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Severin Wildner

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Severin Wildner Empty Severin Wildner

Post by Nerdeity on 9/4/2017, 06:15


Name: Severin Wildner

Age: 19

Group: Garrison/Rogue

Rank: Field Tactician

Appearance: Severin takes great pride in his appearance, and puts an almost excessive amount of care into the maintenance of his brown locks. He combs it back, allowing it to fall down in the rear; covering base of his neck and, in effect, his nape. The hair is a medium shade of brown- much resembling the leather jackets military personnel wear- while his eyes have a much darker hue to them, like dark hot chocolate. The good, quality kind that you'd see nobility sipping on a cold winter night.  Severin has a sharp chin and almost pencil-thin eyebrows to accompany his slender facial structure. Severin's body is lightweight and moments away from being described as twiggy, were it not for his leaner muscle mass barely deflecting such comments. Standing at a whopping 5'9" and weighing in at an astonishing 144 lb, one could only wonder how any person could draw such an outrageous conclusion. His hands are thin and his fingers are slightly longer than the standard; Severin often wears gloves as his hands tend to get cold for some god-forsaken reason. Severin's eyes are rather normally sized for a human being, but his eyelids often droop a bit - giving him a fairly severe case of resting bitch face. Clean-shaven, Severin will be lucky if he ever manages to grow a substantial amount of facial hair in a manageable amount of time - surely, a beacon of hopelessness for one who wishes to one day boast a pair of muttonchops. Another important note is that, if Severin were to not ensure his hair remained combed back, it'd stick straight up like a porcupine's quills.

In all seriousness, Severin isn't much of a happy camper. Years of rather...  unfortunate events have left Severin's mind battered and beaten.  He tries to be a jolly fellow, and is most of the time. Severin has a fairly nonchalant attitude and a nonexistent authority structure - byproducts of his childhood. This attitude often carries into Severin's grim choice of work, where a sarcastic comment or terrible pun would emerge amidst a bloody brawl. However, Severin refrains from all casual physical contact - no stroking hands or hugs for him; a remaining fear of the torture Severin was put under is the man's phobia of surgical tools. He despises them with a passion, syringes most of all. Merely mentioning the name 'vi Rauco' or talk of the Military Police is enough to spite Severin, and enclosed spaces are another left-over. All in all, Severin's a good person - he's just got a short stick in life. One of the few things stronger than Severin's will is his sense of righteousness – and it pushes the shifter along the hellish journey he's embarked upon. Severin's hobbies include playing with Kurt, feverishly hunting down the Military Police, making quality food, and buying new clothes – he's very fashion savvy. Not that he's had much of a chance to acquire new threads, what with being a terrorist and all. Severin also enjoys practicing his marksmanship, and favors green-hued targets.  He's a fairly suspicious fellow, and is a little jumpy when meeting people. Severin enjoys swimming, and it's one of his primary stress-relief activities. Finally, Severin's favorite color is rose red; and one can easily say "that guy likes red" upon seeing Severin's standard combat clothing. 



Cannons - Severin has been fascinated with the cannons atop the walls since he was a child, and still is today.

Sandwiches - Just like father used to make, Severin's meal of choice is a trusty and portable sandwich.

Camaraderie - Nothing makes Severn feel more human than having compatriots, and even a  small conversation is a great boon to him.


Grapes - Severin's allergic to them.

The Military Police - Being the underlying cause of Severin's shifting abilities, the man has an understandably sour opinion of the group.

Unexpected physical contact: One of the stronger catalysts for a reaction out of Severin, due to the rather poor treatment Severin received whilst in MP custody.


Enclosed spaces: Holdover from the Military Police where Severin was held in tight quarters.

Surgical tools (syringes, notably): Another mark on Severin from Adar's cabinet.

Being unable to purge the major corruption in the Military Police: Severin seeks little more than vengeance at this point, and failing is a constant shadow that lingers over the former Garrison member and pushes him forwards.


The deaths of Adar vi Rauco and his associates: Severin's driving goal is striking down the unholy beasts that afflicted him with his shifting ability, and cleansing the Military Police of these leeches. The first major step - killing Adar vi Rauco - has been completed, and Severin has been planning his next strike ever since.

Backstory: Severin was born in a hospital in the Interior - exactly where he knows not,but his mother died shortly after childbirth; cradling the young child in her arms with the little motherly love she had left. As he grew up, his older brother, Friedrich, took on a motherly role - teaching Severin most of what he knows today. His father and brother created a some-what happy household by using puns, jokes, and sarcasm constantly, giving him a nonchalant view on life and an optimistic attitude. Severin eventually caught on to the hijinks  and was soon more sarcastic than his father. He lived in Shiganshina, where his brother had enlisted in the Garrison Corps to protect the public against the growing Titan menace. Ironic. A week after Severin’s sixth birthday, Friedrich gave him a goat they found near the Wall as a pet, and his spare cloak. Severin named the goat Kurt, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. When the Colossal Titan broke Wall Maria, Severin was playing with Kurt and Friedrich in the yard of their house. During the bloody chaos that followed, Friedrich managed to board Severin (who had Kurt in a steel grasp) onto one of the boats before running off to join the defensive effort. Ever since then, Friedrich and Severin have had limited communications - the death of their father didn't help in bridging the physical distance between the two. After the incident, Severin became dedicated to finding strategies and techniques used to defeat the Titans that were safer than before. He did this for several years, eventually working out a new cannon design, until he joined the military. There, Severin struggled to stay in, as his physique was in no way muscular or strong. He excelled in the other, more mental parts of training, and aced the coordination and awareness tests. He joined the Garrison Corps to followin his brother’s footsteps and protect humanity. He mans the same cannon Friedrich did, and constantly sits by it. When in a squad, Severin acted as both a tactician and a lookout. When Trost was breached, Severin was launched into the fray quite literally; his gas tanks malfunctioned, jettisoning him off the Wall. While down in the war zone, Severin killed two Titans, with great effort. As Severin was running out of fuel, he went for the refill station, which was under siege by Titans. He didn't get back up the Wall until sunset , as he had to get different gear and refill his tanks. On his way back, he found a wounded Trainee Corps member, who he helped scale the Wall to civilization and safety. Ever since then, Severin has quietly kept tabs on everyone, taking notes on those certain people who might prove to be an asset.

Severin's life has changed considerably since he took up his revenge spree - most notably, he has been labelled a terrorist by the Military Police and has been forced to take drastic measures to conceal his anonymity. The most recognizable of these measures being the rose-crested mask Severin wore on the night he killed Adar vi Rauco becoming a regular part of the shifter's wardrobe. It's become the symbol of his movement, and has directed a majority of the attention away from Severin's actual visage. Small hit-and-run attacks have dotted the months since then, and Severin's been probing at the Military Police - seeking to eliminate another member of Adar's cabinet. The shifter has also managed to acquire a small cult following - being hailed as a holy judge of the corrupt by some religious fanatics.


Strength: 4
Agility: 9
Intellect: 9

Severin has a pet goat he's named Kurt; it has proven to be an effective combatant.
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Severin Wildner Empty Re: Severin Wildner

Post by Herdir on 24/7/2017, 14:38


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