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Samantha Hill

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Samantha Hill Empty Samantha Hill

Post by Sam_Hill on 13/7/2017, 16:44

Samantha Hill SamhillAoTbetter_zps81d39c2b
Name: Samantha Hill.
Age: 28.
Group: Survey Corps.
Rank/Profession: Private/Special Operative.

Weight: 65kg.
Height: 1.77 Meters.
Body build: Slim and athletic.  
Shape of face: Heart shaped.
Eye color: Brown.
Skin tone: Light, slightly tanned from being outside most of the time, due to missions etc.
Hair color: Blonde.
Hairstyle: Short and punkish in style.
Voice: Deep yet with a feminine edge to it.
Overall attractiveness: Considered rather good looking despite her harsh personality.

Sam is a quite stern and rough woman and not very sociable, she usually sticks to herself and obviously has some problems which is evident by her heavy drinking, she always carries a small flask with her, containing whatever alcohol she happened to dig up. If Sam has a softer side to her she sure hides it well and by personality, she is one of those people that are really hard to like. Samantha might be a harsh and rude person, but when it comes to children her entire demeanor takes on an almost unbelievable change. She becomes kind, caring and motherly. She is even known to have been seen smiling in these instances.

Of all her bad habits the most visible and obvious one is her time and pay spend in taverns. She is commonly seen sitting by herself in a secluded corner in whatever tavern the city she is stationed in has to offer. Rarely company is seen joining her. If this is by her own wish or simply because people tend to avoid her is another matter entirely. Though calling her a 'lone wolf' or 'drunk' to her face usually earns the reward of a broken nose.

Before battle she can appear out of the blue as a stumbling and swaying mess, this naturally would be a clear reason for a dishonourable discharge if it wasn't for her seemingly unnatural ability to sober up as she jumps to engage the enemy. This is another reason as to why those in command deploy her carefully. She is prone to not listening to orders at all, doing her 'own thing' when it comes to Titans, making it hard to give any other mission parameters other than letting her 'clear a path' for others more organized and collected. She is a wildcard, only kept in the military for desperate measures.

Strength and Weaknesses
Greatest Strength: Despite her flaws and nearly always being drunk when she is in the air with her maneuvering gear having a deadly grace, edge and efficiency when it comes to killing titans.

Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Despite her skill she seems to lose herself and almost go into a hateful frenzy in direct encounters with Titans, which makes her very bad at teamwork and a liability to the rest of her squad and fellow soldiers at times, if it wasn't because of her skill she probably wouldn't have made it this far.

-Likes: Drinking, cigarettes, snow.
-Dislikes: Being sober, hot and dry climates.
-Fears: Facing reality. Samantha has a tendency to get stuck in her own views of how things work or how things are.
-Goal(s): Revenge.

Samantha was born in a small mountain village within the confines of the outer ring. High mortality for infants and adults alike due to the harsh conditions and almost constant blizzards. The village being insignificant in most aspect except for the small amounts of raw precious metals they managed to mind despite these conditions. When the outer wall was breached it wasn't the Titans that became the village's downfall, it was the very weather the population had grown so adept at fighting, but with supplies being cut as people retreated from surrounding areas and ending up completely isolated in the middle of titan infested territory, they were left but with few options, they had to brave the dangers of the new no man's land, to escape, to seek refuge behind the middle walls.

Not much is known about this voyage except that it was devastating, which should be no surprise. Of the hundred villagers who set out only ten managed to reach the relative safety of the middle wall. Samantha having lost everything, her sister, her parents and the safety of her village she held so dear, was all but gone. What was left was a burning rage for revenge and what else could a girl like her do? But to sign up for the military. Through hardship in the village's cold climate and through the test of the long trek from her village to the intact middle wall, she was forged. Steel melted by rage and hatred, tempered by the cold winds and snow of her upbringing.

What she had in willpower she appeared to lack in skill. She did complete her training to be a soldier but did so finishing last of her class. Prone to failure and accompanying rage when she did, she did make a striking figure. The military leadership itself being desperate in these trying times with Titans going from a problem far away to one at the doorstep, was the only reason she passed. An abrasive person with no friends, nothing much was expected from her when she was first sent out with the Survey Corps.

Her first mission ended up being as horrid as most recon missions tend to be. Except for one fact. Samantha. For all her flaws, Titans were the answer. Despite being a new recruit and a failure at that, she fought with such ferocity and skill that it seemed she was another person entirely. Rumour has it, that it was only because of her that even a fraction of the team survived. Rumour or not, this earned her a reputation, a fierce one at that. Her personality combined with the mystery of her skills made her equally infamous and respected among her peers and those above.

Through her military career, she became known as a liability though at the same time an individual with a knack for killing titans. The duality of these two facts dividing people's general opinion of her. Her large kill count would have landed others of more respectable character a shift advancement through the ranks, but in Samantha's case, her reckless behavior and indifference to the military and indeed 'humanity' itself has proven to be an obvious obstacle. Due to this, she has become somewhat of a wildcard. Being assigned left and right where the command finds it needed, the main thing they have to rely on being Samantha's skill and hatred when it comes to clearing out Titans, but at the same time realizing the liability she can become when dealing with other, or working together with other soldiers. Regardless of rumours, the general opinion is; That when Samantha makes an appearance shit has hit the fan and mayhem is to come.

Strength: 6
Agility: 15
Intellect: 5
(Total: 26)

A hip flask of whatever alcohol she has managed to find.

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Samantha Hill Empty Re: Samantha Hill

Post by Herdir on 13/7/2017, 19:33


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