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Official Plot

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Official Plot

Post by Admin on 31/3/2017, 15:05

This is the official plot page of the forum. Anything written here is canon for the purpose of RPing.

First: Attack on Titan (skip this if you're familiar with the universe)

The roleplay takes place in a dystopian universe, where humanity was almost wiped off of earth's face, and are now hiding behind three immense walls, fighting for survival. Their enemy are the Titans, huge humanoids whose only weak spot are the napes of their neck, capable of regenerating absolutely any other wound. They consume humans for seemingly no reason, as their bodies do not need nutrition, and they will hunt any human that they spot. They ignore wildlife, and sleep during the night.

The titans are usually quite slow for their size, as they almost never run. They are still more than capable to follow a running human, though, as their large strides make up for the lack of pace. Even more dangerous still, are the Abnormals. They run very quickly (or crawl on four legs, equally fast), and have the ability to jump over large distances with terrifying speed.

In facing this threat, humanity has taken refuge in the safety of three walls: Maria(outer), Rose(mid) and Sina(inner). They stand at 50 meters tall, making it impossible for any titan to pass. Or, so humanity thought until the Colossal Titan appeared, able to break the wall open and let hordes of titans assault humanity, forcing the retreat all the way to the safety of wall Rose.

In order to fight the titans, humanity has developed a device called Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear, 3DMG for short, which allows them to move in all three dimensions by the use of a pair of hooks. Using these and the attached sword-like blades, the soldiers can face up to the titans by twisting around them and attacking their weak point, the nape.

More information: http://attackontitan.wikia.com/wiki/Attack_on_Titan_Wiki
Watch the anime or read the manga

Then: Specific Information (Read this even if you are familiar with the universe)

First and foremost, the RP does NOT take place in the canon universe. In this regard, Eren, Mikasa, Armin and co. do not exist. They never did. As such, do not try to link anything to them. Doing so will make that post irrelevant to the RP, and flag it for asap deletion.

Secondly (spoiler warning): For those who read the manga, do know that all of the ancient conspiracy stuff does not exist (and nor does Elkia). Titans are not product of Ymir (although titan serum is still a thing), and nor does the Curse of Ymir exist for shifters. There is no such thing as a Special Operations MP squadron dedicated to killing those who 'know the truth', mostly because there is no 'truth' to talk of; the reality is, literally no human alive actually knows what the hell titans are, where they come from, or have too much pre-titan history available. There are some that have slightly correct guesses and know slight parts of the whole picture, but those are NPCs controlled by admins in exclusivity.

Also please do note that the MP is only corrupt in the conventional manner (aka drinking, gambling, and overusing their power for their own goals).

The fall of Shiganshina did happen, and so did the fall of Trost, but the breach in the latter hasn't been fixed (as Eren does not exist). Also, the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan are not known to be shifters, nor do their human counterparts (in the manga and anime) exist. The Female titan does not exist. Pretty much none of the anime/manga characters exist, with the sole exception of the four people in absolute charge of the military:

The General: Darius Zackly
The Garrison Commander: Dot Pixis
The Chief of the Survey Corps: Erwin Smith
The Military Police Commander: Nile Dok

After them, all other military ranks are filled by either (generic) NPCs or players (or player-related NPCs). The ranks themselves are, in order: Captain , Squad/Brigade leader, Team/Regiment leader, Soldier. Any soldier, of any rank, can also choose at will to take other battlefield/administrative roles, such as Field Medic, Artillery Operator etc.


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