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Reiya E. Aurealis

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Reiya E. Aurealis Empty Reiya E. Aurealis

Post by Reiya Aurealis on 25/12/2018, 04:10

Reiya E. Aurealis Konosuba
"All right! Let's do this!"
Name: Reiya Ebyssa Aurealis
Age: 19
Group: Trainee
Rank: Trainee
Appearance: Reiya is a woman who's taller than most and with elevated beauty as well. People could describe her beauty as "beyond the normal beauty of this world" with "glamour surpassing humans." She stands at around five feet nine inches and weighs only about a hundred and ten pounds.

Reiya's color theme is multiple shades of blue. She has long, straight blue hair that reaches down to her waist. She usually has her hair tied into a ponytail-bun with a blue-sphere hair clip. She also has blue eyes and wears blue clothing. Her normal attire consists of a vest, detached sleeves, thigh-high boots, a miniskirt, and a transparent underskirt.

Note: Early on Reiya can be seen carrying a white scarf with a light blue and dark blue plaid scheme randomly and diagonally across the material.
Reiya's personality is ironic for being a resident of a dark-gruesome world, Reiya was born to be somewhat light-hearted and bubbly despite her dark and heavy past. Her kind words, her generous actions and all-around trying to do good for anyone she has any affection for. Also since she's a very-well informed woman from all the books and the first-hand experience she's had the pleasure of enduring, she can be somewhat of a walking encyclopedia at times.

Reiya can be ambitious, romantic and a bit stubborn about any and all life matters. She possesses great devotion to any and all work, such as tasks or favors asked. She has unquestionable courage when it comes down to risk it all for her friends, or anyone she cares for in that matter. She enjoys being highly active and taking risks, she, however, doesn't enjoy failing or losing. Nor does she enjoy working with coward-like people but however she will tolerate them to the best of her ability. Reiya can be a very athletic and competitive person, despite her sickness; trying to do competitions at times to either hone or show off her skills to show how great she is and to show off that the work she had put in is paying off.

Reiya is full of energy and one of the more sociable people inhabiting the walls as well as one of the more intelligent ones. Her intelligence doesn't just come from her books, or her haunting past it comes from her natural knack at being a somewhat battlefield tactician. She will always try to find the most beneficial solution to any situation.

Reiya is a trustworthy person, she will die keeping someones secret if it's of that importance. She can be enthusiastic when surrounded by the right people which also boosts her self-confidence.  Reiya doesn't know it but she has a natural knack for being a leader and a visionary. A dreamer is what she is, but not just a hopeless dreamer a dream chaser, one to conquer any dreams she sets out for.

She has quite a bit of self-doubt, but this is a trait she tries not to show. Also, she is a person to judge someone's choices in certain situations like a way they went about an issue with another human-being or how they fought, but her opinions are kept to herself. This is her more negative side she tends to hide from the world.

However don't mistake this girl's kindness, she can be ruthless when need be. Quick to carry out a mission's requirements making sure to follow through with her orders. Also if murder is required, she can carry it out emotionless and as well as a clean kill. A force not to be reckoned with.

Finally and most of all Reiya can be unpredictable when it comes to her emotions. One minute she could be perfectly fine, but then quickly introverted and refusing to communicate, depending on if she was triggered or not. An important note is, even her kindness and generosity has its limits. If she has her eyes set on something she will do anything and everything to achieve it and throw everyone else's emotions or opinions in the trash.


  • Night-Walks: These are two of her favorite things, the night and walking. Putting them together is a great combination for the woman as it helps clear her mind and give her a grain of peace that she may need.

  • Historic Events: She's one for finding new locations or making history. Being a big bookworm and reading up on history she enjoys a good visit to a historical site.


  • Alcohol: She sees no need to intoxicate your own body, maybe someone else if you need to acquire information. Plus what it did to her father

  • Bugs: Reiya isn't a big fan of insects, they give her the creeps. Mostly due to a past trauma when a spider had crawled into her mouth in her sleep and built a web.


  • Trypanophobia:

Reiya is absolutely terrified of needles, this doesn't mean she wouldn't get a shot, but it'd take tons of convincing and maybe even holding her down as she has a mental breakdown and a rampage. Now be it the other way around, she has no fear of giving one.

