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West Valen Character Sheet

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West Valen Character Sheet Empty West Valen Character Sheet

Post by Bark295 on 22/3/2018, 19:24

Name: West Elias Valen

Age: 19 born in September 15 831

Group: Survey Corps

Rank: Soldier

An olive skinned young woman who stands at 180cm in height and weighs 69kg, West is often mistaken for a man due to her overall build. Raised by a father who had full intentions of his daughter joining the military forces she developed a mesomorph figure with a practically chest-less body, toned arms, and sturdy legs. Despite her masculine appearance there are a few things that hint at her true gender: her hands are feminine with well trim nails, albite lacking the major feminine figure her hips are curved a bit, and her low voice is feminine. Her face consists of a V shape, violet blue almond shaped eyes that give an intimidating gaze, arched eyebrows with 2 tally marks on the left brow, and a seemingly indifferent frown. West’s hair is dark brown, wavy, and the back is trimmed short while the side bangs are shoulder length and often pulled back into a braid. No scars are on this girl other than one on the left brow. Her over all appearance gives a strict intimidating formality that often leads to misunderstanding about her personality. When in civilian attire she wears a white lantern sleeve shirt with a black ribbon tied under a folded collar, dark tan shin length trousers and black leather boots.


West Valen Character Sheet Image10
West Valen Character Sheet Image210

Despite her misleading face West is a kind soul who tries to have the best intention for everyone although she might go about it the right way all the time. When certain situations come up she’ll quickly put the safety of her comrades in front of the success of the mission occasionally leading to rash behavior in attempts to preserve their lives. Otherwise when West sets her mind on something she gains a laser focus and commits everything in her power to pull through for the success of her goals. The girl’s head seems to bare two opposing clicks: her soldier mindset is strict, focus, bold, militaristic, obedient, and sharp while in her normal mindset she is mellow, soft-spoken, wise, and a bit spaced out. While she tries to keep these mindsets separate occasionally there have been accidents where she becomes spaced out while in military mode or strict while in normal mode.
Knowing that most people usually look at her crookedly she tries to stand back in the crowd observing a person and their behavior before deciding whether or not they’d be someone she should talk to or avoid. With people she does know or feels as though she can speak to she could often be described as them talking to an animal, meaning she doesn't always respond leading people to thing she’s ignoring them it’s quite the opposite since she understands everything they say but doesn't always say anything in return. Even if she says few words when West dose speak it’s usually words of advice or words to calm others down during times of hardship.
Looking on in the world she lives in she knows that once everyone gives up its the true end of humanity, knowing that people can easily lose hope if the forget what they’re fighting for, so even if she feels hopeless West tries to get people to see the better side of the day commenting on the sights and sounds they get to enjoy the longer they live. West knows the only thing that stands between everyone and tomorrow are the monstrous titans that are hell bent on eating them, she refuses to let them win even if it meant her last breath would be saving others from being eaten.

Children and animals: There are two things that makes her soften up in a heartbeat: children (or younger appearing people) and animals. The way she grew up she always envied the innocent and free nature of both and sought out to protect those from the harsh world around them. Growing up with siblings she became nurturing to the young often time throwing people off to her normal behavior: her intense glare becomes a dazed look and her permafrown turns into a soft smile as to not scare children with her normally intimidating face. With animals she’ll forget everything she was doing in order to pet or play with them (never in times of danger thought), West rarely passes up the opportunity to watch a carefree animal in action
Honor: West values an honorable action or person when it benefits the cause as a whole unfortunately it extends to people who had good intentions but bad execution
Training: West’s father told her that time spent doing nothing is time that can be spent training, it stuck with her throughout her life since if she was giving down time the first place she would go is to a training course to hone her skills and get better at her trade.
Her Pocket Watch: a gift given to her by her father it’s her constant reminder about why she became the soldier she is today
Her White Bandana: she came across this one day after an injured Survey Corps soldier dropped it from his pocket when trying to return it her father told her the soldier wasn’t going to be able to wear it anymore in the field of battle and that she should wear it when she becomes a soldier. West only wears it wrapped around her arm when in uniform otherwise it’s folded up in her pocket.
Pessimistic People: nothing aggravates her more than someone stating that there’s no hope left and their all going to be eaten. West “gently” reminds them that they survived this long and that giving up is a foolish idea.
Retreat: despite enforcing retreats when necessary she takes defeat hard so when a mission goes south she becomes rather unapproachable for a while lashing out at herself for failing even if it has nothing to do with her.
Military Death Notification: losing comrades is bad enough but having to return and explain that to their families pains her more than the loss itself.
Feeling Hopeless: knowing the feeling of not being able to stop tragedy all too well she becomes depressed and begins acting irrational until stopped  
Her break downs: despite her normally or focus mind she seldom has mild to severe breakdowns triggered by bad memories, these breakdowns depending on severity can be stopped by either words or physically restraining her.
-Fears: losing everything and failing her father’s vision of her
-Goal(s): her main goal is to become the great soldier her father would have been proud to see and protect humanity from the gluttonous titans that torment them daily

