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District Sizes, Population, etc.

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District Sizes, Population, etc.

Post by cornix on 23/4/2017, 00:43

Guess what people, Herdir and I got bored today. And as we already calculated the more important and useful stuff we now went on to calculate the sizes of a district. (Correction: As Herdir already calculated...same as before all the math credit goes to him.)

For one thing we only knew how high a wall was, not the width (we first used the width that is somewhere on the wiki, but that one proved to be false).
So we took a picture out of some episode and used the ratio to calculate the rough size of one of the wall segments.

Which gives us a rough size of 20m per segment.

Going by this picture of a district we calculated the area.

This gives us a rough size of 208 000 m^2.

We counted the houses in one segment and rounded it up to 6 (looking at the rest of the district, this seemed more appropriate). We also did not take roads into consideration. If every family consists of four members you end up getting a rough population density of 0.06 people/ meter^2. That would mean around 12 000 people per district.

In the anime it somewhen says that 250 000 people died with Wall Maria and that those 250 000 is a fifth of the population. Multiplying this by four gives us a total population of 1 050 000.

Going back to the 12 000 per district. 8 districts are left, that would mean 96 000 people live in districts (not taking huge city in Wall Sina into consideration or the Underground). Given that there is a total of 1 050 000 we can calculate that around 9% of the total population live in districts.

What else can we calculate? Given that we know the total area of in between the walls the total population density would be at 1.6 people/ km^2. Which is less than the population density in the Sahara, which is at 2 people/ km^2.
It’s also three times less dense than medieval UK.

What confused Herdir and me alot at first was the small area of the districts.
Just that you understand what we mean: a comparison to the central park in New York.

SO! Why is this in ‘Wonky ideas’ and not in Plot as the calculation thingy we did before? Well...first: There are massive difference between Manga and anime, the whole thing above is just anime based, not Manga. Secondly: It involved alot of assumptions.

Going by this picture of the manga (which is sadly incomplete, so I just went on and assumed the same amount of segments as in the anime pictures)

(I calculated the following things, so...beware of mistakes).

According to this picture the wall is around 60m long which would mean the district’s area is around 1 453 858 m^2.

There are around 200 people/ 3600m^2. (For why see picture)
The density stays the same.

But given the size of the area that would mean around 85 000 people per district
but that would mean 680 000 people live in districts. That would mean roughly 64% live in cities.

You see the differences now.

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