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Sirrac Intyale va Dimvorn ("Rac")

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Sirrac Intyale va Dimvorn ("Rac") Empty Sirrac Intyale va Dimvorn ("Rac")

Post by Herdir on 21/10/2018, 02:13

Name: Sirrac Intyale va Dimvorn (usually, “Rac”)
Age: 20

Group: Rogue/Civilian

Job: Bouncer, Bodyguard, Enforcer

The first thing to strike you when looking at Sirrac is his downright imposing size: towering at slightly over 185 cm (slightly over 6ft) and weighing just below 100 kg (~220 pounds), “a hulk” is a proper noun of describing his appearance. Once getting past that rather hard-to-miss fact, one realizes the complete absence of hair, the square jaw, and the large, non-distinct and badly healed scar lining it from mid-cheek, over the lip and down to under the chin in a 3cm (~1 inch) wide stripe of ugly tissue. Once even that is ignored, other, mundane bits can be noticed, such as a general pallor of skin (the kind that makes you feel he looks slightly like a corpse), the dark eyes other such trivialities.
As an off-note, Rac’s body is also lined in scars of varying shape and size, but in such a number that his skin starts giving off a ‘patchwork’ feeling

Once again, there is a trait most noticeable and overpowering about Rac’s demeanour, and that is a complete overuse of overly complex words and phrasing. Usually, with no reason whatsoever, and without him even noticing he is doing it. As such, a normal sentence such as “I think my words confuse you” becomes “The locutions I employ metagrobolize you, I opine”. A tendency towards figures of speech and usage of turns of phrase from various books of high culture also don’t help.
However, this speech is purely purple prose, or, well, purple speech. The ideas themselves are often absolutely mundane or obvious, Rac’s intellect being sub-par, even from the most optimistic point of view. If anything, he actually perfectly represents the concept of a dumb brute that only knows “I go there” and “I do this”, except the phrasing used. (instead being “I betake mine person over yon” and “I effectuate the aforementioned”)
Aside from the aspect he gives off through his appearance and demeanour, though, Rac is actually rather soft-hearted under normal circumstances, and attempts to be as nice as possible (backfiring horribly more often than not; he never learns, however). This changes upon any form of physical harm being brought to him, however, when he simply goes into a state that while still appearing gentle, is steel cold and ruthless: he will crush a man’s skull slowly and smiling throughout, as if simply lulling a child to sleep. Often, he also cannot tell the difference.


Peace. He wants everyone to go along, and everything to go smoothly and gently. That is why he always picks jobs that have to deal with keeping some semblance of order (he does not see the irony when beating someone into being peaceful).
Talking. He always has something to say, something new to express! Happiness over a trivial act, minor inconvenience, a remark about something, you name it. He is certain other people appreciate him being this honest and open (he does not realize his manner of speech confuses his listeners).
Novelty. In a lot of ways, Rac behaves like a grown up child, seeing wonder in the simplest of things, from a meal he never tried before to simply seeing a particularly pretty flower. In this way, even an ally that never changes might look completely different at times to Rac, since it might now be raining, or it might be snowy, or maybe there’s lots more people.

Anger. Although this really means he does not like screaming or being violent, since he can’t tell apart subtler kinds of anger. To him, being angry is a waste and something people should never do, since it harms them as much as it harms others! (around Rac, it often literally harms the angry person as Rac tries to ‘calm them down’)
Know-it-alls and self-entitled people. They are simply the worst, going around thinking they are better than others, acting as if they are the bosses, and using overly complicated sentences to say simple things! (he does not see the irony in the latter)
Medical equipment. Although not a phobia, he is definitely uncomfortable around syringes, scalpels and other such tools, often leading to him avoiding doctors as much as possible. This leads to poor treatment of his wounds, which is the obvious cause for all the scars and their ragged appearance.

