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Henry Maltroff

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Henry Maltroff

Post by Fred on 13/6/2018, 18:25

Name: Henry Maltroff
Age: 34
Group: Rouge
Rank/Profession: Lackey
Extra information: A 6’6 burly man with a shaved head and scared face Henry is far from the nurse appearing person the doctor makes him out to be, he’s the muscle of the crooked doctor’s operation and ensures the doctors safety while he commits his dark actions. This fact is easily highlighted by his large broad appearance and freakishly large hands. When out on the town he wears a trench coat, white shirt, suspenders, cabby cap, black gloves (they actually have them in his size) and brown trousers.
While Henry isn’t the brightest banana in the bunch he dose have a slightly more active moral compass that he ends up questioning the doctor every once and a while, despite this he quickly revokes his question being reminded that he was saved by the doctor from the asylum. The only reason he was there in the first place was due to him accidently crushing his foster brother with a hug since he didn’t understand his own strength, but he still doesn’t understand why they sent him away. He has clear abandonment issues and will remain close by the doctor in fear that he will leave him as well. Not much is known about his past other than the fact he was abandon by his birth parents lived with foster parents and was sent to the asylum at the age of 20

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Re: Henry Maltroff

Post by Herdir on 13/6/2018, 20:38


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