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Ability To Transform Into Titan?

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Ability To Transform Into Titan?

Post by Safer Sephiroth on 22/4/2017, 07:46

Quick question, is there any characters on here that have this ability to turn into Titans?
Because if we're strictly keeping up with the real Attack On Titans then it'd make sense to have this ability be available for specific important characters. I also think that this will greatly affect character story lines and their own backgrounds. It builds up character.

Note: This ability if it did exist, would probably need a template and need to be approved by a staff member because of how powerful it can be. Can't let anyone just use this ability so they can go haywire on everyone. It would be chaos. However, with proper restrictions and rules on this it can be beneficial to this site. Making the template for this type of ability would be either the Admin or another staff member for I'm not suitable to see fit for it knowing I'm a new member.

If you don't like this idea or see flaws in it, let me know! I'm open to options.
Very Happy
Safer Sephiroth

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Re: Ability To Transform Into Titan?

Post by Alan Katlewande on 22/4/2017, 12:34

In this forum's story, some people do have the power to titan-shift. Out of the players, only one person on this forum has this power.
Obviously, not everyone gets access to this power because of obvious God-modding risks and the general scarcity of the power, lore-wise.
The admins have to approve all characters anyway, so as long as it's part of the normal bio, I don't see why it would need its own template. It's not a very common thing, anyway, so the admins should approve it on a per-case basis.

Alan Katlewande

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Re: Ability To Transform Into Titan?

Post by Herdir on 22/4/2017, 15:16

Titan Shifting is actually explicitly mentioned in the rules, in Extra Character Stuff.
The ability to Titan Shift would be written as extra, and subjected to the broad-swipe template those use (What/Why/How).

Of course it makes sense that the ability exists, and to be fair, there will actually be a character with it already (Severin Wildner). On the other hand, that is due to personally knowing the person for quite long, and trusting his ability to RP that accordingly.

The short form is: we allow it, but only once we're sure you can make it work. We don't want to have ten million useless shifters, but to have a few with a great impact. As Alan said, that will lead to an analysis per individual case. We might move to more general templates and such upon having enough forum members to warrant it, but there is no sign of that being anytime soon.

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Re: Ability To Transform Into Titan?

Post by Sponsored content

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