Being bound. He is utterly terrified of the prospect, and will react with extreme amounts of violence to even the slightest mention of doing it. If bound, he will stop at no length whatsoever in getting free, injuring himself without minding.
Lightning. He does not mind the accompanying thunder, and does not realize the flash of light is due to the lightning, but upon seeing the bolt itself he will flat out panic on the spot, running away in the other direction until collapsing from exhaustion.

World peace, of course. Humans learning to live with the titans, fighting between people never happening again, animals not hunting each other and so on. He does not appear to realize such a thing is impossible, nor does he appear to realize that his own acts of violence could possibly be part of the problem.

Sirrac Intyale va Dimvorn, heir to a family of former nobles, now outcasts. Born to a family and environment of hatred, one which lived on simply to ensure revenge on those that did them wrong. The catch was, they had never been noble within the walls, but the blame nonetheless fell on everyone that did become a noble now. As such, generation after generation, the true reasons and explanations for the hatred were lost, but the feeling stood. Those in power are evil. They have wronged us. We have to take back what’s ours. They have to pay.
Obviously, this imprinted itself deeply in the mind of young Sirrac, who took an interest in violence from an early age. Fighting in the streets, honing his body at home, he was nothing short of a hooligan, but the family saw it as a good thing. After all, a hooligan disrupted order, and order was the tool of those-who-did-them-wrong, so it could only be good. In the same context, however, they had Sirrac learn as much as he could in the sense of talking fancifully, wrongly thinking it meant being more cultured and fit to rule.
It all took a sharp end with the Titan Imprint Project Beta: a highly-classified, highly-illegal and perfectly hidden echo of the same operation that had originally produced the murderous rogue titan shifter Severin Wildner, undertook by the lead doctor of the project, but hidden from every other authority. Nile Doc or Adar vi Rauco, the initiators of the TIP ‘Alpha’, had never known there had existed a ‘Beta’, despite it going on right underneath their noses.
Under orders from Doctor Norn, the Dimvorn family was hunted down and abducted. A perfect target: useless, undesirable and not to be missed. The work was professional, everything looking like an accident; the hired thugs that did it were killed to keep the secret. Now, the doctor had fresh lab rats to experiment on, trying to create his own titan serum from the spinal fluid of Severin. It led to nothing on its own, but through inducing various emotions in the subjects it seemed to be activated, leading to various effects upon the bodies. Sirrac’s treatment consisted of torture, fear and overpowering violence, and he often assisted as the Doctor forced Severin to shift for various purposes. This is obviously where his extreme phobia of bondage and lightning stems from.
In the end, the serum’s effects turned out to be much less than desired, instead simply becoming a form of super-steroid, helping the already strong Sirrac become a veritable hulk, immune to pain and healing better than a human (although still nowhere close to a titan shifter). However, the drug also took over his mind and broke whatever worked there in the first place, forever locking various quirks to him and forever dooming his capacity to understand.
This, too, took a sharp end with Severin’s escape and the general chaos that had ensured. During it, Rac made two major accomplishments, one being crushing Doctor Norn’s throat (which got blamed on Severin, despite him not being the culprit for once), and the other getting out of there alive.
Months later, he had found himself working on the street for some or some other bar owner, helping the man keep order in his place in exchange for a place to sleep, food, and sometimes even money. Usually, much less than what he’d be rightfully owed for his services, but he cannot tell.
Because Sirrac Intyale va Dimvorn was now merely “Rac”, “the Bodyguard”, “the Bouncer”, “the Dude that Beats your Ass up”.


Strength: 17
Agility: 3
Intellect: 2

Rac does not feel pain, and he does not understand the concept. He feels a stab in the shoulder like a light tap, and while he is able to determine what it is, he is completely unaffected by it.
Rac also naturally (well, ‘naturally’) heals quicker than an average person, and much more extensively. As such, wounds that could be debilitating to others (such as very deep gashes into the limbs or medium damage to his inner organs) will, in fact, heal on their own, and even leave no permanent damage with the exception of the scars.

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Sirrac Intyale va Dimvorn ("Rac") Empty Re: Sirrac Intyale va Dimvorn ("Rac")

Post by cornix on 21/10/2018, 22:13


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