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HimikoSakurai (Character)

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HimikoSakurai (Character) Empty HimikoSakurai (Character)

Post by Aot/snkgirls on 27/10/2017, 12:12

Name: Himiko Sakurai

Age: 15

Group: Trainee corps


Appearance: She has short hair that hovers just above her shoulder,it is brown with a red fringe. She has pastel blue eyes and some glasses to add to her look. Her glasses have quite a thin,red rim. She is quite short,at the height of ‘5”0. She has a curvy hourglass shaped body with a size b-c chest. Her skin is very pale with freckles that spread over her cheeks and nose. She doesn't look very muscular when wearing the uniform but if you saw her stomach it would be very well toned and her arms are a little bit muscular looking too.

HimikoSakurai (Character) Df6b940110bc35daf689991f456cf409

She never thinks rationally about her decisions,if she wants to kill something,she will go ahead and do it instead of thinking twice. As soon as she makes her decision she will go in and do it,no matter what the risks. This leads to everyone dubbing her as rash but brave. Her bravery can get her in serious trouble but she never learns from it as she continues to just go for it. Now and again,if necessary, she will think twice and when this does happen it shocks people because it is a very rare thing for her. She is not very good with teamwork and she hates having to make plans. She prefers just to go for it,even if it costs her,her life. She is very independent but now and again she can get slightly sad because of being alone,yet again this is a very rare occurrence but can happen from time to time. She also hates having to train for so long just to go out and actually kill. She always has a stoic expression and never shows any emotion. She looks emotionless,like fully emotionless,but really she just hides her emotions most of the time. Usually her emotions is just anger and annoyance but sometimes she can feel sympathy and happiness,she can have a lot of feelings that is just hidden under her emotionless face. She has emotions,but she is just good at suppressing them. To start trusting someone they have to speak to her on a daily basis and if they bring up anything that remind her of her childhood,she accidentally lets out emotions. Once she has shown emotions to someone this means that she is comfortable with them and trusts them enough to be their friend. But this takes a very long time.


-Likes: Killing as many titans as possible,Going straight into the real stuff and not planning,Being alone,Scaring people,Secretly likes anything cute
-Dislikes: Wimps,People who look down on her,Failing to kill a titan,planning
-Fears: The only thing she fears is having someone die because of her.
-Goal(s): She wants to eliminate all titans in revenge for her friends and family.

She was living in the underground with her parents. She was bullied a lot for having glasses and having part red hair,which was natural and she was born with it. She ignored that and continued to be happy with her parents,until she finds out they are some of the most wanted thugs and they are on the list for execution. Her parents had stopped being thugs to raise her,they were assassins and thieves,stealing from shops and stalls whilst also killing people,sometimes they would even make contracts with people and kill a specific person. Her parents were thugs because they wanted to rebel against the kind,they hated him and the fact that he was safe with all the luxuries of food,drinks,comfort,warmth and a large home. They were hidden in a house that was hidden in a cave so that they could evade the military,but soon they are found. They realized that their parents were part of the military,making it easier for them to be caught. Himiko's parents' parents,had said they were not going to tell the military about their hidden home but they lied. They finally get found and whilst Himiko is out,they get killed by members of the military police. Himiko was not killed due to the military police not knowing they had a daughter and as soon as they killed her parents they left the home,leaving the bodies. This lead to her hating the Mp’s. She is found left on the streets by two thugs who become her best friends. She trains with them and becomes one of them. She seemed to do better than them in most things even with less practice,this was only because of her determination.She lives with them for a while and become the most wanted thugs. They were well known for stealing and sometimes even killing. They would send death threats to merchants and say that if they didn't get what they wanted in a certain period of time,they would kill them,and they meant it. She is then caught by a member of the survey corps/scouting legion, with both of her friends asked to join the scouts. They wanted to recruit her not kill her because of her skill with 3DMG and her agility. She had recently learnt to use the 3DMG because of her two new friends,Hiiro and Akane, had two extra. This was because they had belonged to their parents,which had died three years before they met himiko. They had trained together because the 3DMG would help them move around the underground quicker.  They found that this would be useful. When they find out her age,she is told to live in the survey corps headquarters until the day of the trainees camp. She will then start training with the trainees and the goal is to get into   the top ten.Thanks to her background,she is an enemy of the military police and trains her hardest to be the strongest. She is very competitive and wants to win everything,although that cant happen all the time. This has also lead to her being the emotionless and heartless person that she is now.

Strength: 10
Agility: 10
Intellect: 2 (planning things wise)

Extra: She has the 3DMG from the time she is found by the thugs and she always has a gun at her waist. This was a special gun that her parents used to use in assassinations and it has their own unique emblem on the side of it in pure gold. ( If accepted: Later on she has the ability to shift into a 17 meter titan with the same coloured hair and eyes,minus the glasses and she has longer hair as a titan. Her special ability as a titan is her roar,when she roars it lets out a huge blast of air that can kill a maximum of ten titans,this does not include other titan shifters because titan shifters are stronger than the original titans.: This is not a definate,it depends on if its accepted)


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HimikoSakurai (Character) Empty Re: HimikoSakurai (Character)

Post by cornix on 27/10/2017, 12:18


Extra with 3DMG and gun ACCEPTED

Titan not accepted

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