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Elon Friedrich Montaigne (WIP)

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Elon Friedrich Montaigne (WIP) Empty Elon Friedrich Montaigne (WIP)

Post by Mr.Nero on 15/7/2017, 11:12

Elon Friedrich Montaigne (WIP) Screen10

Name: Elon Friedrich Montaigne

Age: 19

Group: Survey Corps

Rank: Soldier

Appearance: Elon has dark brown medium-length hair that reaches to the bottom of his neck, although it is noticeably shorter in the front. He stands at 5'10 (177.8cm), and is somewhat thin for his height, weighing 126.7 lb (57.5 kg). He is often mistaken for being slightly older than actually is, this is due to him often having fairly prominent dark circles under his eyes, these dark circles stand out even more due to Elon's blue eyes which most people would describe as his best feature along with his jawline. Elon also has a slightly larger nose than average, but it's not truly big enough for it to be a noticeable feature.

Elon is actually far more handsome when he has short hair, although he is insecure about the size of his forehead which he believes is too large, so as a result he tries to keep his hair at a fairly decent length and is rarely seen with short hair.

He is most often seen wearing his military uniform, and Survey Corps heavy green hip-length hooded cloak with the hood up over his head.





Strength: 6
Agility: 15 (see backstory
Intellect: 7


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