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The breach of wall Sina?

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The breach of wall Sina?

Post by Roland_Dervious on 27/7/2017, 18:04

Sure wall Sina is an inner wall. But, Trost and Shiganshina have been breached. The colossus titan would probably move in to the Inner wall to breach probably going to kill the rest of humanity. HOWEVER, I think I have found something within the lore about a 4th Wall that the humans may be able to retreat to while the branches fight for Sina.


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Re: The breach of wall Sina?

Post by Herdir on 27/7/2017, 18:21

Well, first of all, Rose would fall before Sina, as it was only the outer gate of Trost that fell, not the inner gate of it.

Besides, though, losing Rose would be a step from utter death, and losing Sina would mean that death. Even if there is another wall within Sina, the area would simply not be enough (look at the post cornix made regarding population and area calculations).


What you are saying is the idea of another wall further away from Maria (manga page with wall inscription with 4 walls, the three + one extra outer wall), so theoretically that was already breached. More supporting information for that is the fact King Friz was bragging about 'Tens of millions of wall titans', whereas calculating the circumference of the walls yield only about 585,000 titans, barely half a million. If there was to be another wall, though, the tens of millions becomes possible, assuming the 4th wall was far enough.

Regardless, it would be impossible to retreat to, as it's the other way from where it's safe. And it's also part of the stuff we don't have on the forum (or at least no humans alive know of it).

The Colossal Titan is a plot device for us, and should things become boring, we will use the guy. Until such desperate situations, though, we'd much rather not, as it starts making the situation much, much trickier. Thus, for all humanity knows, the Titan just appeared twice, with a lot of years between, and while there is no guarantee it won't show up again, nor is there any that it will.

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Re: The breach of wall Sina?

Post by cornix on 27/7/2017, 23:57

I am sure that losing Rose would be utter death as well...the main problem would be getting food. I agree with Herdir otherwise

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Re: The breach of wall Sina?

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