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Osukaa "Oscar" Oriotus

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Osukaa "Oscar" Oriotus Empty Osukaa "Oscar" Oriotus

Post by Averouis on 24/3/2019, 13:02

Name: Osukaa “Oscar” Oriotus

Age: 16

Group: Trainee Corps

Rank: Trainee

Appearance: A well-built near-adult, Oscar stands about 6’1—having had a massive growth spurt between ages 14 and 16—with well kept blonde hair, pale skin, a broad and well-defined chest, as well as muscular limbs—all topped off with stunning blue eyes that only accentuate his rather deadpan resting-face.

Due to his lifestyle, he keeps himself in this condition as best he can, refusing to pick up weight as well as having minimal scars/indications of wounds.

When off duty Oscar wears a basic t-shirt and trousers, wearing his military boots as well as his ODMG harness—minus all its attachable pieces.

Osukaa "Oscar" Oriotus Oscar10

Identity: Oscar tends to tread the line between happy-go-lucky and cynical—struggling to find a proper balance between the two depending on the situation.

What he lacks in a defined mood he makes up for in personality—always quick on the draw in terms of bravery as well as understanding those around him—Oscar understands what it means to be helpless due to his history within the Walls, as well as the fear that comes from Titans.

This is why he’s worked hard to forge himself into a proper soldier—or at least his interpretation of what that is. This means he’s; brave, kind, understanding and even merciful—which all conflicts with his inability to keep cynicism from breaking through.

He fears that one day he will lose his humanity in his task to become a soldier and defeat the Titans, often remising on it with words his father taught him; “Do not think that staring into the abyss is easy—for soon you will become as dark and empty as it”.

With all this in mind, Oscar usually comes off as a nice and caring person, though is intimidating due to his rather blank resting-face, as well as his height, having to compensate for this subconsciously by focusing on his speech.


-Likes:   Cold Temperatures (Due to growing up within Sheena), Exercise (Due to his lifestyle), Rain of any sort (Only adds to the cold temperature, so he enjoys it), Helping others (It’s his sworn duty and goal), Tinkering with machines (A fun and well placed pastime).
-Dislikes: Dishonesty (It never ends well), the Death of Others (Watching someone die disgusts him), Corruption (Self-interest disgusts him) and Titans (They are the bane of humanity—he hates them)
-Fears: Failing to save those he cares about.
-Goal(s): To join the Survey Corps and see what kind of world awaits him outside the Walls.

Backstory: From a rich merchant family in Stohess, within Wall Sheena, he originally grew up along the lines of honour and dignity—with a major emphasis on understanding others, as if you couldn’t understand what someone else wants how can you sell them anything?

His odd name—a product of his mother’s need for everything to be utterly unique—bothered him as it was something to easily tease. Instead of his given name of Osukaa, he went with the well sounding, yet uncommon, Oscar.

At age 11, he was helping to close a merchant deal within Wall Maria when the Breach of 845 happened, barely getting out of there in time. This incident resulted in what can be equated to a culture shock. He hadn't expected the Titans to ever get inside the Walls and even then, he’d expected a better response from the King and his military—utterly shocked and appalled when they retreated from the whole of Wall Maria, causing many extra deaths.

This, along with his father’s seeming attempt to help the people displaced by the loss of Wall Maria—which turned out to only be his father attempting to cash in, while still helping others, developed the way he saw the world.

He knew there was more to life than being trapped inside a grouping of Walls like cattle—and he wanted to see it. Not only that—he wanted to help those who had lost their homes in the long task of reclaiming Wall Maria.

Following this, he began to develop himself into a light-hearted person, determined to ease others suffering—alongside this he was once again horrified when the King and Militaries only response was to send out a massive army in order to retake Wall Maria—an underequipped and badly managed army. Whispers that this had been done to fodder these people in order to save food only further horrified him.

After all this had taken place, two years since the loss of Wall Maria—at age 13, Oscar signed up with the Cadet Corps in order to train, taking the long three years of training in stride as he worked to develop himself further—discovering that he was a natural talent with ODMG (or 3DMG), having a knack for balance and proper gas consumption. Those qualities, coupled with his strength due to his sudden growth spirt allowed him to excel in anything related to combat within the training of the Corps. However—when it came to his theory studies, he was far below his best, despite his obvious intellect, he never applied himself fully and thus only ever worked towards keeping his theory grade at the required minimum for the possible Top 10 slots.
While training Oscar ran into a former thief named Arlen, who would often pickpocket him for extra change to buy food when training ended. It got to the point that Oscar actively left money in places he knew she’d steal from in order to keep her fed—as she refused to ask him for it directly. This—alongside later events formed a very close bond between the two—something not lost on others, many teasing Oscar with the possibility that the two were made for each other.


Strength: 8
Agility: 8
Intellect: 8

Extra: Somewhat of a tinkerer, Oscar often modifies and works on his ODMG, repairing and replacing broken components when needed. By this point, it’s very distinct and easy to tie to him.


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Osukaa "Oscar" Oriotus Empty Re: Osukaa "Oscar" Oriotus

Post by Herdir on 24/3/2019, 17:15


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