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Kir Nevnski

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Kir Nevnski Empty Kir Nevnski

Post by Lingwasta Manager on 21/8/2017, 04:27

Name: Kir Nevnski

Age: 19 - December 30th

Group: Military Police

Rank: Soldier - Patrolman

Appearance: Kir takes after his mother in terms of physical appearance. He is a pale man with almost monochromatic, platinum blonde hair that is always kept messily slicked back. His hair is at a relatively medium length, almost covering his eyes when it is rarely let down. His sideburns slowly fade as they descend to his jaw. He has deep set hazel eyes resting below a pair of thick eyebrows.
Kir has an inverted triangular facial structure, sporting a wide forehead, a small nose, and a thin jawline, along with a slightly pointed chin covered in a light stubble. He regularly shaves when his facial hair grows too long to his liking. He also has round ears resting to the sides of his head and high cheekbones.
He has a tall, slender physique, reaching 6 feet and 5 inches (198cm) in height. He weighs 156lbs (70kg). His slim frame gives him in an advantage when it comes down to tasks that require agility, but gives him a disadvantage when the task requires strength.
He usually wears simple clothing during his time off-duty or under his uniform, along with a hunting knife in a leather case attached to his belt. The only time he chooses to wear fancy clothing is when he’s invited to something special, be it a birthday party or a funeral. Sometimes, he can be seen drinking from a flask throughout the day.

Identity: As a child, Kir only wanted to help the less fortunate, as he too was poor. During his years growing up, his father constantly told him and his sister that the upper-class and the rich were using the common labourer for their own gain and didn’t care about them, giving Kir the beliefs and ideology of a Lenin Communist. Even more brainwashing from his father made Kir hate the rich.
His grandfather taught him how to hunt, making him a sharpshooter when it comes to firearms. Grandfather Ivan also introduced him to liquor, making him an under-aged drinker. When out hunting with Kir, Ivan would make his grandson chase after the animals that he wounded. After being praised for his quick speed and how long he could run for, Kir started training himself to run faster and longer.
With that, Kir also has quick reflexes, giving him fast reaction time, whether it be shooting, using the 3DMG or simple everyday tasks.
Although his helpful and cheery personality seemed to disappear after finding out he was to be shipped off to serve in the inner Districts and away from his parents, he still wants to help others who are ‘oppressed’ by the government.
Being away from his family had made him angry and full of sorrow. He usually numbs himself from his negative feelings by drinking, and can sometimes be seen taking a sip from his flask during duty.
During nights when he misses his family, bringing him to shed a few tears, he takes comfort in holding his sister’s old doll or listening to his mother’s music box. When he has some money saved up, he’ll usually gamble it away or send it to his family to use.
Kir isn’t academically trained. He never went to school and was taught by his grandfather, giving him an average knowledge on basic subjects.
Kir never faced a titan and will most likely have fear running through his body when facing one.
He sees the working-class as strong people that keep the walls running. Needless to say, he respects them with all of his heart, and as a former member of the working-class, Kir will charge head-first into a battle in hopes of representing how mighty and strong-willed the labourers and peasants are.
Kir is a quiet, serious individual who will follow orders to the best of his abilities unless he deems them inhumane or if they go against his morals.


Family -- Needless to say, Kir loves his family with all his heart and wishes to be with them again one day.
Drinking -- Kir has been drinking ever since his grandfather gave him his first glass of hard liquor during his 16th birthday. His habit became light alcoholism after he joined the Military Police.
The things his family gave him -- His father’s hunting knife, his mother’s music box, his sister’s doll and grandfather’s flask all hold a special place in his heart, as it is one of the only few connections he has to his family.
Writing and receiving letters to and from his family -- Kir finds happiness in writing notes to his family and feels immense joy when receiving them. This is one of the things in his life that makes him feel truly at ease.
Hunting -- Kir misses the forest he and his grandfather used to hunt deer in. He misses the gleeful looks on his family’s faces when they see that they get to eat for another day.
The Working-class -- Kir has the utmost respect for the labourers and peasants that supply the walls with their food.

The Rich -- Growing up as a poor farmer, Kir was taught that the rich give no shits about the lower-class and only use them for their own benefit.
The King and the Monarchy -- Like his beliefs with the rich, he sees the Government as greedy slave owners that oppress the lower-classes.
Being away from family -- Kir misses his family to the point where he’s almost considering resigning from the military to go back home.

