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Character Application: Anton Wernich

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Character Application: Anton Wernich Empty Character Application: Anton Wernich

Post by Spaizman on 31/8/2018, 20:19

Name: Anton Wernich

Age: 19

Group: Garrison Regiment

Rank/Profession: Team Leader, Emergency Response Team

Appearance: Standing at a modest 5’6” and a thin build, Anton has a sharp face with pinchable cheeks. His eyes are a bright green and are shaped gently, though can be twisted to look stern in anger. His nose is small and thin along with a mouth that is small and unremarkable. At the top of his forehead is a slight but noticeable burn mark. His hair is trimmed up to the middle of his forehead, around the ears, and is slightly grown out in the back. His ears slightly larger than average but otherwise unremarkable while his eyebrows are kept neat and sharp. While often cleanly shaven, he has been known to grow out a simple moustache and scruff on his chin. His body is mostly unremarkable, with only slightly longer fingers than average and the double joints to accompany them.

When standing, moving, or sitting at any official/ public events, he keeps his back straight and legs together in an attempt to avoid attention. In more relaxed environments, he stands less straight and may even prop himself against the nearest object for support. When sitting, he will either slouch over impressively far or lean back until contact is made. Laying down is standard and unremarkable, though he does twist and turn plenty.

Identity: Overall, Anton is a firm neutral and addresses anything he is involved in with a judging and open eye. He prefers to steer clear of the conflicts of his peers and simply work as a person to vent to or be an open ear. When forced into any confrontations between his comrades, he does everything within his power to end his involvement quickly, whether or not it means the issue is resolved.

On official matters, he is by-the-books and will obey the chain of command. If a superior give him an order, he will obey it to his ultimate and as quickly as he is allowed. When he is in command, he will expect obedience and is easily frustrated by hesitance or disobedience. He expects decisive action and is strict in any punishments that he is able to dish out.

On his own, he is often brutally critical of himself and often reflects on his decisions of the day, both the big and small. He often addresses himself with mutters and has been thought to be mentally unstable by his peers early into his military career. While his current team trusts him enough, the debate for whether he is mentally sound is still unresolved.

Likes: (Activities) Reading, puzzles, self-reflection, strategic games. (Traits) Decisiveness, honesty, humor
Dislikes: (Activities) Crowded areas, camping, drinking. (Traits) Hesitance, ambiguity, extremism, aggression
Fears: Dying slowly and painfully, being completely alone, large fires, needless sacrifice.
Goals: Living as comfortably and usefully for as long as he can be. Locating runaway brother.

Backstory: Born to the well-off merchants Ulrich and Joslin Wernich within Wall Sina’s Ehrmich District, Anton is the youngest of four brothers. Between his gentle demeanor and ability to watch and learn from his brothers’ mistakes, he grew high in their praise and was quickly labelled the favorite. While he learned and obeyed for his parents’ praise, his oldest brother, the pragmatic Gregor, and the second youngest, openminded Alfonse, were content to simply let him be, opting to teach and invest in him themselves. Only the second oldest brother, blatant minded Henry, was unwilling to things stand and did everything he could to push away from and, when the opportunity was ripe, sabotage Anton’s reputation.

Some time after Anton’s thirteenth birthday, it was revealed that he would apprentice as the successor to his parents’ business after his remaining tutorship contracts were over. Fuming with rage, Henry sought to raise the ire of Gregor and have him invoke his right to the business as the oldest. The two, drinking in a high-end bar during the discussion, soon began to brawl with one another before Henry drunkenly slashed his brothers throat with a broken bottle.

Fearful of what would happen to him, he fled the scene and made his way to the family home to take what valuables he could and flee to the exterior. Upon arriving home, he deviated from robbing in favor of attacking Anton, blaming him for Gregor’s death. Ulrich and Alfonse, within the same room, prevented any harm upon Anton until the Military Police could arrive. Unfortunately, before the soldiers could even get into the house, Alfonse was thrown against a wall corner, cracking the back of his head open and killing him. Before making his escape, Henry managed to throw Ulrich off the balcony of the house and make his run off the property. It is believed that he stowed away and managed to bribe his way out of the interior.

With his father paralyzed and his two brothers dead, Anton fell quickly into a depression and contemplated on what had caused all of the madness. As much as he wished to deny it, he knew it was all the result of him having been made the favorite. Uncomfortable and unwilling to take the role as the head of the family business, Anton completed his tutorships and enlisted at the age of fourteen, using the colossal titan attack as an excuse to join the military. While maintaining contact with his parents via letters, they have tried and failed many times to bring him back home.

Upon graduating a short way under the top ten of his year, Anton made use of his skills in the Garrison Regiment stationed in the Karanes District. As a year passed by without major incident and followed by the successfully applications of cannons along the outer walls, he quickly grew confident and complacent in forgetting all that had happened little over three years prior.

Tragedy struck his team, however, when the test firing of a cannon had gone awry. Upon a member of his squad, pulling the safety pin, the cannon’s explosive shell detonated and killed three other members within the squad. Knowing fully well that he was in charge of calibrating the propulsion, Anton took responsibility and was placed under arrest until the fault was discovered in the fact that the schematics that were issued to them were outdated and were no longer to be used. Ultimately, his commanding officer was sentenced for the deaths of his team and Anton was free to continue his duty. However, still believing himself somehow responsible, he filed in for a transfer request to Emergency Response within Trost.

He has since been there until present, now in charge of his own team and having built up merit as quick minded, alert, and critical of his peers and himself while on duty. When the breaching of Trost District came, he and his team had been investigating an assault on a noble just north of the district’s interior gate. Upon hearing the explosion of the exterior gate being breached, he and his team closed the case and rode for Trost, where they would later take part in the evacuation of civilians along the middle guard before they would later pull out, barely scrapping by with the gas that they had.

Strength: 2
Agility: 7
Intellect: 13

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Character Application: Anton Wernich Empty Re: Character Application: Anton Wernich

Post by Herdir on 31/8/2018, 20:50


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