  • Atychiphobia:

What this means is she is afraid of failure, with the fear of failure in the back of her mind this causes a counter in her personality to be a perfectionist. She isn't a crazy perfectionist though, however, everything has to be done to a level of appraisal. However even being a perfectionist she doubts her choices constantly thinking she didn't do a good job, second-guessing herself.

  • Scouting Legion: Reiya hopes to one day join the Scouting Legion in addition to exploring and showing the ones from The Walls where she once hailed from.

  • Home: At the end of the day, all she ever wants is to visit her home once more. To rekindle the memories and soak up all the happiness she once had in a forgotten land of blood and terror.

Reiya's Past:

In a village far from the walls humanity built to hide from the beasts that seemed to rain from the heavens, that they have labeled Titans resides a village on its own level of freedom. Esyelia. It was a land that the humans who occupied it considered Earth's gift to the humans. When it was discovered by the humans it appeared to be a floating isle, surrounded by a circle of water just falling downwards. nothing but a narrow land bridge maybe three meters wide. It was then when that particular group of humans who grew tired of trying to escape hell decided they would barricade themselves upon this "floating isle." Create their own nirvana. A sanctuary away from the monsters that roamed on both sides of the world's cheeks; night and day.

The men worked endlessly for months gathering materials to build the homes that would bear their fruit and themselves. Once they had built more than enough for them to live and gather up livestock and any other essentials they needed to live peacefully from then on the humans then decided it was time to sever their ties with the outside world. The isolated wall-livers had walls that were bigger than your imagination could fathom. Well, Esyelia had its own natural barricade of appearing as a floating isle when really it was a huge slab of rock erupting from the body of water below it causing it to have a waterfall surrounding it all but the entryway to the village.

Near the mid-bottom section of the huge rock three horizontal bridges of rock connected to the mainland as well, however, if you fell onto them the sheer force of the drop would surely kill you, it'd even probably flatten a titan that stands at a staggering twenty meters. It was a haven for the weak, home to the hopeless. The people of Esyelia lived peacefully on this land before they built the walls to keep the Titans out. Therefore the history of Esyelia went as far back as one could dream.

One family, in particular, the Aurealis family, had a child nineteen years from the current year. This child, however, was a special one, one that would either be seen as uniquely beautiful or a dysfunctional freak. As she was born with a genetic mutation to her DNA it would affect her hair color similar to Albinism, however not quite. Unlike Albinos this child could stand in the sun just fine, which made her appearance all more awestruck. The catch, however, was that she was prone to getting ill more than most, her immune system took longer to build a defense wall to sicknesses. Which meant that a small cold to someone normal could be more serious to her. Luckily though with proper caution, she could avoid this and slowly build up her immune system and suffer smaller consequences.

The child who bore this weird genetic disorder was a female. With hair like the sky, a soft light pastel blue, a white undertone too it. Her name? Reiya Ebyssa Aurealis; the child of Abyssina Dresarei and Ean Aurealis. Her mother was a beautiful blonde woman with natural sandy-brown highlights with full perky breasts about a D-cup. She was only five feet and five inches tall. While her father was a man with raven-black hair, broad soldiers standing at a staggering six feet and three inches. The whole village was shocked to see such a perfect couple bear a child with a genetic disorder like so.

All the women comforted Abyssina when her daughter only a month old would cough blood and run high fevers. They all did their best to provide home remedies to get rid of the fever, however, nothing ever worked. Her fever would go down for a day or so but return quickly after. It was as if death himself was kissing the child's forehead and brushing his hand upon her chest bringing forth the infant's blood. As if he begged Gaia to release one of her children to him.

Although the child had a close encounter with death it would only become the norm as the child became healthier and things appeared to be better, she became deathly ill again around the age of three, five, seven and nine. When she was nine she asked Ean particular questions that he couldn't answer, honestly.

"Daddy... will I get better? Why do I keep getting so si..." Reiya would cough up blood as it splattered on the wooden floor below her and coat the outer corners of her mouth. Her voice continued to trail off as she was physically weak and unable to speak time to time. "So sick... I just wanna- get... better." Reiya grabbed a small loincloth as her mother looked at her concerning, and coughed into it. "It's like the world... wants me gone. Am I a mistake?"

