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Rita Cervantes

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Rita Cervantes Empty Rita Cervantes

Post by CherryBomb23 on 25/9/2018, 00:33

Name: Rita Cervantes

Age: 23

Group: Rogue

Rank: Mercenary -As a gunslinger, she’s been the target of some personal grudges and bounties on her head from independent organizations, but not by the military police. Rita has been known to be morally grey and accept missions from any source, including various military branches. Military payment is usually just pardoning Rita’s involvement with certain clients.

Appearance: Before ethnicity titles were stripped, Rita would’ve been known for being a Spanish/English mix, giving her a light olive skin complexion and a neutral tone. If you catch her in the winter when her skin is lightest, and you look very closely, she was a few freckles dotted on her cheekbones.
Her dark chocolate locks are made of messy but romantic waves, only tamed by a simple braid when she’s working. Her bangs insist on doing a little flip before swooping to join the braid.
Her eyes, though an ordinary brown, are assisted by her naturally arched eyebrows in giving a seductive look. High cheekbones and a small upturned nose further sharpens her face. Even behind her knowing grin, she carries unusually sharp canines.
She stands at 5’2 and change. Her “occupation” gives her a toned and sensual figure, but she does have a naturally small frame.
Her outfit consist of a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbows, and the top few buttons unbuttoned to tease a glimpse of her cleavage. On top of that she wears a deep red vest completely unbuttoned. Her black pants are held by a black belt with a silver buckle, and are tucked into tall black boots.

Identity: Cunning and cutthroat, Rita lives for danger. She’s usually not needlessly reckless, but she is a daredevil that will get things done her way for the rush. This includes some sadistic tendencies during interrogations. It’s not that she doesn’t like people, just that a torture process is fascinating, almost therapeutic, to her.
Due to her petiteness, It’d be in her best interest to not pick a fight in an open field, but rather a place with various structures to project herself off of. Her agility and constant competition with herself sends her flying over the heads of opponents, doing arguably unnecessary trick shots. In doing so, she often finds herself exposed. In order to survive, she needs to be quicker than all of her opponents.
Regardless of how much she shows off on a job, Rita isn’t a loud person. Outside of work, she’s a smooth talker with a relaxed demeanor. There are too many organizations that hate her to not play nice with everyone else. She’s a bit flirty and can keep a conversation going, like a barmaid who wants to keep a customer up front because they pay well. Even when agitated, she’ll appear cool with excellent posture and legs crossed, twirling the rim of a wine glass.
Rita tries not to be seen with anyone for too long, or she’ll risk being associated with a side, which is bad for business. It is nice when a second chance encounter with someone happens, and they get to chat again for a bit.
Though her first love is danger, a romantic partner is something Rita fantasizes about. So far she’s only been good at the sexual elements, rather than the emotional ones. As a thrill-induced occasionally sadistic burst of fire, she’d be best with someone who ignites a single cool blue flame, while also sharing a similar sadistic desire. The strong silent type who could handle her passion, and control her temper.
Rita can be flaky with some of her clients. Usually she’s good about finishing a job, even if a higher paying counter offer comes up. However, her impulsive, hot blooded nature sometimes gets the best of her, and she ends up charmed to the other side.That kind of trouble explains the majority of bounties on her head.
She does her best to keep high profile missions professional, but deep down, as a hunter, she knows that she’s not in the business because of the money. Ultimately, Rita is not evil. She would fall on the Chaotic Neutral area of the alignment chart, but with guidance, she could cross over to Chaotic Good. Begrudgingly, but she’ll do it.


-Likes: Alcohol, adrenaline, the concept of love, heights, nightlife, listening to others play music or sing, being a part of something, classiness, her reputation as a gunslinger
-Dislikes: Toddlers, humidity, greasy hair, those who burp in public and don’t excuse themselves, her employers acting like they own her
-Fears: Old age. Without certainty that her situation will change, old age would prevent her from continuing her current lifestyle.
Getting attacked while asleep. Due to the paranoia, she sleeps on her stomach with a hand clutching a pistol under the pillow.
-Goal(s): To die in a blaze of glory before old age hits, but after a love story.

