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Alan's Squad

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Alan's Squad

Post by Alan Katlewande on 29/7/2017, 23:09

Although it is officially named "The 9th Special Squadron Of His Majesty The King's Military Police", it is usually referred to instead as the "Special Investigation Squad", or simply "Alan's Squad".
It is exceptionally small, currently housing 5 members including the Captain Katlewande.
The Squad deals with irregular investigations and affairs that are out of the norm for regular MPs, and answers directly to Commander Dok.
At the moment, the Squad is heading the Red Titan case, as well as some smaller cases.

The team was hand-picked by Alan, using his vast knowledge of the personnel in the Military Police to construct a team that was optimized for investigation, adaptable, and most importantly - not corrupt.
Not that none of its members dealt with corruption. In the Military Police, everyone has been involved with some form of corruption in some way.
Upon joining the team, Alan had given them 'the talk'. In it, he revealed to them of all the wrong-doings they have ever done, made them promise to refrain from corruption and injustice, and convinced them to join him.
These are the current members of the team:

Hyda Muchei:
A sweet and honest girl, she grew up in the comforts of the inner city. During her childhood, a Military Policeman helped her find her lost cat. From that day, she wanted to become a Policewoman, to help those in need. Her father, wanting his daughter to be happy, tried to convince her to not join. When he saw there was nothing he could do, he started running things in the background as his daughter was a trainee - getting rid of soldiers who were too good, putting 'mean' sergeants in place, and of course - lots of bribing to put his daughter in the Military Police. His daughter was ignorant to all that, and believed that it was her skill that put her amongst those qualified to join the MPs. Truth was, she was below average in terms of skill.
Still, she had the spirit Alan needed, the motivation. He could fill in the rest.
She no longer talks to her father, now that she knows the truth.

Vindhelm Grimmid:
He was there, just like so many other children, when the wall was breached, when the world seemed to end. Barely making it out alive, now homeless and poorer than ever, Vindhelm made a vow.
Others swore vengeance against the titans, wanting revenge against the titans.
Vindhelm wanted to never see a titan again - run off to the safest place in the world. He tried to sneak into the inner city a few times, always getting caught on the way. He finally realized his only way of achieving his dream would be to join the Military Police. He tapped into his strengths, that were his large size and brute force, and managed to scrape his way to the 10th spot. Finally in the Military Police, he fit right in with the expansive lifestyle, drinking and gambling and what not. However, it was the sense of justice that Alan found curious. There were multiple reports of him getting into fights with other MPs when it came to abuse of power, of corruption and dealing with poor criminals. It appeared the brute had not forgotten his origin, and despite 'making it' to the confines of the inner city, still wanted to help the poor and needy.
Vindhelm grudgingly lay off from his excessive lifestyle, knowing deep down that this new team was going to do more good than he could ever do in the Military Police alone.

Peter Zimny:
There was no easy way to put this - Peter was scary. His eyes were different colours, and he always stared, unblinking. He was remarkably tall and skinny, earning the nickname scarecrow. There were rumours of him killing those who made fun of him, but Alan knew that wasn't true. Not exactly, at least. He did hurt some people pretty badly, both physically and psychologically. He was always good at doing what he wanted with minimal effort. Some may call it lazyness, but Alan knew that the silent man was a genius tactitian. He knew what he had to do, when he had to do it, and all that easily put him in the top 10 of his class. Behind the silent facade, he was always calculating, always watching. He was considerably smarter than Alan, possibly smarter and quicker than he'd ever be... But he was cold. Cruel, almost. He lacked sympathy towards others.
However, when in dilemma, he usually chose the right thing to do. When Alan confrotned him with the atrocities he commited, he knew the easiest course of action would be to join Alan, and so he had. Alan hopes to teach him compassion and love... Before he finds a good enough reason to kill him.

Ottomer Dvarge:
Otto was a curious case. No recorded history, no official documentation. He claims to suffer from amnesia, one day waking up in Stohess with no memory save for his name.
The young man didn't seem to have any particular motivation. He was cynical, and sarcastic to an almost extreme level, but simply put, he was golden. From physical stunts, to teamwork, to even cooking and camping, he was always just good at what he did. Lacking even the slightest bit of motivation, he made it to the top 3 of his class, not even knowing what sort of soldier he wanted to become. He chose MP at the end, considering it the least demanding job. He was notable for extreme disinterest at work, usually bailing on menial tasks and instead walking around town. Alan personally did not buy the whole amnesia thing, but he was glad to take under his wing a professioanl soldier with amazing abilities and no criminal record. Otto just chuckled when Alan asked him to join, agreeing immediately, saying he had nothing better to do.
Alan still didn't fully trust him, but he hoped in time he could uncover Otto's past.

Alan Katlewande
Alan Katlewande

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Re: Alan's Squad

Post by Herdir on 11/4/2018, 12:28

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