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Post by Sprw201 on 13/3/2018, 02:55

After the research in the library was completed, René had heard word of a Military Policeman who had good influence on the King. He'd have to ask permission from both the head of Military Police and the King himself. After all, cannons didn't finance themselves. However, these were no ordinary cannons. If he had calculated right, the rounds would be able to puncture through the titan's chest, allowing cadets and soldiers more time to get to the titans and kill them. Abnormals would be a different story, since most of them are faster than they look. Normal titans however, slow down slightly when regenerating. If there was even a 10% chance that this might make killing easier for the soldiers, especially in crowded situations, then he at least had to try his luck for his project.

He had already gotten permission from Commander Erwin, but hadn't been able to see Commander Pixis about it yet. And then there was the Military Police... René didn't know how to approach them yet, but he knew it would take time, effort, and patience. However, there was a renowned young officer not much older than René himself that had a certain favor with the said Commander. In addition to being a rather good detective and a Military Policeman himself, he had to be the best person to go to for directions. Or at the very least René could try to plead for him to put in a proposal for him.

By the time he reached the small town of Yarckel, located within Wall Sina, it was sundown. The meadows and busy city streets of the town were stained in the oranges and red of the setting sun. He would have to find a respectable inn and search for the man in the morning. Roaming the somewhat active cobbled streets of the city, he stumbled across a good inn. It smelled of coffee, with the sweet smell of baking bread mixed in. He stumbled inside, eyes adjusting to the brightly lit lobby. "Hello!" He picked his head up, looking towards the kind receptionist that stood at a desk. "How may I help you today?" She continued, looking at René curiously. "Oh uh.... do you have room for one," he asked, trying to not sound intimidating. "She looked over the worn pages of a book that was falling apart for a moment. "We do. Please follow me" She led him up creaky stairs and he remarked on how the weather was.

"Anyway, please do enjoy your stay!" She was about to leave when René remembered something. "Oh, by the way, if you see someone can you leave a message for me?" She nodded. "Just leave a name" The message is for an 'Alan Kathlewande.' Tell him that I'd like to speak to him if possible." "And who might this be from?" "Tell him René Alfons."

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Re: Breakthrough

Post by Alan Katlewande on 17/3/2018, 23:49

Alan huddled over his dimly-lit desk, grasping at his hair in frustration. He grabbed the half-written letter in front of him, and crumpled it up into a ball, which he then tossed into the nearly full bin behind him. This was his 4th attempt at writing this specific letter, but whenever he decided on words to write, uncertainty and fear clouded his mind and made him revoke his statements. He, himself, found it so hard to put something so irrational, so very primal into words. And yet, he could feel it, like never before...

Alan couldn't imagine why, but ever since his last mission, he has felt nothing short of paranoid. He felt like something was off, like he was being followed everywhere he went, like he couldn't trust anyone...
Even his tea couldn't help him clear his mind. He grasped the fragile cup with shaky hands, and slowly raised the steaming liquid to his lips. His eyes were closed in concentration, attempting to deconstruct his complex feelings and emotions.
Thinking... thinking... thinking...

Alan must've done that for a while. Perhaps, he dozed off, because by the time he opened his eyes again, he saw the candles were long gone, the tea was cold and that the pale morning sunlight slid through the curtains behind him, lighting the room. The young Military Police captain grasped his face and massaged its features. He then quickly downed the rest of his tea, and rose slowly from his table. He wasn't feeling rested at all, but he was still on edge, and tense all over.

By the time he finished wording his letter, Alan heard a familiar knock on his office's door. "Come in!" he spoke, quickly brushing his hair back and signing his wax seal into his letter.
A stout, muscular man with a feathered had entered his room. His mustache rose around his face in an almost comical way. This was Alan's faithful courier, Guillard.
The deliveryman bowed stiffly before speaking. His voice was rasp, and his words were to the point.
"Captain. I have 3 invitations for you regarding public events and parties from the royals, a statistics request from the commander, a letter from your family, and... a message."
"Oh?" Alan's brow furrowed. It was unconventional for the people of the inner city to deliver messages through couriers without the use of ink and quill, and they were pretty much the only people who could afford to use couriers to deliver messages. Alan's fear and suspicion burned deep inside him, but his curiosity peaked. Perhaps this could be the guidance he was looking for.
Alan shook his head and smiled politely.
"Very well. What is the message about?"
"Some bloke called Rene Alfons from Yackel requests a meeting. Word says he's a soldier. Should I return a message?"
Alan comptemplated his options. While there was a fair chance this Rene was shady, he doubted he had ill intentions, otherwise, letting Alan know of his existence is an unwise move. Perhaps Rene Alfons is a pseudo-name for somebody he knows, but even then, there isn't anyone he wouldn't want to meet. Alan figured the best course of action would be to catch this person by surprise, meet on his own terms. He shouldn't wait for them to come to him - he will come to them.

"No need, sir." Alan finally replied, standing up and dusting his jacket "I will come meet this person myself."
Alan grabbed the rest of the letters from Guilliard, and handed him a golden coin in return for his services. From there, he left to catch the first carriage he could find and began his way to Yarckel.
Alan was glad he could take his mind off his despair for a while, and used the ride to read the different letters he received. The invitations, of course, were the same common trash those of the Inner District loved to spout. Art galleries and banquets and dances. Alan had no time for these things, and even if he did, he doubted he would spend it attending events like that. The request from Commander Dok was fairly standard - he wanted the standard report on his endeavor tracking the Red Titan. Because the matter was top secret, it was heavily coded. Alan enjoyed decrypting and encrypting his words.
As for the final letter, from his sister, Alan couldn't help but smile. It was good to know that thanks to his handouts, his sister's business has become mostly legal, and she could even afford a break once in a while.

Finally, he arrived in the familiar town. He rode through the cobblestone roads, admiring the architecture and wondering what stranger awaited him.
He hoped this wouldn't be an assassination attempt or something like that.
Only time will tell.

Alan Katlewande

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