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Tamotsu Hidori: Character Application

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Tamotsu Hidori: Character Application Empty Tamotsu Hidori: Character Application

Post by Tamotsu Hidori on 11/8/2018, 09:00

Name: Tamotsu.
Meaning: protector, keeper.
Nickname(s): None.
Alias (if any): The Lightning Dragon, The Blades of Justice.
Age: 19.
Gender: Male.
Birthday: 17th of August.
Birthplace (Which Wall, What town, etc.): Wall Sina- Yalkell.
Current Residence (Which Wall, What town, etc.): Wall Rose- Karanese.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.
Relationship Status: Single.
Language(s) spoken: English, Japanese.
Life-Long Dream: Ensure the protection of humanity and the well being of the latter.
Goal(s): His main goal is to protect his squad mates and to defend Wall Rose.
Like(s): He liked his brother a lot, and also fighting the titans.
Dislike(s): His parents and not knowing about the other members of his family.
Bad Habit(s): He tends to push people away or not to open up with anyone.
Hobbies: In his free time, which is not much, he either practices relaxing techniques, sleeps, eats or walks on the Rose Wall.
Fear(s): The death of innocent people. Of course he wouldn't mind if the self-centered wealthy humans died.
Personality: He is a cold and introverted person, not shy nor scared to say what he thinks. He just talks when it is needed, and it is hard to get him mad. It is not very common to speak with him for more than one minute, so feel special if you manage to get him out of his shell. On the inside, he's a soft and caring person that has just suffered enough to hide his true self from the world. He will let you know if he cares about you when you are in danger.


Height: 195 cm.
Weight: 75 kg.
Hair style: It is clean cut around the edges, moving into a longer more textured top. It can be worn a bit more roughed up and edgy, or a little more dressed up combed to the side with a slick side part. (Picture included).
Hair Color:  Black, the tips of the hair strands are dark blue though.
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: White, though slightly tanned (just a little bit).
Body Shape/Build: He has a toned body, but not something exagerated. Just plain fit and defined, enough to give him the self-caring appearance.
Birth Marks: None, it dissapeared.
Scar(s): A scar on his right eyebrow.


Memory (any issues with this?): None.
Sight: He has no sight problems, and sees perfectly.
Mental (Any problems? Example: depression): He is an introverted person, which means he doesn't scream out loud what he feels, leading to a feeling of loneliness and sadness sometimes.
Physical: No physical problems.
Sleep patterns: He sleeps as much as he needs to, expect in special occasions.
Allergies/Other: He is allergic to oranges.

Abilities/Statistics (1- lowly skilled, 10- highly skilled)~

3D Maneuvering Gear: 10 (He has mastered the gear, and according to the noises it makes he can determine whether it  is about to break. He measures distances well too).
Intelligence: 9 (sometimes, his feelings don't let him determine what's right. Despite this fact, he is really smart).
Martial Arts: 7 (He is good at killing titans. However, fighting humans is not one of his best abilities. He can surely defend himself though).
Battle Skill: 9.
Agility: 10 (Having mastered the 3D gear, he is pretty swift and has nice agility).
Strategy: 6 (he prefers having others tell him what to do).
Teamwork: 8 (Let's say he can go solo-berserker-motivated mode or if required he can help the other squad members out).
Passion: 10 (Not something he lacks).

Affiliation: Human Survey Corpse.
Grad. Rank:  Captain. A+
Status (Alive, Missing, etc.): Alive.


Parent(s): Both his parents live in Wall Sina (Yakell), and they aren't quite fond of him.
Sibling(s): An older brother that died fighting the titans. He had 4 more years than him and was loved by his small brother.
Other Relative(s): Not that he knows of.
Love Interest: None.
Best Friend(s): None.
Friend(s): None.
Enemy(ies): None.
Hero(es): None.
Rival(s): None.


1) "Don't we all breathe the same air? Don't we all eat and drink the same things? Don't we all live inside the same walls? Then why are we fighting between us?".

2) "Vile creatures the titans are. They seek nothing but the destruction of our kind. We are no better though".

History/Life: Tamotsu was born in the district of Yalkell, outside of the Wall Sina. His parents were not really wealthy, but compared to their neighbors they were. Due to his reserved personality, he didn't talk much with his family, which one day led to an argument with his brother. He had always been the kind and understanding one, even when he came out to him. They fought when Tamotsu had 12, which meant his brother was 16 by then, and the latter ran out of home, furious. Just then, the titans attacked the city, and because he was part of the defense group, his brother was oblied to fight. He died in battle, and it made Tamotsu fall into a state of depression for several years. He made an oath to fight the titans and defend mankind until his last breath. He became even more quiet, with a hardened face expression and his relationship with his parents worsened. They always fought, and when Tamotsu became 18, he got fed up and told them he had always liked men. He left their home and their wealthiness to live alone in Wall Rose, in Karanese. He had already been assigned to the Survey Corpse and managed to start a new life, never talking with his parents again, and blaming himself for the death of his beloved brother. His past became a secret only he knew, and he had made no friends in the past 5 years, leaving behind his old ones.
Tamotsu Hidori
Tamotsu Hidori

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Tamotsu Hidori: Character Application Empty Re: Tamotsu Hidori: Character Application

Post by Herdir on 16/8/2018, 21:23

As... interesting as this application is, I am not going to even read it in depth until you change it to reflect our template.


All of the extra information you have can be put into the "Extra" section of that template, and you might have to up the word count on some things. (Especially personality traits)

(and not to be an asshole, but having literally no skill below 5 while a having multiple over 9 is simply not something I can agree with. Characters. Need. Weaknesses. Even the strongest of the strong have weak points, otherwise they are boring characters that nobody will really like in the end)

P.S. Being an introvert isn't a mental issue. It's not a bad thing, okay?

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