Backstory: Rita was an only child to Cassius Black and Ruby Cervantes. Her parents never married, so she was given her mother’s surname. She was born inside the Stohess district to an upper middle class household including her parents, her grandparents, Luca and Margarita (originally Marques) Cervantes, and Jack Russell Terrier, Chico.
Cassius and Ruby left the walls when she was only 4, for reasons she had to rely on her grandmother to tell her. Margarita’s father, Viago Marques, tamed a giant wooden ship on a massive body of water. His criminal activity made him a wealthy man, but it was his suave that charmed Rita’s great grandmother, Delmara Vega. Delmara was a gypsy who danced on board of the ship in exchange to see what lies beyond the sea. The two married and gave birth to Margarita. They knew their baby would not be safe on the ship, so they sought shelter behind the walls. With their riches, the family bought a two story home and converted the first floor into a bar, which was briefly owned by Rita.
Margarita eventually married Luca Cervantes and mothered Ruby Cervantes. Ruby was the first in the family to fall in love with someone not of Spanish descent. Cassius Black was a young Englishman who though got along with Ruby’s grandparents, could not get their blessing for marriage. Even though ethnicity titles no longer existed in society, grandparents Viago and Delmara held on to tradition. After both had passed from old age, Cassius and Ruby still did not marry, but years later they bore their daughter, Rita. Luca gifted his grandchild a puppy weeks after her birth.
Cassius and Ruby decided they wanted to see the water their family always talked about for themselves, and entrusted Margarita and Luca with Rita. Cassius and Ruby dressed as soldiers to sneak out of the walls and find the water. They never returned. As Rita grew older, Luca began teaching her how to operate the bar, while Margarita provided the reading and writing lessons. In her spare time, Rita (with Chico trailing close behind) practiced acrobatics with a group of older kids in the underground tunnels.
At age 13, Rita’s grandfather passed away. He left her the bar and his rifle. She’s only ever practiced shooting cans with targets painted on, but she was sure the kickback couldn’t be any stronger when aiming at something that’ll bleed. Because he grandmother was too old to work, and Rita top young, she hired employees that never kept their job long enough to get too comfortable. One night, as the bar was closing, an employee who happened to be an ex military police officer spotted Chico through the open door. He walked outside and shot the dog with the gun he never returned to the military police.
Given the chance, he might’ve explained he thought Chico was the same dog that killed his chickens. But as Rita went downstairs to the bar floor, and saw her dead companion through the open door, she was in no mood for an explanation. She knew that she couldn’t mourn at that particular moment, or she’d miss her opportunity. Rita took the rifle from behind the bar and killed a human for the first time.
At 15, Rita lost Margarita and was now on her own. Her childhood gang was long gone, but she appreciated their help in cleaning up her crime scene. Her home/bar was burned in an accident caused by a full house of drunks. She escaped with the clothes on her back and the rifle. All of a sudden broke with home or source of income, Rita was desperate. She took a job that sent her to the Underground city for two years to spy on import and report thieves. She was given two pistols for defense as a down-payment and then paid small amounts of cash every couple weeks.  
On her 17th birthday, she was gifted Anti-Personnel vertical maneuvering equipment before it’s official release by her unnamed employer. As she approached the end of her two year trial, she began receiving more job opportunities with higher pay. Rita’s spying gigs were turned into infiltration and assassination. Organizations liked her pettiness and agility, as she’s hard notice, never mind catch.
Now 23, Rita has earned her reputation as a gunslinger. She has no permanent home, but expects an employer to provide her with a room until her work is done. The mission must be high profile, as it will be expensive. You’ll find her in a bar, listening for her next kill.


Strength: 4
Agility: 12
Intellect: 6


Anti-Personnel vertical maneuvering equipment given as payment for her services. She has no need for Titan-killing gear, just the smaller, less noticeable, gear that will assist her in crime. This is only carried when a mission calls for it.


She’ll carry a pistol strapped to each thigh, and the rifle that’s usually in the bar on her back. If she isn’t working, she’ll still have the pistols on her.

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Rita Cervantes Empty Re: Rita Cervantes

Post by Herdir on 25/9/2018, 16:34

Very interesting concept, to be honest; a solo bounty hunter. Looking forward to see where this character will end up!


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