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William Adler

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William Adler  Empty William Adler

Post by William Adler on 15/7/2017, 02:20

Name: William Adler (Called Marian when in female disguise).

Nickname: Will, Marie, W/e you can come up with.

Age: 19.

Group: Civilian

Rank: Singer (Marian) - Odd-Jobs/Thief (William).

Though Will isn't famous as William, he is famous as Marian. A young and beautiful singer isn't all that rare in the inner districts, but there are few with Will's singing talent. His voice, though he struggles a bit to pull it higher than it really stands, is a thing to marvel at. Add his unusual grace and ability to charm every person around him with mere words, and you get Marian Adler, the white rose of the inner district. It didn't take him long to make his way up the ladder as Marian Adler, and it's pretty easy to maintain his position there, since William Adler is never someone people know of, especially people who keep Marian Adler in their company.


Height: 172 cm.
Weight: 60 kg.
Hair Color/Length: Black, Reaches down to his shoulders, Usually caught up in a high bun/pony-tail (William) - Dark blue wig, Reaches down to his torso, Usually loose (Marian).
Eye Color: Light grey.

Initially being born a small child, Will would never really be able to develop into anything huge. He didn't fancy muscles anyway, so, merely keeping fit was enough for him. Thankfully for his crossdressing tendencies, William has a very fair complexion, gentle eyes framed by notably long eyelashes and his general features are refined and elegant enough to be called feminine. His fingers are long and rather boney, something he doesn't like much about himself, which is why he usually keeps them hidden inside gloves, especially as Marian. The entirety of his body is clean of scars, and he intends to keep it that way, with the help of a lot of clothing layers.

William Adler  OlBjZp6William Adler  AmZIY0m

Identity: William is a very curious person. He takes joy in witnessing different people's reactions on things, and worships emotions on human faces. He generally excludes himself from the human population, and rather views the rest of the people around him like empty canvases he can paint on and admire afterwards. He can't see himself as anything as interesting as other people. It's not that he's selfless -on the contrary, he's quite selfish, especially when it comes to his body's well-being-, but he also doesn't give himself credit for anything. The only thing keeping him attached to himself is his need to cultivate it as much as possible so that he can fully enjoy others.

He's a daring and bold individual, but he knows when to restrain himself and when not to. He might push it far, but never beyond the boundaries, even if it seems he has no limits. He frequently got himself in trouble in the past and has gained a lot of experience in choosing the right approaches towards certain people. But punishments and such don't pose a problem or inconvenience for him, as long as they don't keep him away from civilization (eg. a prison cell).

And while he is a natural watcher and not someone who puts himself in the middle of things, the occupation that brings in his main income might make him look like an attention seeker of sorts. Being a singer does come with a lot of attention, but William doesn't focus on that. He does it partly because it is the only talent he has he can practice as a job, and partly for the reactions. The gestures and emotions he receives as a female singer are vastly different than those he gets as a male street rat, and variety is what he lives for.



Literature - He enjoys art of any type, but he favors literature above all, seeing as its lengthier than paintings or music pieces and songs, and can keep him hooked for quite a long time.

Change - He loves new things, in whatever form they may come, bad and good.

Entropy - Indifference has always fascinated him. It's something eye-catching and exciting and he's all in for that sort of thing.


Sour things - It's not that he doesn't like the alarming uniqueness of sourness, but the aftertaste is just too unbearable.

Emptiness - Whether it be an empty box, a plain colored wall or an empty plate, William needs to fill it up. He doesn't know when these little things started bothering him, but it's a real problem to him, as trivial as it might sound.

Being taken advantage of - Being a singer, and a generically famous one at that, he often becomes a tool in the eyes of people above him, or below him. He despises it when people use their acquaintance with him to boast, or when they seek his company just for the name of Marian Adler.


William is not afraid of many things. He embraces opportunities and situations, as bad as they might be, most of the time just so he can satisfy his curiosity. And thus what he really fears is being in the opposite side of that. Not being offered things (new or old) or not being able to create new things himself. He would much prefer to be tortured in the worst ways every day than to be all alone and away from any humanly existence.


Having no expectations to live up to, or family to protect, there is only one one thing that keeps him going in life, and that is his curiosity. The only reason William avoids death is that he simply is too curious to see what happens next. There is no real goal in his life. He just feels like he needs to keep going. See all there is to see, and if that isn't enough, create whatever can be created.

Backstory: William was an accident in a back alley. His father was a drunk, and his mother an orphan in the streets. Not only that, but the young woman was also blind. Will never got her to tell him how she became blind or if she was born that way; he actually didn't get her to tell him a lot of things, for their time together was short. Once she had him, she sought help from various people to raise him. They moved around a lot. He rarely got to spend much time with her; she was always working at a place little children shouldn't even look upon, in her own words. When they did meet though, the woman would always sing to him, every time a different song. With time, the boy came to take after his mother's habits and sing whenever it wouldn't bother the owner of the house they resided in.

The year he turned eleven, his mother died. They told him it was a fever gone wrong and threw him out in the streets, without giving him even a single hair from his mother's head to remember her, much more showing him her dead body. He didn't pursue the matter though. The woman had always advised him in moving forward. Nothing good could come out of hanging onto old things, she'd said and he would follow her words, at least for as long as this world allowed him to.

Now an orphan in the streets, with nothing but his voice and body to offer for a living, William found himself in his mother's shoes. Well, almost. At first he stole. It was what everyone else did. He got in trouble, and stole again, and got in trouble again, and the wheel went on and on until he realized it wasn't going to work for him. He had to find a different way to survive. He found one in singing. He sang in the streets, even recited some poetry -from whatever book he could get his hands on-, but pay was low. Many complimented, but also turned their backs. If only you weren't a boy, they said, and William decided. He wouldn't be a boy anymore.

With a wig and a good dress, the boy became a girl and performed until he got noticed by the big names. He kept his identity a secret to those who weren't close enough to him, and slowly built up a proper audience. He now sings in theaters and attends fancy dinners as the young and talented Marian Adler, the singer with the mysterious past and captivating voice.


Strength: 3
Agility: 5
Intellect: 10

Extra: He prefers loose and airy clothing when in female disguise, so as to conceal certain lacking features. Never talks about his past to anyone, and even if faces from it reappear in his present, he pretends not to know them.
William Adler
William Adler

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William Adler  Empty Re: William Adler

Post by Herdir on 16/7/2017, 17:06


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