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Henrietta Friedlander (WIP)

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Henrietta Friedlander (WIP)

Post by Henrietta Friedlander on 11/7/2017, 08:55

Name: Henrietta (Enri) Friedlander

Age: 22

Group: Garrison Corps

Rank/Profession: Soldier - Crisis Response Specialist
Henrietta's ability to think quickly and precisely under immense stress has led to her becoming a fixture on the front lines in situations where civilians are involved. She primarily oversees Search & Rescue and Relocation operations.

Appearance: Henrietta has strawberry blonde hair which she wears freely over her shoulder, as well as freckles and clear blue eyes. Beneath her jacket, she wears a green shirt with the top few buttons left undone, as well as a pair of black gloves. When reading, or performing other close-up tasks, she must wear a pair of glasses, which she wears with the straps common for soldiers. Her face is constantly aloof, and she frequently appears to be lost in thought. She is of average height for a Germanic woman, and has quite the appealing physiology.

Identity: Few people can accurately describe Henrietta's inner character, as she is extremely introverted, and rarely shares her emotions or thoughts with others. This is because she is usually conducting extensive conversations within her own head, and creating elaborate defensive structures in her imagination. It is difficult to keep Henrietta's attention and interest with anything other than direct combat, though thankfully this is an area in which she shines. She is not particularly agile when compared to some others within the military, though she is still far above a cadet's level of speed. She prefers to move at a distance when attacking titans, so that she may always have her advantage of mobility. Her mind is extremely creative and detail oriented, but she is inept when combat strategy comes into play. When fighting, her mind switches over from thinking mode to fighting mode, and she shows a level of aggression that is unbecoming of her. Despite this, Henrietta's brain operates at lightening speed when she is under stress, and she makes critical and complex decisions instantaneously and effectively. She uses this ability in her favor frequently, and Henrietta can be found on the front lines of any emergency situation.

Preferences: *Enri hates her birth name (from her mother's French descent), and much prefers the shortened version that her father (of German descent) gave to her: Enri.
*Enri is a habitual tobacco smoker, and every morning hand-rolls 15 cigarettes to last her for the day. She always smokes the last one before bed.
*Enri's introversion and good memory come together to create an extremely spiteful woman. Though she does not get offended easily, anything Enri perceives as a slight against her will almost certainly lead to someone's comeuppance in the future.
*Enri is very protective of the people she holds dear, to the point that she would be genuinely willing to give up her own life for any of them. This primitive instinct extends to any of her squad-mates, as well as the civilians she frequently takes under her wing in times of crisis.
*Enri is obsessive, but only over things that she takes genuine interest in. These are the things to which she will devote herself whole-heartedly.
*Enri is quite vulgar, but only when she is feeling relaxed, or discussing something she is very passionate about.


Strength: 5
Agility: 7
Intellect: 10

Henrietta Friedlander

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