Ean hushed his child, as her words stabbed his heart, "Of course not baby!" He held her close to him, holding her tight and firm but yet gently; careful not to hurt his delicate child. "You will get stronger! Trust me! Other children get sick like this time to time again just like you!"

Just like that Reiya wasn't as concerned anymore and discarded any doubt she had in living. She believed her father. As she got older specifically around the age of eleven her father took to drinking, he became known as the town drunk. She never knew what happened what she did know was that her mother and father were no longer happy and he took to drinking. There were nights were Reiya felt her father got too affectionate and would graze his hands on her shoulders trailing down, his touches just seemed to linger awkwardly long. Nothing more ever happened though not in that direction at least. However, her father took to beating her when she turned twelve.

"Useless, bitch!" Her father would yell at her mother slamming her into a table, before lashing her with a whip.

Reiya would scream in agony, "Please, father don't!"

Abyssina would sob into the table refusing to open her eyes. She couldn't bring herself to look her child in the eyes. Her own pride prevented her from staring her child in the eyes and accepting that her child witnessed the abuse and even received it herself. Each time Reiya screamed out or begged her father to stop he'd proceed to lash her as well.

The whole town knew what happened in that house and unfortunately, if you weren't putting the village at risk by trying to connect it with the outside world or harming other families you were fine, there were no punishments. A man could beat his own family if he pleased it was only punishable when he lashed out onto the other villagers. Ean Aurealis use to be the town's guard captain but now he was just a local drunk.

Esyelia wasn't the little piece of heaven it appeared to be, at least not to everyone who lived there. Some of its inhabitants had their own titans. It wasn't till Reiya turned thirteen that her fate changed. She was getting sick less, her body was developing and she was becoming stronger. She began to take in reading in the village's library it had documents of lost civilizations and local villages marked on a map that had there own symbolic walls similar to another map which was much bigger and had a location pinned to it labeled, "The Great Three Walls." Next to these maps were here favorite books which appeared to have documents of military plans and information on titans such as their weak spots and the gears that people inside the wall would use, even more, military information such as cannons and hooks they use on the Titans. Although the supposed documents were put together as if it were just a book for make-believe. At the end was a page listing random names that partook in writing the fable of "Titans and The Walls." Then below the names was the name of the book stated again with a side note below that stating that Titans no longer existed and The Walls were just a fable made for the book.

Often Reiya dreamed of the walls and the Titans, as well as all the military operations listed in the book along with the special gear the people in the book used to whiz around the air and kill the Titans. The Librarian always lectured her that it was nothing more than a dream of hers and a fable for kids to read. She'd often get in arguments with the librarian on whether it was fiction or non-fiction.

"I think your hiding some Mr. Yama." Reiya would slyly smile, "It has to be real! The flow of the book feels more historical rather than for someone's own pure enjoyment!"

Yama was infuriated, he was pissed that a child was trying to poke her head into a business that wasn't hers. "It's a fable! Nothing but a stupid story for dumb children who take to books rather than playing with other children!" Yama decided to end her moxy once and for all. "Oh I forget, you take to reading because your mom is a hopeless charity case who takes a beating from your deadbeat dad who wants nothing to do with his terminally ill daughter who's destined to die to a mere cold."

Reiya dropped the book at her feet staring at Mr. Yama dumbfounded. She began to swelter as her eyes began to water. She didn't want to believe him but she knew his words held weight. He began to chuckle at her as tears slowly rolled down her cheeks. She picked up the books and ran out the doors and to her house.

"Don't come back, brat," Yama mumbled.

As Reiya came upon her house she walked to the back alley. The sun was close to setting. She climbed upon a tree reading her book to herself, as she softly continued to cry. Reiya heard a voice- it sounded distorted and monstrous, she looked out and over the buildings and the trees, she could see a tall black figure on the other side of the waterfall. She remembered the black figure seemed to be tall enough to where it'd only take three copies of him to build a bridge to reach the town, he had yellow tribunal marks all over his body they all connected to each other but traveled all along his body, down his biceps, his thighs, and even his forehead. The marks were such a bright yellow it was almost like they were glowing. She couldn't forget his eyes as the yellow markings below his eyes made his bright scarlet colored eyes pop.

Reiya waved at the beast before it roared and ran off into the forest. Reiya remembered drawing the beast down in her journal. If she had to take a guess she would hypothesize that the figure had to be at least sixty-five to seventy meters tall. Reiya sighed even the giant didn't want her.

