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Sigmund Köhler

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Sigmund Köhler Empty Sigmund Köhler

Post by Yaoigalra on 21/9/2017, 19:53

Name: Sigmund Köhler

Age: 17

Group: Survey Corps

Rank/Profession: Soldier

(Crappy Art made by Me, Might make a better version that isn't so lazy. lol.)
Sigmund Köhler QixIbDk
Sigmund is rather short compared to the rest of his comrades. Standing only around 155 centimeters, he is stunted due to malnourishment as a child. He isn't exactly physically developed either for a Scout, being 40 kilograms at best. His figure is rather lean, but equally skinny when pitted against his fellow soldiers. In other words, he is a small bean.

When comes down to smaller details, Sigmund can be considered rather fair-looking. His hair is white and his skin pale. No doubt, he would pass for an albino if it wasn't for his blue eyes, seated beside a small nose. His chin is thin and angular, somewhat reminiscent more of a child than a man. Though they are mostly covered by Sigmund's thick, white mane, his ears would be of similar nature.


Sigmund is a gifted young man in many ways, hindered in others. While certainly intelligent and knowledgeable of his own work, he lacks a lot in terms of social intelligence. Being heavily codependent, he prefers to keep a close circle of friends and only rarely lets anybody become one of them. In truth, he is sometimes very uncertain if he has any friends at all, leaving him rather paranoid. This can be blamed on the detached, lavish life he lived inside of wall Sina.

That isn't to say Sigmund is devoid of emotion, no. He is just introverted and in a certain sense, lonely. However when comes down to cutting the chase, he can be very brave and risk his own life to protect the few he really cares about. Something that is also heavily characteristic for Sigmund is his childish naivety. He is easily manipulated despite his deductive skills due to being a poor people's person.

He could be considered a very sound strategist that can keep a leveled head most of the time. This makes him seem detached from reality on occasion, but rest assured he will get the job done if given the time and space to think. This analytic determination comes at a cost, though. Sigmund is a very sore loser when his house of cards falls apart. There is no telling about what consequences it could have. In moments like these even the calmest people, like Sigmund, lose their composure.

Another thing you could say about Sigmund with certainty is that he is really juvenile at times. For someone as intelligent as himself, it seems almost uncharacteristic compared to his high intelligence. Sometimes, it would come off as comical, other times as very sad. Regardless of that, Sigmund cannot be denied his intelligence despite being a de facto manchild in more than just his appearance.


Cleanliness- Sigmund suffers from a slight case of OCD. He loves a clean, symmetrical and perfect environment. He definitely won't flip out at the sight of a dirty room, but he certainly will prefer a clean one over it.
Chess- Being one of the few things Sigmund was allowed by his protective and reclusive parents, a good game of chess brings him to the days when he used to play against his grandfather.
Horses- Never being able to ride one until he joined the military, Sigmund adores the animals more than he does some humans. They are one of the few things he couldn't have growing up inside of wall Sina.
Friendship- Despite his introvert nature, Sigmund yearns to have a handful of good friends that he could depend on.
Tea- One could argue that Sigmund drinks more tea than he eats food. He is almost addicted to it. One of the reasons for this strange quirk could be the close bond with his grandfather, who drank tea regularly while they played chess.

Food- Sigmund has a rather apathetic approach towards some very basic human needs such as the need to eat. As a child, he refused to eat more than a small serving of bread per day, leaving him stunted and somewhat malnourished by the time he joined the army. It was surprising that he didn't fail any of the physical tests.
Titans- Sigmund certainly thinks poorly of the man-eating beasts. He hates them as any other human being. Though to many's surprise, he isn't afraid of them for whatever reason. Perhaps it could be his personal theory that Titans either are humans or closely related to them and that there is a pitiful story behind their existence. Still, he loathes them for what they did to humanity. It might also come down to the fact he never had to face a Titan yet. Of course, this opinion might rapidly change during his first encounter...
The Rich- It comes off as rather hypocritical in Sigmund's case, being born into a rich family. But he always shared the egalitarian views of his grandfather and was against the unwise spending of his decadent parents. What little riches he had, he donated to the poor and needy. While it might seem like a just and heroic act, Sigmund did this only because he knows that the people can contribute better to society when they have finances to stand on. Likewise, the money that is being thrown away by the aristocracy is hugely inefficient in his eyes.
Alcoholism- Sigmund is rather offput by drunk people and people who drink regularly. While he isn't against the occasional drink here and there, he is hardly supportive of it. In fact, he abstains from all forms of alcohol himself unless used for medical purposes.
Being Called Short- Sigmund has almost comically out of character reaction when called out for his height. Usually, he doesn't mind comments of other people that much, but somehow his height is of concern to him.
Violation of Personal Space- Sigmund is very clingy on his personal space. Certainly much more than the average person.

