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The First Battle to Retake Trost District

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Re: The First Battle to Retake Trost District

Post by Sprw201 on 6/11/2018, 03:41

So Vasily was an entertainer? Huh. Odd, but it certainly fit his exuberant personality. It seemed like the shorter red-head was always smiling ear to ear. It was a bit unnerving at how intensely Vasily was staring at him though. He raised an eyebrow and Vass continued speaking before he could say anything. “But man! Exactly how tall are you? We don’t look too different, but the height difference – wow!” To his surprise, he stepped forward, comparing their height with his hand, a familiar action René remembered doing when he was younger. Vass’s head barely came up under his chin, and the other scout continued excitedly. “Like I grew up in a dairy farm – a few years that is. And milk is supposed to make you big, but now even my fifteen-year-old sisters are growing past me. And I’m not going to even mention my big brothers! But we really do look little alike. Do you think it’s that thing? Ugh, what was it called again – Vadoma told me about it once. It had a special name. Do… dope, not that. Dupe-something? Duppergouger! That’s what people who look alike are called! Although, something bad was supposed to happen when you meet one.”  

René could hardly keep up with how fast Vasily talked, he was smiling the whole time though. Vasily was such a pleasure to be around, always smiling and always ready to talk to somebody.  He chuckled, telling Vasily that he was around 5' 11" (180.34 cm). “I think the word you’re looking for is doppleganger. Dopple closely meaning double and I don’t remember what ganger originated from but I always thought of it as a person of some sort…”  There he was… spouting his knowledge onto this poor soul. He cut himself off before he could continue with all the random facts that were crammed in his brain. “I didn’t know you had family! I usually never ask anybody about theirs because most of the people in the Survey Corps don’t have anyone living left. Who’s this Vadoma you mentioned?”

Vasily either didn’t hear him, or had other pressing matters on his mind because he was suddenly stroking his chin in a pensive way, but suddenly Vass was poking his stomach carefully, “Are your guts bleeding out? I think you should have it checked. And I’m running out of gas, so let’s go together!” Turns out the blood he’d wiped on his glasses was his own. Though truth to be honest, his body was hyped up on adrenaline and he had no idea if his crash into that roof had done further damage. He turned his head away from Vasily, and spat the bloody phlegm that had building up in his mouth.

“You’re right, it’s probably better to be safe than sorry, especially if I’m going to continue this battle. Let’s hurry though, I really don’t want to have a run in with a titan on out way to the wall.”  The two of them took off, Vasily using his gas sparingly, smart of him to do considering they were closer to the middle of Trost rather than an outlying wall. Medical emergency stations and resupply stations decorated the wall at various intervals, their white flags signaling a safe haven to the injured. They landed atop the wall, and they started walking in the direction of the stations. René had insisted refueling Vasily’s gas would take less time, and so he loped behind the giddy acrobat in front of him. Thinking about the battle had René’s mind racing in many different directions at a high speed. Usually he would be worrying, but the initial nervousness that always accompanied him when entering a battle had worn off. Right now he was concentrating on not dying, and how to kill titans effectively. He supposed he and Vasily would become a vanguard team for the remaining mission. They worked decently together and René was surprised he hadn’t met Vass sooner.

As soon as their gas was filled up (René had realised his was low) and their blades disposed, Vasily forced him to go over to the Medical area. He stumbled over to where the medics were treating, or trying to treat some victims that had been withdrawn to the battlefield. Looks like it was still dangerous. He stepped around the working medics as carefully as he could, muttering apologies under his breath, before he finally reached a medic who looked unbusy. The said medic looked up and per their duty asked them what was wrong. René explained how he’d been knocked into a roof by a titan and ha possibly bitten his tongue. The medic sat him down, clearly annoyed that a case as simple as his had come here to interrupt whatever it was they were doing. “Open your mouth, I’ll check quickly.” René obliged, awkwardly so though. He’d never really had anything medically done to him, and he was always scared of doctors when he was younger. He avoided them whenever possible. He felt the medic’s fingers inside his mouth, feeling about for cuts or scrapes. It was the most disgusting thing he ever experienced and he fought the urge to snap at the medic’s hand. “Cut’s scabbed over,” the medic muttered finally withdrawing his sooty tasting hand. He wiped it on his pants. “Unbutton your shirt, I need to check if you’re bleeding.”  Such demands from a man who most likely never saw combat! There was nothing René could do however, and the quickest way out of the situation was to oblige, so he did so, his hands slipping over the pale buttons of his shirt, exposing his stomach and chest for the world to see. By now René’s cheeks were a light pink. He hated undressing in front of people, no matter how small it was. The medic’s eyes scanned his chest looking for something only a practised eyes could spot. “Take it all the way off please, you said you landed on your back?”  René nodded, slipping out of the shirt, exposing his lean muscles to the wind. He wasn’t unmuscled, but other people were certainly stronger than he was, and he was lanky, so his spine and ribs stuck out in places. Sure enough, as the medic walked around him, he noticed a piece of broken tile stuck in his side. It was barely the size of his pinky, and it wasn’t that deep. René hadn’t even felt it, but there was a rip in his shirt where his scouting jacket stopped.

