on and her acrobatics as a child. Unsure if 3 extra points is asking too much or too little, so please inform me!)
Intellect: 5 (Although she appears stupid and silly, her smarts aren't lacking and it's just how she acts. In fact, battle is where she's at her smartest.)

Extra: N/A
(Quick note; it may seem lazy but all of this came to me at 4AM and I didn't want to lose it. I'm fine with doing revisions if you think anything sounds stupid or doesn't make sense. I apologize but from what I can tell, this is atleast grammatically correct and not too terrible.)

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Canella Amsel  Empty Re: Canella Amsel

Post by Herdir on 16/8/2018, 21:17

Well, first of all, there's one major issue here. Namely the fact you somehow think this isn't good. Honestly, it's a perfect app and I've nothing to complain about.

3 points granted, it makes plenty sense with her character (and the drawback of being a thrill seeker is also balancing it out anyway). It is at the border of too much, but it works perfectly.

Then, the character is awesome. Quite unique, really, at the fine border between different and normal.



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