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Character App: Nathaniel Wolff

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Character App: Nathaniel Wolff Empty Character App: Nathaniel Wolff

Post by StarKiller on 28/6/2019, 21:41

Name: Nathaniel Wolff

Age: 16

Group: Survey Corps

Rank: Soldier

Appearance: Nathaniel Wolff is small compare to his pals. Reaching 1.68 m in height and weighing around 60 kg. His build isn’t robust at all. Although quite strong for his weight he is a lean muscle person. He has an oval face shaped, with somewhat strong and pointy eyebrows. Dirty blonde, wavy hair with and undercut, and brown colored eyes.

Identity: Nathan is an overall calm person but can look like a snob to someone who doesn’t know him. However, he isn’t like that to people, well at least to people he knows. He sometimes tends to be judgmental of others who aren’t close to him, he can be stubborn at times, but when proven wrong he can change mindset. He may seem shy at first, but he isn’t at all. He likes to have friends and people he loves around him; he is very outgoing. Most of the time he is joyful, but they are times he needs to be left alone or he may get mad. Nathan likes situations where he plans ahead instead of acting out of impulse.
Nathan can be sometimes brutally honest and hurt those around him, that’s why people who tend to be around him are rougher in that sense and those who don’t know him, tag him as a snob. He can be selfish in the sense that he would help him and his loves one first than anyone. People are sometimes wary or scared of him because of the way he looks at people, he studies the looks and personality by just looking at them and can seem strange most of the times. He means no harm, rather he does it if the situation arises when both have to work together; he already has an idea of the person even when not knowing him or her. Most of time he gazes at people to study them.
In general, Nathan can seem scary and snobbish, but he is not. Although honest and sometimes cold, his personality tends to be different with people he loves and those who work with him. Joyful and outgoing when in social situations, but very judgmental with those who act dumb and out of impulse. In most cases ambitious, because he will try to achieve his goal with reasonable costs.



  • His friends and family
  • Train acrobatics and dexterity
  • Horseback riding
  • Honesty
  • Cleanliness


  • Dumb and dirty people
  • Hypocrisy
  • Overconfidence
  • Secluded spaces


  • Dying alone
  • Death by titans
  • Alleys


  • Live outside the walls
  • Know what is outside the walls
  • Find his brother's murderers & bring them to justice

Nathaniel Wolff was born a year prior to the fall of Shiganshina to a family of four, in Stohess District. Coming from a somewhat wealthy family, he was enrolled into school since an early age. His childhood, was normal just like some of the children behind the Walls.
Nathan excelled at some academicals studies, but he was very passionate of gymnastics and acrobatics. He loved to got to the circus to watch acrobats do their performances. In class he would love to imitate them and tried to learn every movement they performed.
Nathan’s family was a really loving one. Albert and his spouse, Erika worked to bring revenue to the family. Adelina the oldest sibling took care of Nathan when she came to visit her family and finally Erik, the middle child was passing the nights at bars as a bard. The family’s wealth could be attributed to Erika’s strong determination, but also to the connections with the nobles her parents had.
Disaster struck when Nathan was nine. Erik, was found dead in one of the alleyways facing a bar. The military police couldn’t find the perpetrators even with the help of Erika’s father who previously worked in the Military Police. The family was devastated, but even more so the father Albert. In no time he converted his financial gains into drinking money, he was utterly devastated by his son’s lost. Each day he missed worked to hit a local bar and drink until sundown. He came home drunk every night. Erika knew something bad was going to happen, she didn’t dare to confront Albert. The first nights were calm, aside from the rumbling Albert did when he got home.
Erika, being the bright mother she was, she resorted to an old friend of the Military Police to help her husband and most importantly her family if something were to happen. Eventually each night became louder, there wasn’t a night were the couple wouldn’t fight. Erika knew she couldn’t rely on her husband’s support and she turned for her old friend for help, emotionally and romantically. Nathan parents were broken. Adelina barely came visit them because of her work, but she couldn’t help but to console her younger brother, depressed over his older brother death and the rapture of his family he so loved. One night, while Adelina was playing with Nathan, a commotion started outside. Shouts from both parents were being heard. Both siblings were quickly to rush outside. Albert found out Erika was cheating on him. Albert began to beat Erika in the street, it wasn’t long, when the Military Police came with their horses to stop the fighting. Albert began to assault an officer. Seconds later they shot him dead. Erika laid unconscious. Everything happen right before Nathan’s eyes.
A month later, his mother died under unknown circumstances. Adelina now had to take care of Nathan, but her job couldn’t support taking care of a child. So she did what was best. She brought Nathan to her grandparents’ ranch outside of Wall Sina. There Nathan would be raised by his grandfather (retiree from the Military Police) and her grandmother (ex-professor of Social Sciences). He would recover from the trauma he went through, with occasional visits from Adelina.
Living in the ranch he learned to cook, horseback riding and most interestingly her grandparents’ stories. His grandfather taught him everything of the Military Police, almost encouraging him to enlist in it. However, Nathan was curious about life outside the Walls, he wanted to know what was beyond. His grandfather prepared him for the Training Corps, teaching him to shoot rifles and mount horses. Nathan in fact loved his pet horse, a beautiful white war horse, it was his favorite.
Not only did he train but also kept practicing acrobatics, his very passion. Eventually the time came when he had to enlist on the Training Corps. At the age of 14 he left his grandparents’ ranch to become part of the Training Corps. To everyone’s surprise he chose the Survey Corps knowing the threat he faced. Everyone thought he would join the Military Police, because of the privileges and contacts his grandfather had.


Strength: 7
Agility: 10
Intellect: 7

*Request to add more 2 more points in agility due to his proficiency and skills in acrobatics. His ability to coordinate his boy and perform stunts and trick, ranked him high when taking classes and passing the tests in 3D Maneuvering Gear. (See backstory; paragraph 2,7 & 8 )

Nathan has a white war horse named Silver.

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Character App: Nathaniel Wolff Empty Re: Character App: Nathaniel Wolff

Post by Herdir on 1/7/2019, 18:18

New people! Yes! Yes yes yes!

App is great, and for once this is an interesting "edgy type" story, actually giving plot hooks as opposed to cutting them short. Kudos to you, dude. Make sure to hit us up on the discord if you'd like!


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