Instead of panicking like René was occupying himself with, the medic busied himself with preparing to remove the object stuck in the side of this scout. Grabbing a spare pair of forceps, he grabbed hold of the object with them. “I’ll count to three and then I’ll pull it out and bandage it. The medic had had a long day dealing with the worst to the best of patients and he wasn’t in the mood to pamper every military member who came to him for help today. He saw this scout’s eyes widen, before he nodded, clenching his jaw. “1, 2.. 3” The scout tensed up a little, but other than that the tile was easy to remove. The fresh wound began to flow, and the medic stopped the scout from clamping a hand over it. Swiftly he wound a bandage around it and handed the shirt back to the scout. “You’re all good. Be careful to not let the bandage slip otherwise you’ll bleed out.”  And with that the medic turned to go back to his paper. René on the other hand was flipping out like a child would have. He yanked on his shirt, angrily doing the buttons up and then casting a glare at the medic. They had no reason to be so cold.

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Re: The First Battle to Retake Trost District

Post by cyideal on 10/11/2018, 00:49

As two of them took off to head for the resupply station, Vasily remembered to save his gas. There was one time when he tried to get up a wall with none – it was a hassle, and in the end he just bummed a piggyback ride up.

“Oh, but you asked about my family! Or was it Vadoma? She is not exactly family, but she, Vadoma The Wise, used look after us a lot when we were still kids.” The wind whizzing past them must have drowned his words as there was no answer or recognition from René. So, they settled for companionable silence until they reached the wall, where René first wanted to get gas refilled and swords replaced before medical check-ups.

“Alright! Now that we’re done with that, let’s get you patched up! Hurry up!” He pestered his teammate to medical support, where they weaved between the injured soldiers and few medics for a moment before finding an unoccupied one. “Hello there! Can you fix my buddy?” René went on to explain what exactly had happened and the frowning medic had him sit down. Vasily as well flopped next to them to curiously follow the procedure. But his attention quickly meandered away: Not that he could see much anyway with the medic’s hands in the way and in René’s mouth. His gaze drifted to city of Trost. Beyond the veil of canon fire’s smoke titans’ heads were popping between the rooftops and colourful smoke signals drew lines all over the sky above. Now that he thought about it, they kind of reminded of him of fireworks. Oh, there is black one! In seconds a bunch of soldiers rushed over to the signal. But what he and René were supposed to do next? Or where exactly they were supposed to go? By the looks of it the broken gate had the most titans swarming around – so that must be where most of the action is too! He would ask René to go with him there later.

“Unbutton your shirt, I need to check if you’re bleeding.” The medic’s words snapped Vasily’s attention back to his immediate surroundings. Hesitating for a second René hastily unbuttoned his shirt. The medic scanned over his torso, but Vasily’s eyes were caught on his face and he leaned a bit closer.

“You’re blushing.” Vasily patted his bare shoulder accompanied by his easy laugh. “No need to be ashamed! You look good!” The medic gave an order to strip the shirt completely and resumed to check René’s back too. Apparently, they found something since they grabbed big pliers and told René to brace himself. “You can hold my hand, if you need.” But before René did anything the medic counted to three and pulled a bloody piece of… something. Vasily could not really tell, it was too tiny. With quick hands the wound was briskly wrapped, and René’s shirt returned.

