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The Red Titan

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The Red Titan

Post by Nerdeity on 24/7/2017, 08:09

Name: The Red Titan (Severin's Titan)


-In Control: When in control, the Red Titan acts much like his human self. Before transforming, Severin will oftentimes wear some sort of identity concealment - recently, his go-to is the rose-crested vi Rauco death mask. He tends to go after strategically valuable areas, mainly along the Wall(s), to prod for weaknesses in the defense. And to cause casualties among the ranks. The Red Titan also acts to disable or hinder military operations and assists any efforts at stopping the research of Titan anatomy. He also will kill any Military Police on sight. His tactics are, more often than not, hit and run strikes. When he stays however, expect lots of collateral damage. The Red Titan fights a lot like his human self, using martial arts techniques to dispatch of other Titans, and occasionally, will use humans as Titan bait. The Red Titan will run when things get too hot for him, and when he no longer views the current situation as tactically viable. When engaging humans, the Red Titan will cover its neck to protect it from the blades of whomever is zipping towards it. When facing large Titans and/or other Shifters, the Red Titan will perform a small jump, and bring his fists down upon the victim’s head with the aid of momentum. He will not, however, attack Ember Squadron. The Red Titan communicates by roars, like other Titans and shifters. However, the Red Titan can communicate in morse code to humans, allowing for him to talk with humans while in Titan form. When engaging in combat, the Red Titan will let out a very loud roar before entering a combat stance.

-Not In Control:When not in control, the Red Titan loses all control, and will wildly attack. The Red Titan becomes much more aggressive than he normally would be, and hits much harder as well. Any human, Titan, cannon, or building becomes fair game for the Red Titan. He still hates Military Police, and kills them much more brutally, almost focusing on Military Policemen alone. He will also eat people. This is something he almost never does when in control. The Red Titan abandons all grasp of martial arts, and instead uses brute force to make his attacks. Hitting, kicking, and other primal assaults make up the majority of these attacks. The Red Titan also will use the terrain as a weapon, swinging belltowers like baseball bats, and kicking houses like soccer balls. Retreat is an unknown word to the Red Titan when lost in rage, and instead he will continue charging until no longer capable of doing so. When in the midst of combat, the Red Titan will beat the current opponent into the ground before moving on to the next opponent. The Red Titan also does not cover his neck, opting for total offensive output over defense. He rarely stops moving and is constantly swinging, making the nape harder to target. Getting within a mile of the Red Titan is dangerous, as debris is constantly flying, not to mention his limbs as well. The Red Titan will rarely use Titans as weapons, swinging them like flails at whomever was unfortunate enough to catch his attention.

Height: 35 Meters

Appearance: The Red Titan stands at a hulking 35 meters tall. It’s eyes glow a blood red, and the Titan’s body is very well sculpted, almost like a statue. The hair of the Red Titan is not much different from his human form, except it isn’t combed back. The brown hair instead flows freely, faintly swaying in the wind like on the cover of a romance novel. The skin of the Red Titan is several shades redder than most Titans, but not as red as bare muscle. The Red Titan's dermal layers are also very thick, and blades will sometimes get caught in the skin. This proves very useful around the nape, which is very thick, and requires multiple slices to get through. The fists of the Red Titan also have thicker skin, mainly around the knuckles. The mouth of the Red Titan is relatively normal for a Titan, and the teeth don't vary from the norm either. His figure is proportioned adequately, with a slightly thicker abdomen and arm structure than normal. Every inch of the Red Titan is covered in sculpted muscle, a towering monstrosity in peak physical condition. When standing, the Red Titan will stand in a half-cocked martial arts stance. When the Red Titan is running, the ground thunders amidst his deafening steps. The Red Titan stands with a gait that resembles a slightly bothered Englishman, and the red sausage of a left arm the Red Titan has tends to float out a bit. Despite his somewhat bulky figure, the Red Titan is deceivingly agile, and anyone who underestimates this speed often pays the price.

Special:The Red Titan's main, frightening ability is it's constant bleeding. Everywhere. It's as if the Red Titan oozes blood. Scalding hot, steaming Titan blood. All the time. A red shower with a vengeance, one might say. Severin himself only recently began oozing blood, the ability manifesting shortly after he killed Adar vi Rauco.

Background: Since there's no specified word count and I don't feel like forcing you blokes to read the god-awful backstory I wrote two years ago, I'll just put in a TL:DR version.

Essentially, Severin's dad led a small Titan cult in Shiganshina, with Severin their unwitting idol, and this drew the attention of the Military Police. They swooped in, abducted the poor boy, and whisked him off to experiment on him. It was here that they tortured Severin for a time unknown to him, his salvation coming in the form of rebellious Garrison members who'd caught wind of the Military Police torturing some kid in a dungeon. Fighting him out of there, Severin's rescuers came to be called Ember Squadron, and they've stuck with him ever since. Most of said members subsequently died during an MP ambush in Hermiha, and the few that remain are now irrevocably tied to Severin's revenge spree.

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Re: The Red Titan

Post by Herdir on 24/7/2017, 14:39


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