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Character Sheet (template + explanations)

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Character Sheet (template + explanations) Empty Character Sheet (template + explanations)

Post by Admin on 27/3/2017, 15:20

In broad terms, we want our character template to be a way to bring out your creativity, and not hinder it. This is also true for the stats system that we are using, and so we tried to keep everything as simple as we could.

Also, please not that any given person may only have one character active at a time. If you wish to make a new one, you must retire (preferably by killing, we're in the AoT universe) the old one.


Name: Obviously, your character name

Age: Character age

Group: Which group does your character belong to? The groups are:

Survey Corps: Military branch dealing in outside-the-walls excursions.
Military Police: Military branch dealing in protecting the king and inner district.
Garrison: Military branch dealing in keeping inside order.
Trainee Corps: Either a military-in-the-making, or a drill sergeant
Civilian: Unrelated to any military group, they are the laymen on the street.
Rogue: Thieves, murderers, assassins and mercenaries. Not all are wanted criminals.

Please note that using 3DMG (you may carry it, but not make use of it without official permission) within city limits (as in, the districts) is illegal, according to source material. Expect it to draw appropriate consequences.


Season 1, Episode 23, ~4-5 minutes in.

Character Sheet (template + explanations) Screen10

Rank/Profession: By default, any military character has the rank of 'soldier' (except Trainee Corps, who only have 'Trainee' or 'Drill Sergeant' depending on the situation). You can however take up other ranks (see the Official Plot) as well, but as with everything, you have to give a satisfactory explanation as to why you have that rank.
For civilians, here is where you write your job (if existing). If you are particularly good/famous at it, you also have to explain how you managed.
For rogues, you detail what exactly you are (Thief or mercenary? Murderer or blackmailer? Etc) and if you're wanted or not (for example, a mercenary won't usually be hunted down, but a murderer will). If you want your character to be particularly notorious, you have to explain why, as always.

Appearance: This is broad information about how your character looks. There is no word limit on this one, but try to mention height, weight, muscle build, as well as the general face traits, like eye colour, hair style and colour, facial hair if any, etc. A face-claim will also tend to help with making us able to understand how your character looks, but it is by no means a requirement.

Identity: This is information on how your character thinks. Try to give a broad sense of how he/she makes decisions (is he/she very rational? Or is he/she impulsive? A coward, or brave? etc.). Also, what he/she is good at should be written here, as well as things he/she is not good at. This should be at least 200 words.


-Likes: Here you should mention stuff that he/she likes or loves (also, things like personal values, such as honour, count here). Try to write at least three different things, and don't hold back from writing a lot of them.
-Dislikes: Same as above, but with stuff that's not liked (traits or general situations that are disliked also count here). Again, at least three, but no maximum.
-Fears: Everything that your character fears in particular should go here. You should write at least one thing, but feel free to write more if you want to.
-Goal(s): Your character's goal in life (or lack thereof) should be written here. You can also have multiple goals.

Backstory: This is the beefy part, where you should write your character's personal history. Who were his/her parents? Were they important, or nobodies? How was his/her childhood? Did he/she have lots of friends, or was always kind of left out? What education and job did he/she have (or still has)? If he/she joined the military, why did that happen? Etc, etc, etc.
You need to write at least 500 words, but we really, really, really strongly ask you to do more than that. Make a fleshed-out character, who is interesting, not just some generic 'He's a dude' guy, please!

Stats: These are some parameters that judge what your character is able to do or not, and how well. They are very simplistic, and only really act as guidelines much more than set-in-stone rules.  

Strength: The ability to move large amounts of weight, as well as physical resistance.
Agility: The ability to move quickly and precisely, as well as dexterity in general.
Intellect: The ability to think ahead, make plans, and generally know things.

They are rated from 0 to 20, with 0 being "Handicap", 5 being "Average", and 20 being "Highest humanly possible". As such, someone with 3 strength will be quite weak, while someone with 10 will be much better than average. In full:

0-2: Severe lack, or outright handicap.
3-4: Below average
5: Average
6-7: Above average
8-10: Trained
11-14: Extensive, though training
15-18: Excellence, among the best possible
19-20: peak of human performance

Military and Rogue Characters will start with 22 points, and Civilians with 18, although this is not set in stone. Feel free to request more points when you make your character app, and we'll see what we can do. You need to explain why those points make sense on your character. Just saying 'She used to dance ballet' won't get you extra agility, but detailing in your backstory a whole dedicated paragraph about her ballet history will give you the point(s). (you will need to say 'see backstory about X' in this case)

Extra: Anything that isn't covered by the above will go here. Usually, this will mean any unique/unusual weapons the character has (you don't need to write that you have a 3DMG if you're military, but you should do so if you're Civil or Rogue; also, you don't need to write you have a normal flintlock rifle, but you do if you own a modified wonky thing). These will have to be accompanied with a request in Extra Requests (see: Rules for the app), and will be judged separately. Pets also go here, and the ability to titan-shift as well.

Template Code:


[b]Name: [/b]

[b]Age: [/b]

[b]Group: [/b]

[b]Rank: [/b]

[b]Appearance: [/b]

[b]Identity: [/b]

[b]Preferences: [/b]

[i]-Likes:  [/i]
[i]-Dislikes: [/i]
[i]-Fears: [/i]
[i]-Goal(s): [/i]

[b]Backstory: [/b]

[i]Stats: [/i]

[i]Strength: [/i]
[i]Agility: [/i]
[i]Intellect: [/i]

[b]Extra: [/b]


Also, feel free to put anything in your character in Spoilers if you think it'll help with reading and looks.
You do them like this:
[Spoiler=Spoiler Title][/spoiler]


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