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Start here!

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Start here!

Post by Admin on 31/3/2017, 13:26

This is a little guide we've compiled together for those who are just freshly here and want to rp. As such, let's get straight into it:

1. Read the Forum Rules. Really, it'll take you like 2 minutes, and those things are for absolutely everywhere in here, so do that first.

2. Read the Official Plot page. It contains information about the anime/manga (if by any chance you don't know them), but more importantly it details which information is official (because we RP in a spin-off universe from AoT), and the way we roll in general. Really, you should read it.

3. Read the Roleplaying Rules. Yes, we know, lots of rules. But you really should do that, because you can't possibly rp if you don't follow those. They're the usual stuff you'll see on forums, but still give them a read.

4. If you're done with the rules, a character is up next. Go to Wonky Ideas to discuss character concepts with other people (and admins, too), or, if you already have an idea, go straight to the Character Template and write it all out.

5. Once the template is written, post it in Character Applications. Soon enough, an admin will go by, read it, tell you to change anything that has to be changed, then once everything is ok, approve it. As soon as it's approved, you can jump into roleplaying.

6. But, what if you want something more for your character, like a unique weapon or a pet? Well, then read the Extra Character Stuff and make a request in the Extra Requests forum. It'll go through the same process as the character, and once approved, it can be used.

7. Roleplay and have fun!


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