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Masunami Tumakitafu [WIP]

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Masunami Tumakitafu [WIP]

Post by Masunami Tumakitafu on 7/9/2018, 05:49

[b]Name: Masunami Tumakitafu

[b]Age: 17

[b]Group: Survey Corps

[b]Rank: Soldier

[b]Appearance: Masunami has black hair that reached down to the middle of her back when she leaves it down. While training by herself before she had become a cadet for full training she had injured one of her eyes causing it to go blind leaving it a grey color while her other eye stayed bright blue. She is quite short only coming up to 5 feet tall. She has a calm expression on most of the time.

[b]Identity: Masunami is the type of person you would go to for advice, once you became her friend of course as she has a hard time speaking to people. She is very shy around people and prefers to stay away from people which sometimes comes off as her being rude when she really didn't mean it that way. Once you get to know Masunami she is quite friendly and will open up to you more.

[b]Preferences: Masunami prefers to work alone when possible and doesn't like to speak to people and will tend to ignore people if spoken too some times because of her child like voice. She feels that she is safer if she just keeps her mouth shut and doesn't speak too those around her.

[i]-Likes:  Candy, Being alone
[i]-Dislikes: Large groups of people.
[i]-Fears: Titans in general frighten her quite a lot.
[i]-Goal(s): To over come her fear and become strong enough that people will not discriminate her because of her height.

[b]Backstory: At a young age Masunami was put into an orphanage where she was left to survive on her own by her parents who moved behind the wall Sina to start a new life with out the troublemaker of a child that Masunami was. Being left all alone at such a young age she never learned to trust people after what her parents had done and always keeps a close eye on everyone around her worrying they may turn on her at any moment.

Even as more and more years passed she spoke very few words, only when she had too. Most of the time she avoided this to hide her child like voice. If she had to speak she was quiet and didn't speak too loud. It was very rare that she would get to the point where she would yell at someone. If anyone got her too that point it was a struggle to calm her down. One day someone had done this and it took a few days of being kept inside her room for her to calm down.

Masunami use to have only one friend and they were able to calm her down with out fail. They would just hug her and never let go. The day of the titan attack Masunami had watched this friend be killed by a titan. After that day she hadn't ever been able to get so close to someone, well, no one could get close enough to her for her to trust them.

[i]Strength: 5/10
[i]Agility: 8/10
[i]Intellect: 7/10

[b]Extra: Masunami hates it when people comment on her voice or her height as she doesn't want to be know because of that. She wants to be know as someone who people can look up too as someone who is able to fight for humanity.
Masunami Tumakitafu
Masunami Tumakitafu

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