“You’re all good. Be careful to not let the bandage slip otherwise you’ll bleed out.” With those parting words the medic turned their attention to a stack of papers. Vasily leaned over their shoulder to see what they were unto, but they pressed the papers protectively against their chest and scowled. “Was there something wrong with you?”

“Nope! I’m wholly healthy!”

“Right… Go on then.”

Vasily made sure to thank them before hopping back to his feet to wait redressing René. “Why you look so gloomy?” He looked a little huffy to Vasily, even though he just got treated. He paused for an answer before continuing. “Uh-huh. Anyway, what we do next? I want to go to the gate, but I saw a black flare go off on the West side – although it was a while ago already.”

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Re: The First Battle to Retake Trost District

Post by Mitsuo Shimura on 14/11/2018, 19:25

Renn was weaving between buildings, mainly using the grappling hooks to get around and conserving his gas. It was a well-devised choice by the Snake to do so, as he knew that he can't easily determine how much gas he has and how much he'd be using.
König kept his eyes sharp, looking out for Cora and making sure he doesn't miss any Titans that may not be easily visible from a glance.
Thus far, Renn still remains on no Titan kills, despite all the opportunities he had to slay some. He wasn't focused on doing that, for that wasn't his goal.

For most of the time he had already spent in Trost, the Snake had no luck spotting his fellow Alpha and also found himself occasionally taking in the sight of the remains of the lost district.
He was caught up in one of these moments where he was looking around at all the rubble and the towering, monstrous threats that were Titans when he caught his name on the wind, being yelled from a not-so-far distance.

Renn looked over and spotted his objective, redirecting himself without hesitation to reach Cora as quickly as possible.
He managed to soon reach the rooftop that the female Alpha was stood upon and detached his grapples to descend to equal footing.
Unfortunately for König, he misjudged his moment and made a hard landing on the roof, hitting the tiles and stumbled slightly. He turned his stumble into a walk to play it off, managing to remain on his feet.

He marched his way over to the Wolf with an unpleased expression on his face. He didn't even acknowledge anyone else being on the roof as his concentration narrowed on one thing.
As soon as he was within an acceptable range to speak to Cora, Renn stated the one question that was eating at his mind.

"In what world made you think thisssss was a good idea!?"
Mitsuo Shimura

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Re: The First Battle to Retake Trost District

Post by cornix on 14/11/2018, 22:58

Just after the soldier had asked her who the new person that was approaching them was a titan attacked them and Cora rolled out the way. As she hit the roof again she grunted in pain. Her crash landing had left her torso and legs heavily bruised, easily visible given she was more or less only wearing bandages around her chest and pants, no proper shirt or anything that covered her properly.

Cora got up and watched the soldier attack the titan. It did not go too well, he had probably tried killing it with dulled out blades, causing them to break and only hurt the titan. Nevertheless she was surprised he still attacked it evne though he fell down. But as the second titan came he flew up to Cora again. Cora looked at her own blades, they were a different model than what he was using, but they would still fit into the holder. She threw a pair over towards him and then jumped off the roof, grappling into the neck of the titan closest to them, circling around halfway but only to get towards the titan behind them, which was closer to Renn. So more important for her. She did the same as before, grappling into the neck, circling around, but this time she used the momentum she gained by circling around a few times to make herself spin in the air and once she had gotten close enough she cut through the nape. Too deep for her taste. The titan fell down and vanished into thin air as she used the same momentum from before to catapult herself towards Renn.

Cora landed on the roof he was on, detached the blades, threw them over the roof and replaced them in one fluid, continuus motion and angrily marched over towards Renn.
His facial expression was unpleased, perhaps a bit angry but anyhow nowwhere close to Cora's. She was furious. Her normally pale skin was now almost red and the contrast made her usual steel gray eyes even more piercing.

Renn asked a simple: "In what world made you think thisssss was a good idea!?", with is so usual weird pronouncation. Some part of Cora had missed this. But that tiny little thought had barely surfaced before it got crushed down, trampled and utterly eliminated by her anger.

