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NPC Application: Henry Wernich

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NPC Application: Henry Wernich

Post by Spaizman on 4/9/2018, 04:21

Name: Henry Wernich

Age: 27

Group: Rogue

Rank/Profession: Murderer/ Thief

Appearance: With a round but strong looking face and a matching 5’9” body, Henry carries an aura of confidence and charisma. His forehead is visible and creased with a small nose underneath with two wide green eyes. His mouth is small and jaw chiseled. His hair is short and well-maintained while his eyebrows and ears are large. He refrains from growing a beard. His fingers are long and usually kept hidden away.

Henry typically keeps a relaxed, albeit domineering, posture and often remains in these positions even when he is frustrated. He tends to strut around with confidence both in formal and informal dealings.

Identity: While a rational thinker, Henry is extremely susceptible to pessimistic and biased views. These views have brought him to believe that the world is built around self-interest and to not put one’s self first would lead to self-destruction. As such, his decisions and arguments are almost always driven by what he believes to be best for him. Knowing that these motivations are unpopular, he will cover them up with a different argument with equally, if not more so, logical backing. He is a masterful and charismatic manipulator that often gets what he wants by saying the right things to the person at hand. However, when pushed up against a wall, verbally or physically, he is known for violently lashing out with every method and means that he is capable of. When it comes to getting physical, he is often the one to throw the first punch before pragmatically deciding whether or not his chances of victory are good. All of this aside, Henry is capable of exploiting any mental or emotional burdens that he observes in others.

With all of this, Henry is not unsympathetic to others plights. If he is capable of helping someone with little to no cost to himself, he very well may do it. He has managed to built a small circle of people who would contract him for small jobs at little cost, if only because he managed to connect the events of their lives to his. When choosing how to interact or spend time with people, he’s known to be eccentric and erratic in his choice of activity.

Likes: (Activities) Walking, drinking, directing projects. (Traits) Obedience, acknowledgement, gentleness
Dislikes: (Activities) Simple games, thriller sports. (Traits) Naivety, ignorance, defiance, disloyalty
Fears: Death, losing what he believes to be his, addressing his family
Goals: To build up enough income to live in seclusion, to be pardoned for his crimes

Backstory: Born to the successful Wernich merchant family as the second son of four, Henry had received a modest education and cozy lifestyle for most of his early life. One topic that constantly came up to him was the succession of the family business, which would be personally decided by his parents based on personal ability and merit. Knowing that favor would subconsciously put on the oldest brother, Gregor, Henry believed he had to act firmly and aggressively to stand a chance. He soon spent hours upon hours everyday working with vendors, fellow merchants, and small guilds in an attempt to impress.

However, being a person more used to comfort, the stress soon began to come in and weigh in on him, causing violent lash outs, unstable public behavior, and even costing his parents a deal with supplying the local garrison by disrupting the meeting in a drunken stupor. Despite all the competing that he did, all of this was his downfall and it was later announced, quite surprisingly, that the youngest of the brothers, Anton, would be the successor due to his observant and appeasing nature. Gregor and the second youngest brother, Alfonse, accepted this quickly, knowing their good relationship with their younger brother would still allow them to remain in positions of comfort and importance. Henry, however, was enraged that his efforts would later be null and void.

After remaining idle for a week, working minor jobs while venting his complaints at the bar in the night, Henry decided that he would not stand for the fact that the meek and unremarkable child was selected before he was even of age. He met with Gregor in a bar for casual drinking before he attempted to coax him into joining him in a confrontation with their parents, an attempt to bring them to reconsider. Knowing that his intentions were foul and self-interested, Gregor blatantly refused and threatened to report the incident lest Henry admitted there and then that their youngest brother had been selected and that nothing else could be done about it. Enraged and, by this point, drunk, Henry threw a punch that would soon result in a brawl across the entire bar. In the midst of the chaos and attempting to fend off another attacking bar patron, a broken bottle in his hands was swiping mindlessly before he accidentally slashed the throat of his brother. Mortified and fearful of the repercussions, he fled the scene.

Knowing his life and career with his family was over, he made his way back to their home where he would take as many valuables as he could carry and flee to the exterior. In the midst of the robbery, he came upon Anton and attempted to viciously attack him, spouting that it was his fault for being the successor that Gregor was dead. Fortunately for Anton, Alfonse and their father, Ulrich, were in the same room, discussing tutorship materials before Henry busted in. In the heat of their fight, Alfonse’s head was thrown against the corner of the wall and cracked open, killing him immediately. As the Military Police, in pursuit of him for Gregor’s murder, arrived and began to enter the building, Henry threw Ulrich off the balcony of the room they were in and climbed his way down, making his escape while his father was tended to. Using the few objects he managed to steal, he bribed his way through the outer checkpoint and ran off on foot.

For five years, Henry has remained in hiding along the exterior wall, doing small work and favors for villagers and fellow renegades. To date, his trail has remained cold and he intends to keep it that way, hoping to build a large enough fortune by any means so that he may be able to live in complete and utter seclusion in peace.

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Re: NPC Application: Henry Wernich

Post by Herdir on 13/9/2018, 11:32


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