Spiders- Sigmund has an irrationally severe case of arachnophobia. Some consider it almost humorous. He isn't afraid to stand face-to-face with Titans but a single spider can drive him to near insanity.
Abandonment- Sigumind, as mentioned above, is heavily codependent. He is afraid of abandonment ever since his grandfather died of a terminal illness, leaving him to his own devices as a rich child in a safe, cold and impersonal world fabricated by his family.
Abnormals- Sigmund is afraid of the textbook Abnormal Titans due to the fact that he can't account for their actions, should he ever come to encounter one. Simply put, he is afraid of them because they are outside of his control and realm of comprehension.
Claustrophobia- While in small spaces, Sigmund can sometimes feel uneasy and has a tendency to lose his calm composure when the situation gets tight. Literally tight.
Large Crowds- He is unusually afraid of large gatherings. This is because Sigmund is very keen on monitoring and controlling his environment. Something he can't do when surrounded by large amounts of people.

Overcoming His Fears- Sigmund is aware of his numerous flaws and hates them just as the next person. In fact, he withheld from bringing them up even when questioned simply from the fact he might be considered less valuable because of them. Still, he works tirelessly to overcome these burdens in favor of doing a better job at Survey Corps.
Having Real Friends- Sigmund longs for a life of friendship and at the end of the day, he really is a child no matter the age, intelligence or prowess he possesses. Friendship was something denied to him since was a little boy, so it is only natural that he seeks to remedy that.
Defeating the Titans- While it would come as no surprise that people from inside of Wall Rose or Wall Maria would risk their lives to rid the world of titans, it becomes a much weirder case when a wealthy heir from the inner wall decides to put his head on the line to save humanity. Having never experienced the horrors of the Titans first-hand, Sigmund is sick of people behind wall Sina just talking about and spitting on the misfortune caused by the breach of Wall Maria.

Sigmund Köhler was born into a rich family, living inside a small mansion at the borders of Wall Sina. His father was a wealthy merchant, leading a corporation of his own. They were one of the providers of metal to the Royal Military. The mother of Sigmund Köhler was a member of the Military Police, who rarely had the time or concern for family matters. While both parents ensured a steady, large income for their family, they had little time to attend Sigmund's needs. As such, he would oftentimes spend time with his grandfather, Adolf Köhler, who was a retired member of the Scouts in his venerable ages. It was this person that Sigmund grew to respect. While he loved his family and his parents, his grandfather meant to him more than the two combined. It was him who inspired young Sigmund to think critically of people, plan strategies and always look forward.

Sadly, when Sigmund reached his fifth year, Adolf mysteriously died of a terminal illness with no cure. It was never really investigated beyond making sure that other members of the family did not suffer from the same sickness. But it was exactly this event that turned Sigmund's life around. He became shut-in, refused to eat or sleep for days, only doing so when he was on the verge of collapse. Sigmund never quite really grew out of this phase for the longest of times. He still eats only little and sleeps even less. While he is not anorexic or insomniac, he is oftentimes considered a bit weird for his habits.

As time went by, the chances of Sigmund ever recovering from his grief grew lower and lower. His parents, while immensely loving, had no time to offer the youngling any support. As such, he stayed like this until the events of Wall Maria. Even though he rarely accepted visits, Sigmund learned of what happened to the outer wall. Seeing this as his chance to follow in his grandfather's footsteps, Sigmund started eating, training and sleeping properly like he didn't for the last decade of his life. He never told of his true reasons behind this sudden change to his parents, as he knew that their over-protective nature wouldn't let Sigmund join the Scout Regiment under any circumstances.

Seeing no other way out, Sigmund decided to run away from his family. Not out of spite or anger, but because he knew becoming a Scout wasn't possible with his parents knowing. At any rate, Sigmund had little care for the consequences of his actions. For the longest of times, he didn't even consider how worried his protective parents might be. But joining the military is what he aspired to regardless of that. Thinking about the decadence and sickening nature of Wall Sina, Sigmund made the break for a Military Boot Camp inside Wall Rose. He traveled several days under disguise, making sure to leave no traces of his disappearance behind.

While at the Boot Camp, Sigmund was never among the strongest. He was barely able to make use of his 3DMG equipment and he had trouble with hand-to-hand combat. He was a significantly better runner, but only enough to compare with the rest of his class. Though, where he shined were all classes pertaining to knowledge and intelligence. He was also very precise compared to his more brutal, less well-mannered peers. In general, he wasn't very popular with any of them. Many saw him as the odd one out and, for all intents and purposes, the token weirdo. Still, they couldn't deny that his intellect was well above the average cadets.

Over time, his physical weaknesses became less defining and certainly weren't affecting his results as much. By his final week at the Boot Camp, Sigmund was among the best, though not among the top ten. For a person like this, many consider this an odd turn of events. Sigmund, by all logical assumptions, seemed too weak to survive even a week as a Cadet when he first joined the Military. Despite these insane odds, he managed to score respect, if not as a person, then as a soldier.

Now a fresh member of the Scout Regiment, Sigmund is determined to unlock all secrets of the Titans and show the world that not all people inside of wall Sina are oblivious to the Titans as most of the decadent aristocracy. With his sharpest weapon being his wits and his biggest downfall being his oddity, Sigmund will fight for Humanity's right to live and journey the Walls to prove it.


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Sigmund Köhler Empty Re: Sigmund Köhler

Post by cornix on 22/9/2017, 13:00


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