West was born in 831 to a renowned Survey Corps soldier named Lukas Valen and a young seamstress named Morgan Valen in Wall Maria. As his pride and joy West’s father had the full intention of his daughter becoming part of humanity's last hope and expected her to aim to surpass him. Although her mother didn’t want her child to become titan food it was clear that the excitement that her husband placed into their child over the years would lead her to a path in the military. When West turned 7, while other children played West and her father consistently went out to the shiganshina district in the unpopulated rural areas to teach his daughter how to do hand to hand combat. He had her practice with a dummy to learn the movements, then once she had the movements down he trained her the power behind it. Starting from things that are relatively light she was told to pull them from a starting point to an endpoint in one continuous go under a set time limit, if she stopped or was to slow then she had to start over. Despite her father often going off to serve his duties in the Survey corps she continued made sure to commit to her training to show her progression when her father returned. Once she was adapted he moved on to something more difficult to move, months passed with this process and West was forced to move things like upright barrels filled with stones, rocks, crates, and sand bags for hours at a time. This exercise was seemingly pointless to her, but she continues to do so until eventually she was capable of pulling her own father sitting in a chair while he planted his feet into the ground. Her father revealed the reason behind the pointless exercise: West now had strength behind her movements so she could actually deal damage to the dummy when she attacked. One day her father told her that she was to now engage a moving opponent... AKA him. A formidable opponent her father was due to years of grueling training himself he easily beat her almost every time. As time passed she became swifter stronger dealing blows every once and awhile. 2 years after the start of her training she finally managed to land a strike right across her father’s face hard enough to knock him back. Impressed with her drive and improvement he decided to teach her another important aspect of the military. West’s father began to teach her how to use 3DMG by utilizing an un-weaponized version for training cadets in balance. Her first time using the 3DMG at the age of 9, unfortunately, she ended up flipping over and smacking her head in the ground giving her a small wound above her brow, despite her failure when her father attempted to remove the gear to call it a night she shook off the fall and demanded to try again. Her father always appreciative of a determined individual set her up again this time giving her a few pointers on how to stay up right. For the longest time she had trouble staying upright since the gear was way too big so in the meantime her father used a low tight rope tied in between 2 trees until she could properly fit. While her training went on at shiganshina daily, the rest of the day was spent at home where she cared for her newborn twin siblings Alistar and Prim.
At age 12 West saw a titan for the first time. The day her father’s team was to be sent out on a short scouting mission she managed to sneak into a cart and hide under a tarp, she was discovered by one of the team members after they were out into the titans territory. Her father immensely furious at his child’s action was given no time to scold West when a scout shouted titan. Swiftly approaching was a runner and the scouts scattered to engage the titan as the girl was left in the cart to watch them in action. Awestruck by the skillful soldiers, West soon became terrified when the titan nearly trampled her by stepping on the cart. A member of her father’s team managed to snatch her before the foot could squash the child. While the man aimed to retreat, West continued to watch the ongoing fight between the survey corps and the titan in the distance. Eventually the titan was slayed and the team retreated back to the wall where her father finally scolded her for nearly getting herself killed. From then on she waited by the gates every time her father went out for missions then waited for his return to hear about the exciting missions they had executed. A few weeks before her 13th birthday West was waiting by the gate for the survey corps to return and when they did she was greeted with a terrible sight, almost half the team was severely injured with a few not even standing among them at all. Among those men was her father she looked up and down the line for him yet nothing… a man who recognized the soldier’s child revealed the agonizing truth that her father was bitten in half from the waist down while trying to save his fellow comrades. Initially not believing them looked over to the cart were the recollected dead laid, one fellow in particular stood out. the half eaten body seamingly gazed back at his child with lifeless eyes. Before the other soldiers could get her away from the dead she had a complete meltdown, throwing fist at the men who tried to save her the torment of seeing him like that shouting that he can’t be dead. Eventually they subdued the child before returning her to her mother then telling the seamstress the same thing they told West. The girl depressed locked herself in her room her until her birthday when her mother finally got her to come out. West’s mother gave her a small box that was supposed to be her father’s gift to her. Inside the box was a pocket watch and a note that read:
“ To my little soldier girl,
If I am not home to give this to you on your birthday don’t worry you can thank me when I get home. This watch was given to me by my father when I was your age, you and I alike went through the same training growing up and I am going to ask of you the same thing my father asked of me: “when you get through your training and graduate you mark the moment when you join the Survey Corps, then you come tell me and i'll mark down the time and date on the inside.” Both our dates are carved on the inner lid and I can’t wait to carve your time as well. I couldn’t more proud of the strong person you’ve become and I anticipate seeing you walk into the front door with your uniform on
With best regards, your father”
West didn’t remain home much longer after that day as she left to go into training almost immediately. Throughout her time as a trainee she up the values of her late father pushing herself to the near limits through her training. While her prior in combat served her well her unfinished training with her 3DMG only served to allow her balance for the longest time. Regardless she made it clear she wasn’t going let her father down and so she spent long nights trying to figure out the secret to properly using the gear. As time went on she watched friends and fellow trainee’s picked off one by one as they didn’t meet the standard of the military. One friend in particular Kage was there during the fall of Wall Maria, He wrote to her that his family and her siblings were able to escape the unfortunate fates of most as the titans mowed through the city for food, but her mother was nowhere to be found. Now have nearly lost everything important to her she pushed herself even harder to become a soldier and save others from the same fate her parents shared. Over years of training she bashed her way through combat, survived long periods of time under harsh conditions, helped rally her wavering comrades with the prospect of a better future, and and became excellent at using 3DMG. Her hard work paid off on her graduation day when she made her way into the top 10. Despite fellow trainees saying she should choose the safe option to stay in the wall she picked the Survey Corps as her father wanted. Not to long after that she visited her father’s grave baring her uniform proudly. She took a seat in front of the grave and carved the year 847 into the lid of her pocket watch next to the other two dates. Upon completion she bid her father farewell and returned to her team where she continues to fight against the titan menace that threatens humanity.


Strength: 11 (please see West’s backstory for explanation)
Agility: 7
Intellect: 5


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West Valen Character Sheet Empty Re: West Valen Character Sheet

Post by cornix on 23/3/2018, 22:39


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