Having harm coming to his family -- The biggest fear Kir has as of now is having his family being put in harm’s way, whether it be disease, other people or natural causes.
Titans -- Another thing that’s not needed to be said. Titans and being devoured by a titan is most likely everyone’s fear.

Making the Nevnski name mean something -- Kir wants to make a name for himself and his family in hopes of bringing honour to him and the Nevnski family tree.
Returning home and starting a new life -- Some day, Kir wishes to return to his home and reunite with his parents, sister, and grandfather. He wishes to start a family of his own.
Revolting against the Upper-class and Government -- Despite knowing this will probably never happen, Kir wishes to someday see the Working-class band together and overthrow the current government. He wishes to see a leader who will abolish the social classes and care for the people who keep the walls on their feet.

Backstory: Kir and his twin sister, Natasha, was born on a farm owned by a company owner. While he was growing up, his grandfather would watch him and Natasha while their parents slaved away. Viola, Kir’s mother, worked in the fields, uprooting potatoes and planting new ones while Kir’s father, Viktor, worked in a factory located in the nearby city, Karanes District.
As the two siblings grew older, Natasha went off to help her mother in the fields and Kir was taken under his grandfather’s wing to put food on the table, as the man who owned the farm barely let the Nevnski family get a share of the crops they harvested. His grandfather, Ivan, would constantly take Kir hunting in hopes of feeding the family. During that time, Ivan taught Kir how to shoot, where to shoot an animal and how the wind affects a bullet’s path. By the time Kir was 14, he became a sharpshooter with a rifle. Whenever Kir missed the shot or wounded the animal, Ivan would make Kir chase after it, proving that he was quite skilled in sprinting over long periods of time. With nothing to do on some days, Kir would go for runs, usually pushing himself until he was almost throwing up.
Since his parents were always working, it was up to Ivan to teach his grandchildren. At home, he taught them simple life skills that he had once learned in school. He taught them how to write, read and basic academic teachings.
Times were tough after the fall of Shinganshina. Forests were cleared for farms and everyone working in the factories were pushed to their limit. Every time Viktor would return to his family in tears, he’d tell his son and daughter that the bourgeoisie is only using them like slaves. All the labourers were paid with only pocket change for the backbreaking work they do. Viktor practically brainwashed his children into thinking the upper-class never cared for the working-class, giving Kir hatred for the rich.
Years later, Kir grew tired of working with his mother and sister on the farm. He abhorred being some rich bastard’s slave. Kir had long dreamed of leading a movement composed of peasants and labourers to overthrow the Fritz Empire and the monarchy, but he knew that wouldn’t happen anytime soon.
During his 16th birthday, Ivan offered Kir and Natasha a drink as a joke. Natasha refused, but her brother accepted, paving the way to his underage drinking. He’d sometimes go into Karanes to steal a bottle alcohol or two.
Wanting to break free from the shackles of slavery, Kir upped and decided to join the military. That night, Kir gathered his family around the table and told them of his decision. Surprisingly, they were supportive of his choice. Before he parted off to enlist into the Cadet Corp, each member of his family gave him something to remember them by. His mother gifted him her music box she had when she was a child. His father gave him a hunting knife. His grandfather gifted him a flask and Natasha gave him her old rag doll. After one more dinner and night together as a family, Kir left the next morning with intentions to join the Garrison.
Training was hard, to say the least. He became quite adept with the 3D Maneuver Gear and mastered target shooting. Hand-to-hand combat was relatively easy at times when he’d use his light frame and quick feet to his advantage, although was usually bested with a single punch by other Cadets stronger than him.
The three years of training was hard on him. At times, he’d think of dropping out, but his disliking of working in fields kept him going through punishing training. The summers were hot, making him highly uncomfortable, and the winters were cold, which didn’t really affect him as he’s like a walking heater. Making friends along the way and with a little motivation from his family’s gifts, he managed to graduate without dying.
He was placed at number 9 of his class, much to his surprise. He was overcome with joy, making him forget about joining the Garrison and instead, sign up for the Military Police. At the time, Kir thought he was able to choose which District he was to be stationed at. Instead of being stationed at Karanes, like how he wanted, he was put in the inner wall, away from his family.
Now, he resumes his regular duty as an MP. Not being near his family has turned him from a happy boy that wanted to help the less fortunate, to an angry Communist. His drinking habits have increased and the only thing that makes him feel glee is the melodic chimes of his mother’s music box. The only communication he has with his family is the letters they send back and forth.


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Kir Nevnski Empty Re: Kir Nevnski

Post by Herdir on 21/8/2017, 12:23


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