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Death Vs Me

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Death Vs Me  Empty Death Vs Me

Post by Safer Sephiroth on 4/1/2019, 03:12

The Survey Corps soldier is seen quickly riding a horse towards the direction of the titan taken-over area after being tired of the endless agony and torture the massive beasts create. He knew they have a price to pay and its paid by death. A handful group of decent sized titans were in his path a distance away in the wide open of the plains. Even while knowing this is basically a suicide mission for just one person to accomplish, he went anyways just to deal with his personal issues in life. This was the only way to do just that. To face the problem head on with no regrets.

Once close enough, he positions himself crouching on the horses back to keep his balance while the horse continues to head towards the creatures of mass destruction without hesitation, brave like the soldier who was with him. One moment before you know it, Safer leaps off the horse into the air using his Vertical Maneuvering Equipment hooking the grapple onto one of the closer titans chest making himself leap even more into the sky before getting to the center of them as he quickly shoots the grapple here and there going from titan to titan barely dodging their hands at this point in time but still able to slice them up every chance he gets passing by.

As he got to the last titan to attack which was the biggest one in the group, he launches himself directly at the beast head-on and starts to spin at an excelled rate of quickness while holding the blades outward causing him to slice through the titans head with ease, the sliced off part of the titans head falls onto the floor causing that titan to collapse shortly after the hot blood splatters everywhere. It was a miracle he's survived this far but he still wasn't going to stop until every single one of them right there dropped dead on the ground. Safer propels himself to the ground and catches his breath for a moment panting and wipes off blood coming from his mouth before taking his ripped shirt off.

The remaining cut up titans walked slowly towards to him after focusing their attention onto his exact spot again. Blood squirts out from their deep cuts as they walk towards the small soldier. He courageously starts to run full-throttle at the titans with no fear in his eyes and screams out in anger while holding both swords to the sides until getting close enough. He then propels himself upwards grappling the hook onto a titan nearby making sure he catches enough air before he starts to slice them up more one by one leaping off their large sized heads. The last titan he makes contact with, he grapples the titans head and lands on his cheek to then pierce one of the swords into the titans eye causing him to bleed out shortly after but regretted leaves that sword into his eye socket. After leaping off this titan the soldier lands on the short cut grass as he watches the large titan slowly collapse to the ground, covered in blood.

At this time, there is only two titans left out a group of six but he was so exhausted being out of stamina from battling so much of them himself. All he could do was stand there as the titans drew slowly closer to him with every step. Blood from the titans was splattered all cross the soldiers chest and body as he suddenly drops to his knees out of nowhere because of the lost stamina. The two titans drew closer and closer until finally they were right in front of the man, staring down at him with evil smiles on their faces as one reaches to grab him. Safer used what little strength he had left to pierce the titans hand causing the sword to pierce right through the palm of his large hand like nothing.

This didn't seem to stop the titan from grabbing him shortly after though with the other hand. Once grabbed, Safer's face expression becomes shocked and a single tear from his eye falls from his cheek as the titan opened up his wide mouth before let go causing the soldier to fall into the titans mouth and this was Safer's fate after all.

To die doing what he wanted to do. To get revenge.
Safer Sephiroth
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