Cora greeted him with a slap on his face, "YOU ASK ME THAT?! YOU ARE ASKING ME THAT! EXCUSE ME.", she recieved a slap of her own, which only ended up leaving an imprint on her face, but apart from that she remained completly unfaced.
"I HAVE KILLED MORE TITANS TODAY THAN YOU HAVE SEEN IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO JUST COME HERE? DO YOU PLAN TO GET KILLED?", she grabbed him by the collar, "If one of those titans does not end up killing you today. I swear it will be me after I see you the next time after this is over.", she was breathing heavily and let him go, sort of pushing him back.
Cora took a few steps away from him, ruffling her hair, which had now become a tad longer. To Renn she would seem alot healthier, the muscle mass which she had lost over the past months was almost back to where it had been. Instead of an unhealthy gray, yellowish colour of her skin it was now back to a white one. Yes, the bags under her eyes were still there, but those just seemed to be because of exhaustion and not because of whatever else the cause had been before.
She grabbed her head, staring at Renn, her eyes wide open and her expression something in between disbelief and anger.
"You have to get back. You have to get back behind the walls. What are you even doing here? Are you completly retarded? Did you fall on your head? Did your sister die and you suddenly have some sort of suicidal wish? Did I do something to you that makes you want to die in front of me as well? FOR FUCK'S SAKE RENN!", she marched over towards him again after spewing out questions and grabbed his hand.
"You are leaving now. And if I personally have to knock you out and somehow drag your ass away from this."

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Re: The First Battle to Retake Trost District

Post by Nerdeity on 16/11/2018, 03:07

Beneath the last, dying gasps of the setting sun, a lone horse emerged from beyond the horizon. Galloping towards Wall Rose, the stallion and its green-cloaked rider raced towards the gaping hole in Trost's protective barrier, seeking an easy and familiar port of entry into the last bastion of humanity. Clad in a worn and refitted Scouting Legion uniform, the rider pushed his steed ever onward - away from the unpredictability and danger of the wilderness and towards the safe familiarity of iron and stone. His horse was of a fine breed, either nabbed off the black market or pawned off of one of Sina's repugnant aristocrats. Charcoal fur that felt coarse to the touch covered the beast, with piercing dark eyes and a luscious tail kept short to avoid any snagging or dragging. The saddle was constructed of dark brown leather, with satchels of books and papers held on either side and secured so as to not bounce against the horse whilst it galloped towards the Wall. Craning his head to look behind him, the Scout scanned the rolling plains he found himself in to see if any Titans were nearby and moving towards him. Thankfully, he thought, there weren't any within his vicinity, and that he'd be able to make night camp in Trost before slipping back into society the following day.

Then he heard the cannons. Then the shouts, the screams. The familiar screeching of cable and the exhale of pressurized gas. The thundering steps of aroused Titans eager for a meal, and the Scout's jaw dropped ever so slightly as his gaze was drawn skyward. Flares and smoke of every color he was taught to know in his military service polluted the sky, staining the air as sand does in water. Worrying thoughts began to flood through his head, but he knew the only answers he would get were past Trost's outer wall.

Was the inner Wall finally breached?

Had Titans penetrated all the way through Wall Rose?

Or, even more frighteningly, wa- THUD. THUD. THUDTHUD. THUD.

The rider's train of thought was cut short as he heard footfalls coming from behind him. Cursing aloud, he urged the stallion ever faster - Titans outside of the Wall had heard the commotion, and were coming to investigate. Hurriedly passing through the debris-laden outer wall, the Scout found himself caught in an eyes-wide-open trance as he processed what was happening. Although he was still a vast distance away from any cable-slinging soldiers, the cavalier stood still in the street for a moment as he forcibly snapped himself back to attention.

They were trying to reclaim Trost. The absolute madmen.

By now the evening sun had almost completely vanished beyond the horizon, but a sliver of it still remained. Shining out over the horizon, anyone with a lucky position and a good pair of eyes would see not only the setting sun cramming its last rays of red-orange light through the wall, but an ominously black silhouette riding into the edges of the carnage.

Galloping into what was once an inn, the Scout dismounted and quickly donned a set of bog-standard 3DMG with a practiced precision. After making sure no Titans would notice his horse and that it would be safe in the building, he crept out of the smashed-in entrance and positioned himself atop a nearby house.