Oh, boy was Reiya wrong, he wanted her more than she could ever know. What she didn't know was what she saw was an abnormal titan, easily comparable in size to the Colossal Titan. She would have yet to find out that Esyelia would end because of that small simple wave. In two years Reiya was fifteen and her life was beginning to stabilize on the floating isle. She was getting sick less and becoming physically stronger as she ran laps with the scouts and guards every day in her village. However, the guards were a little rusty as they didn't have to protect themselves from anything but each other. The scouts were the ones who went out daily and retrieved goods from other towns nearby that refused to be walled in and wanted a more natural defense. They took horses and not only that but they were able to run faster than you could believe, give a titan who eight meters tall a run for his money. They couldn't possibly win in a race side by side but certainly, outrun and maneuver a titan easily. When the scouts went out the village would extend out a long bridge that was built into the huge rock island, and slowly it grew longer till it connected to the other side.

Little did she know training and becoming agile on her feet would be key to her survival. It was a month after her fifteenth birthday that the abnormal paid her a visit. Once again at night when the moon was at it's highest peak, the black Titan decided to show himself once again. This time not just to showcase his vocals but this time to kill. In his arms, he held a huge chunk of rock that was about thirty-five meters big all around. He chunked it at Esyelia, causing a corner of the village to be completely covered approximately a quarter of the village was now under a rock. Builds broke chunks of stones flew out and hit other villagers and buildings causing massive damage. Now over half the village was destroyed. The black Titan revealed an even bigger rock about twenty meters bigger than the last, however, the sheer size of it caused it where the titan couldn't pick it up and he had to slowly nudge it closer to the edge from the forest which was about a forty meter field of grass until you reached a tree.

Alarms began to ring as villagers ran out of their homes. Abyssina grabbed her daughter and yanked her in the house as Ean ran to the guards to prepare to fight the beast.

"Come with me!" Abyssina yelled. "My mother always told me to have a way off this prison just in case we became corrupt of the Titans began to rain on us as they did thousands of moons ago."

"Mother! You can't just let us have this gift of escape... get the others!" Reiya screamed, "I don't wanna be the only ones to survive this nightmare!"

Abyssina shoved her child down under the table and into a hole that leads to a tunnel that slowly went downwards. "Well, you're escaping first! Down this tunnel should be a dirt road which should be lit with oil lamps all along the path it goes to the smaller rock bridge levels, in there you'll find a that a tunnel has been built inside those "rock bridges," that's how you will get across! From there you should be about nine kilometers South from a place- a safe haven we're not allowed to mention! When my mother was a kid her mother told her of a place with three walls that keep Titans out! Run to it! The dense forest should cover you from being seen or smelled by that beast!" Abyssina began to clutch her fists as she tried to think of more directions to give her, "I know right now they are debating to link the bridge to the land so they can run across or whether they should wait for it to come to us and fight it- don't be like them take this way and fast. I'll grab others!"

Reiya ran down the tunnel as instructed until she reached a level that stopped going downwards and now it only went forward. About halfway across the huge natural bridge, she stopped to look back. Just as she did she heard a loud bang, which caused her to stumble backward before see her mother running with horses and a few dozen villagers who were women and children both. Just as she reached her hands out in front of her, her mother disappeared and she heard screams of people falling. A huge boulder blocked her path back now. The black Titan had finally pushed the boulder, lucky for Reiya the way the landmass was it caused the boulder to roll and sort of leap forward- but this meant that it now crushed the way back home, or the path to her mother. Reiya began to sob into her fists as her heart felt like it had been ripped out of her, as she could still hear them scream as the boulder was crushing them. As she was practically screaming at this point she noticed another bang and then the screams of her mother and the others stopped. The black Titan had used the boulder which he just jumped on which finally killed her mother before he leaped across to unleash his wrath upon her village.

