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Extra Character Stuff

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Extra Character Stuff

Post by Admin on 31/3/2017, 13:04

Of course, the character sheet won't ever truly manage to cover all of your characters by itself, or changes to the sheet post approval. Tricky, unique weapons, pet companions, political connections, and even titan shifting, all of them are covered by this. Well, in fact, literally anything that's about stuff your character has, but isn't covered by the sheet, is here.

In order to get something, you post it in the Idea Board, in the Requests part. We will review the request asap, and then if you got it, we'll tell you, then put all the stuff on your character (as any accepted characters will be locked threads).

In order to get your request granted, we don't really ask that much. The main two things are: "Why?" (Note: 'Because it would be friggin awesome.' is actually an answer if you give an example of such awesome situation) and "How do you explain it?" (Which means, how did your character get it? If you explain well enough, you'll get it, and if not, you'll be asked to elaborate on points).
Apart from that, just don't make it blatantly OP and you're good to go.

Oh, and, you can and should ask for stuff even after your character has been approved, and you've RPed for a while. This is in fact our main progression system, so use it to its full extent (note: this is also how you request stat increases post-approval).


What: what it is you're applying for

Why: why you want to have it (once again, can be very simple)

How: how your character got it (once again, this has to make sense)

Note on Titan Shifting: while we get it's really damn cool, we'll actually be very hesitant with this one. The reason behind is that titan shifting is such a notorious thing, as well as rare, that it would make no sense for everyone to do it. As such, for example, we won't allow you to start with a titan shifting character (unless it's a REALLY good character, but that's unlikely) and we'll be very careful to whom we allow that later on too.

Note on technology: as far as military technology goes, feel free to write anything that passes through your mind, but keep in mind the following (we admins surely will when we review the request): military warfare between humans does not exist anymore. Thus, military warfare tech against humans has no reason to exist. Machine-guns, for example, would be thoroughly useless against the titans, so they're unlikely to ever exist. People-to-people weapons can be developed, but mostly by adapating anti-titan tech (for example, the manga Anti-Personnel 3DMG).


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