What to do? What to do? What was he to do? The Scout grimaced beneath his green hood. He had returned from beyond the Wall to discuss research notes and his findings, not to get stuck in with yet another doomed operation. Crouching low on a roof so as to avoid being seen by either Titans or humans, the Scout pondered his next moves; they could very quickly and easily change the course of the slaughter he was witnessing. Worriedly looking back towards the light pouring through the hole in the wall, he knew he had to make his decision quick. If that hole wasn't closed in time, a ravenous flood of flesh and bone was going to flood through and undoubtedly overwhelm whatever forces were mustered, ironically attracted to the slaughter the soldiers themselves were participating in. He could end the problem here and now, but that would mean blocking his only reliable means of escape and relying upon the goodwill of a steeled legion out to kill him. Slapping himself in the head a few times, the Scout donned a pair of goggles to keep viscera out of his eyes and readjusted his hood. Muttering to himself, the Scout launched himself off of the roof and began hurriedly looking for something, anything, that could be used to plug the hole before it was too late for both him and the army slowly encroaching upon his position.

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Re: The First Battle to Retake Trost District

Post by Spaizman Yesterday at 09:29

Shortly after his landing, a pair of blades landed at Anton’s feet. With quick inspection, he could tell that they were not the standard issue that he had been given, though he’d take what he could get. He called over to her, “Thanks,” before sheathing his equipped blades and locking in the new ones, giving them a brief test swing to ensure they were stuck tight. In the corner of his eye, he saw Cora maneuver into the air and make quick work of the titan bearing down on them with a series of motions that he could barely keep track of. When she landed, she switched out her blades fluidly before approaching the man who had landed beside them before. Before Anton could ask questions, he saw her skin flush red before the realization dawned on him that she was infuriated.

The man spoke peculiarly, “In what world did you think this,” the last word being slithered, “was a good idea?”

The speech was bewildering but, especially when he observed those in the Survey Corp, he found that the world was full of stranger people. Before Anton could offer warning, the woman gave a hard slap that boomed into the air, leaving Anton still with narrowed eyes, wary of her ferocity. When she began to shout, it took great self-control to not flinch at the venom in every word, “YOU ASK ME THAT!? YOU’RE ASKING ME THAT! EXCUSE ME!”

The man responded with a slap of his own straight into her face, leaving an imprint. Anton felt a shiver when he saw how unfazed she was and silently hoped that the conflict would end soon. He began to speak, hoping to dispel the quarrel, “Oy, we should quiet down a bit. There’s no telling if there are more titans in the area.”


When she grabbed the man by the collar, Anton stepped forward and made his way within arm’s distance of them, stating out, “There’s no need for that! Calm down, both of you.”

His voice went unnoticed in the heat of the argument before she growled, “If one of those titans does not end up killing you today, I swear it will be me after I see you the next time this is over.” With a noticeable push, she released the man before ruffling her hair. Before Anton could relish the calm, Cora stated heatedly, “You have to get back. You have to get back behind the walls. What are you even doing here? Are you completely retarded? Did you fall on your head? Did your sister die and you suddenly have some sort of suicidal wish? FOR FUCK’S SAKE RENN!” and she marched toward the man in question, “You are leaving now. And if I personally have to knock you out and somehow drag your ass away from this.”

Having enough of the argument and knowing fully well how compromised they were in the present situation, Anton called, “Ma’am, that’s enough…” before he realized that he just challenged a woman with a venomous temper that could rival his own brother’s. Even still, he swallowed and held his head level to stare up at the taller woman. He held out a hand to both of them, calmly offering, “You both have a history. I can understand if there are things between you two that need resolving. But that needs to be put on hold until we’re clear of this situation. This sector is exposed and I have no idea of whether or not one of my guy’s made it to a resupply zone to the north. Until either he gets here with reinforcements, we’re relieved of this area, or the signal to retreat is given, this is where our focus needs to be.”

Anton looked between the two taller figures before spreading both his hands out and closing his eyes for a moment, pondering what else he could say to calm the two soldiers, particularly the woman, before him. Ultimately, he simply stated, “If nothing else, you could kill each other when my back is turned later on. Then there won’t be a witness,” he lightly snorted, “Does that sound good...? Both of you?”

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Re: The First Battle to Retake Trost District

Post by Sponsored content

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