Reiya got up and simply ran. That's all she could do, the training paid off for her because if she were any slower she would have been crushed and her story would've ended there. Not only that but because of all the running exercises she did she could pace herself and run further too. Once she was on the other side of the underground tunnel she began to climb upwards. She knew not what time it was now, last she knew was the hour was close to midnight when the Titan threw the first rock. All she had now was the book from the library and her diary along with the map that was tucked into the book. As she reached the top the sun was starting to rise, it had to be around four in the morning. As she looked back she was maybe a few meters into the dense forest that kept their location hidden. She saw the black Titan stuffing his mouth with huge handfuls of humans and pigs, it seemed he didn't care what he ate. She also noticed a broken bridge that had been fully extended. Horses were running across the bridge and into the forest terrified. She noticed one horse, in particular, that was her father's. It had a note.

Reiya called the horse over and read the note it was a love letter from her mother to the mayor of the village. Another note was attached to the horse, that read; "I know you escaped your mother told me, I just thought you should know why my love for your mother died, but for you it never did. But as my child, you'll know the cold dark truth of this world and even your cheating mother."

Reiya sobbed but clenched both letters before tossing them into the tunnel. She hopped up on her father's horse before riding off towards the direction she was told, south. South was the way to safety. It'd take approximately three hours to walk to the walls, but who walks in a Titan-infested land. On horseback, it should take her about an hour and thirty minutes maybe two hours with all the turns and obstacles in the way.

Reiya eyes began to get heavy as sleep began to prowl on her. It had been an hour and ten minutes she could see the staggering walls in sight. Another ten minutes passed and she was about fifteen minutes from arrival when she noticed the gates opening and out came six horses accompanied with six people who had green cloaks on.

"Hey!" Reiya yelled, tapping her horse's sides with the heels of her feet to get the horse to run faster. "HEY!! HEY!!!" Reiya yelled.

As the scouting legion honed in on the girl and she got closer to them as soon as she got in their reach Reiya weakly reached out for them and tried to hop off her horse before falling off and hitting her head on a rock.

"Hey! Young lady!-" A man yelled but it was too late before she was knocked out cold.

Reiya woke inside the walls of Sina, she was in a room; a building that they call a hospital. A woman came in and briefed her that she had been out cold for three days now and they had food prepared for her. She smiled weakly before gladly accepting to eat it. When the doctors approached her he would be accompanied by soldiers who pried her for questions.

"Truth is misters... I don't remember a thing..." Reiya mumbled sadly, "I don't even remember where my parents are- I think they sent me on a delivery mission."

One of the soldiers huffed, "Why would they! Who are- KID! You don't just go out the walls on a delivery mission!"

The doctor calmed the soldier before filling him in on his medical analyzation on her situation. "It would appear that her fall upon impact with that rock it triggered some memory loss, however in time she should regain it and then it'd be appropriate to ask questions."

Another soldier pestered the doctor, "Can you tell me why her hair is blue?"

Reiya chuckled as she held strands of her hair in her palm in front of her face, almost in a drunk-like voice she yelled, "Oh wow! Wowie! Would you look at that! I got blue hair! Woo!"

The doctor moved the men and himself to a separate room where they could speak privately. "She has a genetic mutation which caused the pigment in her hair to appear blue, we haven't seen any cases like her, well that'd be my guess."

Reiya was taken in by the Soldiers who provided her a place to live inside the Wall of Sina, however, Reiya got continuously sick and would cough blood, so they gave her a scarf that she was to use to cover her mouth to help her not pick up so many viruses. They figured out that due to her blue hair she had a slower immune system, with the help of her diary. Reiya decided to join the fight against Titans and joined the trainees at the age of seventeen. Where she trained up until now, she had plenty of moments where she got to show off her skill which practice programs acing them all. Her agility was above the average and even better than some of the special guests of scouting legions that came to teach them. She wasn't just quick on her feet but up in the air with her gear she was swift and agile as well. It seemed even though she had partial memory loss her body remembered all the exercises she did. It also helped that Reiya continued to read the book and journals she brought with her and her diary. They had valuable information on the gears and weapons they used.

It would seem Yama had lied about it all being a fable. Come graduation for her class it'd be no doubt that she'd graduate in the top ten. Her two years in the trainee corps would pay off eventually as her goal was Scouting Legion, the best of the best. Reiya was recovering her memory slowly but surely and reading her diary helped but she was cautious about sharing her past with anyone. She didn't know what would happen if she told anyone. Would she be locked up? Would they go back and find that black Titan? She didn't wanna find out it was best she kept her mouth shut for now.

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Reiya Aurealis
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